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    Sir Fluffy Bottoms
  • Birthday Nov 23, 1915

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    Hate my fat, not good at games, love building computers.
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    Let me think...


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    Z77A-G45 Gaming
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    Vengence 8GB ....
  • GPU
    7850 Core Ed. XFX
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    HAF 912
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    1/1.5 WD Black
  • PSU
    850W Dynamo Azza

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  1. That profile picture reminds me of some guy called One F Jef! Lol
  2. Whats the whole concept of trading in steam in a nutshell? What can you trade?
  3. Carey is a good experienced guy. Learned a LOT from him. Ten times as more in depth information and tutorials on cool stuff and how to build computers. Hands down.
  4. We all know what he was gonna use that pole for.
  5. Use Game Debate. I used it and it doesn't suck, so it is good. Don't really need it once I built my gaming PC!
  6. It would be a better boycott if you didn't go to his office. Lol going to his office would be protesting.
  7. I was messing around with the power supply. Live in the US and set the voltage to 240. Lol such a newbie mistake.
  8. I just got done doing the first coat of my CM HAF 912 case.I hate the unpainted insides of my case like the inside of your case. It looks really good now that the case is all black!
  9. I agree with Enderman, Niko. One thing that helped me was powerlifting. Lifting hevey weights gave a way to release a lot of energy, and I really loved doing it. I listhen to some Sabaton band music, heavy metal songs about historical battles and wars. "Staying busy" as many say or "just snap out of it" or "just be happy" just DONT work when your brain is rewired during depression. Aside from staying busy which is just ignoring the problem and avoiding it, analyze it or do something you just love. In my case that was Listening to Sabaton, weight lifting, and gaming here and there. Get bet
  10. I am just wondering, what is the thinking process that you go through when you pick a color of a headset, mouse, case, etc. to buy online. I do you visualize what would be your favorite or best for you? E.g. just what you like, material (some white mice are glossy and black rubberized), or just what fits into your setup scheme. I want this to be a on going thread. Really interested how you choose so I can be less picky and get a better color next time!
  11. I just back slapped Siri when she said that....
  12. I don't need three wishes. I just have one request to make. Stop using those Krakens! They don't match with he rest of your blue body! Plus they suck when it comes to sound.
  13. Its best to use what is included if it works. Especially for something like screws. The sizes are tangible.
  14. Hey Fellas. I own the Ashton L Shaped desk which is 1.5cm/0.6" thick. I want to install the Ikea Signum on it. My question, do you know if it is possible to install the signum on a desk smaller than 1 inch in thickness? Does anyone know how long the mounting screw is? Thanks for any help!