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  1. What GPU we talking about here
  2. Why is that a bad thing?
  3. What was wrong with the Strix?
  4. Samsung are not making a 3440x1440p 144hz panel, it is only 100hz AU Optronics are making a 3440x1440p VA 144hz panel (AU Optronics, awful QC and their VA panels have awful response times, so not for gaming) which will come out Q1 2017, as they start manufacturing the panel in Q2 2016
  5. If you are talking about any ASUS monitors with AU Optronics (ACER) panels, then that is the reason it had problems, AU Optronics has awful QC, which is why the monitors have a large amount of backlight bleed/IPS glow, if you look at ASUS monitors not using AU Optronic panels, they are much better, so AU Optronics is the problem
  6. It seems to have good QC according to a few people, I will get mine on Thursday
  7. Here we go again, why are you blaming ASUS for the problems, you know who makes the panels, AU Optronics (ACER) which is why most panels have a massive amount of backlight bleed/IPS glow, due to awful QC, if you look at ASUS monitors not from AU Optronics, they are much better, so look at who makes the panels, as that is the problem.
  8. Not really going to do anything, the game is so cheap, so the hackers will just come back
  9. Metro

    OLED Panels

    Someone must be making something better
  10. Metro

    OLED Panels

    What is going to replace OLED later on?
  11. Metro

    Acer Predaor X34 vs Z35 or others...

    I would wait for the ASUS PG348Q, the ACER Predator X34 has too many issues Also the Z35 has awful response times due to the AU Optronics VA panel
  12. Metro

    Asus Swift PG348Q Curved Monitor

    Also do not expect a 3440x1440p 144hz Gsync this year, we do not know if these panels are going into production in Q2 or being released in Q2, the AU Optronics I expect will be Gsync, however AU Optronics have response times all over the place and do not make good VA panels (look at the ACER Predator Z35) also I expect QC to be awfulWe need LG or Dell to make a 3440x1440p 144hz Gsync monitor, so do not expect a good 3440x1440p 144hz Gsync monitor this yearActually it is Q3 for the bigger 3440x1440p 144hz panel Samsung is not releasing any 3440x1440p 144hz panels. It is only AU Optronics who is releasing the 3440x1440p 144hz panels. However it is not confirmed to have Gsync or Freesync yet, also we do not know if the panel is going into production then or if it has finished production, also it does not mean that the monitor will be released then Found more information, AU Optronics started production of the 2560x1080p 144hz panel in May 2015 and only just got released in December, so it took 7 months from production to release, so expect the 3440x1440p 144hz panel in Q1 2017 "AUO AMVA M350DVR01.0 2560x1080 4ms G2G 2000:1 300 172/178 16.7m sRGB W-LED 144Hz 21:9 Curved 2000R May-15" http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/monitor_panel_parts.htm
  13. Some of you are saying AMD has a working high end sample of their GPU, however this could be the R9 490x, it might not be the successor for the Fury X
  14. Hello Can I ask, I am transporting my PC by post, my Thermal Paste has been on for over 80 hours, it will be in a cold environment, 4-8c, could even reach -2c, do you know if the Thermal Paste will be fine to use after the transportation or would I need to reapply it due to being too cold It is MX2 Thermal Paste, it is on both GPU and CPU Thanks
  15. Metro

    Thermal Paste operating temperatures

    I was not sure if they had to use special Thermal Paste for LN2 Also I was not sure if the conditions change once the Thermal Paste has cured
  16. Metro

    Question about ASUS PG348Q

    We do not know if ASUS is using a different version of the panel from LG Also we do not know if most samples can get to 100hz yet, we need to wait for user reviews
  17. Metro

    Asus PG348Q Release Date

    It is 12th February in the UK https://www.scan.co.uk/products/34-asus-pg348q-nvidia-g-sync-100hz-curved-ips-panel-3440x1440-5ms-10001-dp-v12-hdmi-usb-30-tilt-heig
  18. Metro

    Acer XB271HU vs X34 vs Asus PG348Q (Need Help!)

    If you want to play Witcher 3 Ultra with Hairworks, expect around 30-35 FPS, as two GTX 980ti overclocked, can only get 60 FPS However, with Battlefront you will get around 70-80 FPS with one GTX 980ti
  19. Well the fact that this source is not reliable, it comes from an article made 3 months ago and NVIDIA did not have a working sample at CES, it seems quite obvious that high end Pascal is not coming out this year, I expect mid end Pascal to come out this year
  20. Metro

    Acer XB271HU vs X34 vs Asus PG348Q (Need Help!)

    You will need decent GPUs then, what GPUs you got at the moment
  21. This article needs to have "Unconfirmed" then, as that source is terrible and if you read it, the information is wrong.
  22. This needs removing, as it fake, you can tell if you actually read the article.
  23. This source is fake, please remove it, no where in that source does it confirm the Pascal GP100 to be released in April, also why would NVIDIA make a massive gap between the GP100 Titan and GP100 1080ti, it makes no sense, also if you read he says debut, not release, expect a Q1 2017 for GP100
  24. Metro

    Swiftech X2 vs EK Predator AIO

    So if you look at Swiftech's 240X, that is £155 here in the UK, for a 240mm radiator, if you compare that with the EK Predator 360mm, the EK Predator 360mm gives you an easily expandable loop, a 360mm radiator, better pump, three fans with a better design and better quality components. So it is not overpriced, if you take the EK Predator 240mm and Swiftech 240X, the EK Predator 240mm is only £5 more expensive, for a much better design and more quality components.