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  1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and frame of mind. I think that Tek Syndicate has delivered heaps of original content, from factory tours with their own twist, to 'frankensteining' PCs into awesome form factors. The food channel was also really cool and peaked my interest. The Twitch streams were also great. The audiophile series was also another good one. They are a small team compared to LTT but have produced some awesome content! But if this channel were to do die, we would lose all of that - particularly the technical knowledge that some of the members possessed along
  2. It's terrible news to hear that Logan and the team are in a spot of trouble. Tek Syndicate has been an influential brand in the tech community and it's sad to see it come to this! There are (were??) some very talented individuals over there. I found Tek Syndicate great for in-depth technical coverage - Qain and Wendell are awesome. The countless hours I spent Logan playing modded Skyrim...those were the days. Keep in mind these guys have done some good things for the community - HighLANder, LAN Syndicate, etc. and could possibly explain where some of the financials were diverted to
  3. This. I still don't understand how companies can go to production and get away with the shocking QC (first gen X34 series and Asus IPS ROG Swifts). It would be ok if the first couple of batches had issues and they did something to rectify the issues, but seriously, it took them this long? Hopefully the X34P is not a show stopper, because if they get it right, it will sell like hotcakes. Stinging to snap-up a 34", just waiting for them to release something that justifies the ridiculous price tag. Get your act together Acer and Asus!
  4. I did some further investigation to better understand what was going on here. In my initial email to Asus Support, I requested to know whether the BLB, uniformity and pressure spot issues had been resolved. Amy's response is below and she assures us that these issues have been resolved: However, I do not agree with this poorly worded response, which skirts around my initial questions that were explicitly outlined. The fact that she refers to them as issues does imply that the poor quality control issues are being diverted to the right channels at Asus – this should also
  5. Computer Lounge, an NZ retailer has performed brief testing on 20 samples of Asus' ROG Swift PG279Q and has reinforced the sentiment expressed by many owners of this monitor concerning poor quality control. While many owners of this monitor have been engaging in 'panel roulette', this exercise is unacceptable for a monitor with specifications and a retail price that would lead one to assume it is a top tier monitor. The testing performed by Computer Lounge is the final nail in the coffin for the PG279Q and it is advised that customers stay away. With the anticipated release of the PG348Q, cust
  6. Curious question for LMG. Given that your video production data as well as the underlying storage medium is such a valuable asset to the company - have you considered hiring a Storage/Backup infrastructure architect to actually review your infrastructure? It seems as though issues are being addressed on the fly and production stability of the storage/backup infrastructure is poor and unpredictable (I'll take this one back if an alerting system has been deployed to Prod). I understand this is an added cost, but would be something to consider in the near future as your data volume grows and the
  7. Perspective (aka Pre-Rant): Before I start, I'd like to say that I have been following this monitor for ages, and have been anticipating its release. While this post is quite subjective, it is really an expression of disappointment that in this day and age, bleeding edge products, from brands we have come to respect and set high expectations for (i.e. Asus), fail to deliver. Additionally, particular marketing techniques, as I assume Asus to have employed here, lead YouTube personalities with incredible reach, to portray products in a crafted frame, not accurately reflecting the customer's expe
  8. Maybe try wrapping the glossy areas in a nice matte vinyl? Or would that look tacky?
  9. I was considering going 4k, but I think I'll wait a little while longer till we can break that 60Hz threshold on DP1.2.
  10. Hey GoodBytes, I believe this maybe a repost: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/447356-pg279q-to-be-released-mid-october-and-pg348q-early-next-year/ http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/442850-asus-rog-swift-pg348q-pg279q-refresh-rate-updates-100hz-165hz-ifa-2015/ http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/384154-asus-rog-swift-pg279q-wqhd-144hz-ips-panel-and-g-sync/ Could we please merge or take the appropriate action? Thanks in advance! Really looking forward to hear what the gaming experience is like on the PG279Q - particularly in regards to input lag! It would be great if LMG/TekS
  11. Our prayers have been answered! http://www.pcgameshardware.de/LCD-Hardware-154105/Videos/Computex-2015-Asus-Swift-ROG-PG279Q-1160799/ http://www.kitguru.net/peripherals/monitors/anton-shilov/asustek-demos-worlds-first-ips-gaming-display-with-165hz-refresh-rate/
  12. Nice. But what kinds of workloads were they exposed to? What measures have been taken to minimise/prevent bitrot? Did the drives operate in a climate controlled environment? What is the drive's average idle time over a week? There are just so many variables here that could influence the longevity of a HDD, apart from their obvious mechanical nature. The point is that while 13 years 24/7 runtime is freaking amazing, an SSD can also do this as well. It's like saying my Raid 1 512GB 840 array has done ~35TB of writes in less than a year (which is nothing in a enterprise environment). Off-topic I
  13. Review this please Linus! On paper the predator is awesome, but the QA horror stories in reviews was a massive turn off. Really want to hear what the g-sync window will be on this one. Take my money !!
  14. One thing I would like to see one day is self-aware applications - for example main server infrastructure is updated to Server 20XX and the corresponding machines on the domain are upgraded to Windows XX and then vanilla applications adjust to retain compatibility. I don't see this happening for custom packaged applications anytime soon, but I thought it would be some food for thought. A lot of systems in enterprise are moving to this 'layered' model where these systems have become so advanced that customisations are no longer needed - everything has now become a configuration. This kind of an
  15. It would be great if it was as easy as that However, in practice there are many dependencies in enterprise ecosystems that can hinder or prohibit constant technical refreshes - budgets, legacy systems, application compatibility, lack of knowledge, politics/red-tape, culture, etc. Traditionally, enterprise on-boards these kinds of technologies in a lagging manner, however, this is slowly starting to change as technology becomes more of a focal point in broader strategies and visions. Usually it is too much of a cost to upgrade and stay up-to-date as there can be little to no return, thus certa