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  1. It was a joke, sorry. It would be meaningless, a waste of time and unproductive. As for the how, I never tried. There's probably apps for that.
  2. Yep, gonna go with that ^^ Thanks for the help, it was really appreciated u.u
  3. 850W is possibly overkill. 400W are reacheable, but if it costs quite a bit more than other good choices then you can look at sth else
  4. 1. Usually the xx70s have a lower TDP than their xx80 counterpart. I said "their", because architectures aren't equal. 2. An 8core won't have the same power draw that a 6core has, and since this time the architecture is the same, the power will roughly be 33% more. That said, the RTX2070 will probably cost more than 500$, and the i9 will possibly be the same. With the state RAM is in, the build will easily exceed 1400-1600$. Are you sure you wanna cheap out on the case (responsible for airflow, so the GPU's clock) and the PSU (that's really something that can make your day go bad, if
  5. Actually... I need a "real laptop" to code and do some game development (yes, it may sound stupid but I actually do, albeit not that well) so... I'll look into the stores but... I could only find the iPads to play with (pen not included, nor was their keyboard)... I'm not sure about programming on the surface because of its kb (looks a bit flimsy?) and it's totally a no go on the iPad (but the iPad wouldn't replace my notebook, while the surface costs ways too much to keep both) Sir, at one moment in desperation I actually considered this...
  6. Xiaomi MI Air (not 2018, so i5 7200u + MX150-2). Not a beast for gaming either, and the battery is only 40Wh, but it'd be the 2nd device (so it'd last a while during the day). Since the cpu is the same I'd be replacing it with sth that has a better screen, a pen (115 euros) a kb that... Is it actually that good? (almost 200 euros), and the MI Air trackpad is actually really good... Oh, the surface doesn't have a GPU. And costs 1400/650 times what I payed the Xiaomi... I know what you mean about the "it becomes your new 'normal'"... Thank you for the details, now I do have a better
  7. 13" is quite a nice size. Pretty much everything with an 8th gen intel or with a ryzen cpu will do fine. If you don't need more than 8GB of RAM you're gold. Some suggestions: XPS13, HP ENVY/SPECTRE, Lenovo X1, Asus itself had some nice ones (UX331?), LG Gram, Samsung notebook 9.
  8. Usually cloning software just copies everything exactly like it is. It might or might not delete the original files (you can probably choose, I guess?) but you should look into the specific software capabilities to know if it can clone just the OS (I don't think it's a thing, since the files can change, it woulnd't be able to recognize what needs to be copied). That said, I'd tell you that if you can you should disconnect your HDD, install windows on the SSD and restart from scratch. It's good to clean things up every once in a while
  9. Yep... It is quite impossible IRL. Maybe if the RAM VRMs short-circuit it to 12V, but it's so unlikely it's not even fun
  10. Thanks for the organization of thoughts, it actually helped with the order in my head. Now the choice is between the cheaper choices (I guess mostly the iPad) and the more expensive ones... I'd actually kinda like the surface pro idea, but it'd cost me over 1.1k (1.4k with the pen/keyboard), and I'd have to sell my current laptop to make up for a bit of it (not much more than a third)... So I guess it's kinda out of the question... Now the debate is between the surface go, the iPad and the 2nd/3rd gen iPad Pro... Would you say it makes an actual difference to go with the Pro ins
  11. I do have a graphic tablet but it doesn't have a screen, so that makes it quite weird to write on (I just use it to play)... If the wacom had a screen and good latency I could think about it...
  12. I'm sorry, I didn't say that I already have a 13" laptop. It wouldn't be a notebook replacement, rather a complement, just for handwritten notes. The Surface GO didn't strike me as the "perfect solution", but I'll consider it. I'd use it mostly for maths, so numbers (haha not really, last time I saw numbers during maths was in elementary school, but I digress ^^'). The "paper kind" wouldn't really be an issue, I guess a decent app would let you choose (right?) Regarding frustrations... I don't like paper cause it's psychologically messy (psychologically because in
  13. Hello everyone, I'll start university in a couple of months, and I'd really like to use something digital instead of a paper notebook. I considered many alternatives, but all of them left me kinda unsatisfied. They are, with each's drawback: 1. 2018 iPad 6 with pencil (feels like I'm buying an iPad air) 2. Either wait for the new iPad Pro or buy the 2nd gen, still with the pencil (it's quite expensive, and I know I probably don't need it) 3. Buy a 2 in 1 (I'd have liked it to have Ryzen, but isn't the battery life worse than Intel? How much? Also, a 13" screen (or even