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  1. Hey, so a while ago, I bought a Chromecast as well as a Chromecast Audio - and everything works great. However I cant help but think that it is a missed opportunity to not have those two connect, to actually be able to watch YouTube Videos with good sound. So I came to think there might be a way to do this, I wasn't able to find anything by googleing - maybe someone here knows some git repo or sth. Or is this something that is actually a feature (that i'm to stupid to find :D) My TV is not in close proximity with my soundsystem and also the soundsystem is kinda portable - so I don't want to always plugin 1000 cables Maybe someone here has an idea Have a good day
  2. I just downloaded the media creation tool, I don't know how I would get another build than the one, that it automatically downloads. It was the only download I found directly from MS. It might be important to know that I need the Education Version of Windows 10, because I have a key for that available and lost my pro key. I don't think that should be an Issue, though as I also tried installing Pro from the same USB - also didn't work. Also I cannot download the education ISO anymore (EDIT: from my uni) , since my University's portal does not work right now.
  3. yes, that works - however the problem does not go away after that
  4. Hello everyone, I have recently upgraded my old system to a Ryzen 2600 and everything that goes with it - and also I bought a Samsung 970 EVO Plus MVMe M.2 SSD. The problem that I am facing now though is that I cannot get Windows 10 to install on that Drive, the installer just exits right after I select the partition - It sais something like "Cannot create or retrive partition on device". As for the Mainboard, I bought the ASRock B450 Gaming K4. I have of course searched for simmilar problems and people seem to have all sorts of different solutions, however Secure Boot is not set in my BIOS and I didn't find any other popentially bad setting that I recognized. I got the ISO from the Windows Media Creation tool, and tried to burn the ISO with several different, known good programs, that should have produced a working USB, that I did use to install Windows on another Machine, using a SATA SSD though. EDIT: The SSD is recognized by my old Windows Installation as well as the BIOS and a Linux bootstick. I have never seen such an error in the windows installer and I am kindof clueless on what to try next. If anyone has an idea on what could work, I would of course really appreciate any suggestions Have a good day, thanks in advance, Jo
  5. Alright, thank you everyone! We decided to go with a DAS instad of a NAS.
  6. Alright, your judgement sounds sensible. I will look further but thank you very much!
  7. Alright. I will take a look on faster networking
  8. The cheapest 10 gig thunderbold 2 adapter i found costs around 400 USD, thats way too much. If 10 gig is required this will not work. I do not see where I can get 2.4 TB of very fast storage for basicly 50€ No normal HDD will limit my network even with 1 Gib. Where can I find out what kind of CPU I need?
  9. I think it's not really that much. RED Website tells me 91 Mb/s for his camera on 60 FPS Also I dont know if it's possible to connect a network card capable of those speeds to a mac pro. (It does only have Thunderbold 2)
  10. He tells me his bitrate currently is 54 MB/s to 70 MB/s (EDIT he does not need 8K) Unfortunately the Mac Pro doesn't have 10 Gib Ethernet. But thanks for brining my attention to the 2 Gib problem. For the 15k drives I basically pay 50€ I dont think I can get SSD's for that price. But of course I would prefer those So you think the chips would not suffice? Would the slightly higher clocked 2.3 GHZ xeon be better? (also 6 cores, and 2 x)
  11. Hello everyone! I have some Questions about a project I am currently planning. Maybe you can help me, that would be super awesome A friend of mine is a indie film maker. He is currently editing on a Mac Pro (trashcan) and copying his files from external HDD's to his internal SSD or HDD to edit. He sometimes filmes on a 4K RED and so his internal SSD really doesnt do much for him. I suggested a RAID 5 Server with FreeNAS, connected via 2x 1Gib Ethernet to his Mac so he can edit right off that. He was open to the idea so i started looking for used hardware to realize this. I found a Supermicro X9DRi-F, it has: 2x 6C Xeon E5-2620 2.0GHz 64 GB ECC DDR3 RAM 10 HDD Slots (8 hotswap, 2 internal) 2x500W PSU (one could later install GPU(s) to make it into a render machine 2x Gib Ethernet A SLI MegaRAID Card with 8x SAS/SATA (SAS is important for my plan) The seller also sells 6 15K 450GB SAS Drives. He would sell the whole packet to me for 550€ I understand that I would have to flash the RAID Card in order to use it as just a SAS controller and let FreeNAS do a software RAID. The biggest Problem in my opinion is the capacity of the drives. A RAID 5 with 6 Drives would yield in 2.4 TB of Storage (be it very, very fast) I now have two Questions: Is 2 x 1 GiB Ethernet generally enough to edit Video (4k RED, if it had to be proxied to 1080p that would not make the workflow worse but would it work on 4k)? Is FreeNAS a good solution for this or would I have to do some other setup? Can FreeNAS handle two different types of drives? Could I put "normal" SATA drives into the System to add more Storage and how would that affect performance? Thank you very much for taking your time!
  12. Yeah, that is probably a very good idea Thanks again
  13. Whoaa. That worked and was way easier that all of the other stuff I was trying to do. Thank you very, very much! So whatever the problem was it's now fixed thanks! Okay, so after fixing my second drive I now know what fixed it. I used Hardwipe (something very simmilar to roadkil) and aborted the operation. That seems to have fixed the problem! roadkil somehow didn't detect my device.
  14. Thanks! I will try that now and report back!
  15. Yes I did use the dive to install linux - after that i tried formatting it several times. I think currently it has no format since Windows promts me to format it everytime i plug it in