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  1. I was a participant of the blind cable management contest and sent an email to try to claim my $50 voucher. Haven't heard back from anyone though. Has anybody else who was in the blind cable management contest received theirs?
  2. Orb11

    Questions About LTX 2018? AMA.

    @CPotter I also have a question about the floatplane membership and how to claim it. I understand that it's supposed to start automatically but how can we check if current account information for that? And also I bought my friend's ticket but during time of purchase I didn't find an option to add his email in addition to mine. How do I get my friend's floatplane membership activated?
  3. According to his LinkedIn page he is "presently" working at Bioware. His firing was recent enough that he hasn't updated his job status. His twitter profile also said that he was working for Bioware before he modified it. I think he was seen as a current employee up until Casey Hudson's tweet.