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  1. Got the HD PVR 2 to record from my Original Xbox over component. I can record audio and video perfectly fine, and I'm getting video to the monitor from the Xbox, but I'm not getting any audio from the HDMI channel of my monitor, which means I'm playing with no audio. I can't listen to the audio from the Hauppauge recording software because it's a full 2 seconds behind the real-time video. I'm using the latest drivers for the HD PVR 2.
  2. DPersonalized

    Best aftermarket air cooler for reference Sapphire HD 7970?

    I'm not really sure what the picture is referring to. Is it talking about the height difference between the green point and the red point like here? (pic above)
  3. I have a reference Sapphire 7970 and need a new air cooler to replace the stock one, but I don't know which one I should use. I'm in the UK. Thanks
  4. DPersonalized

    Is my LGP Lite broken?

    I was going to record some gameplay from my original Xbox today using my LGP Lite. The way I have it set up is like this: Component cables from the Xbox to a component-to-HDMI converter. HDMI cable from the converter to the input of the LGP Lite. HDMI cable going out to my TV. The thing is, though, RECentral (the recording software for the LGP Lite) just shows a black screen, and whenever I get in-game, it shows "Out of Range", even though 480p is well within range and I was able to record the Xbox with the same settings before. It can't be the converter because I still get the correct output from the Xbox just fine. The thing is, though, this is despite it being passed through the LGP Lite! So now I'm really confused - how could the LGP Lite be broken if I can still get output to the TV from it? And why then would I not be able to get output in RECentral? I have all the latest drivers installed for the LGP Lite. I just tried also recording my own PC with it and am now getting a "No Signal Input" error message. Even if the card is broken, I'm just really confused as to why that might be. Thanks in advance if someone could explain.
  5. DPersonalized

    Acer R271 vs R221 Display Lag?

    Would it be reasonable to assume that these two monitors have roughly the same display lag? I'm not talking about the 4ms figure given by Acer, I'm talking about the actual display lag. The display lag database cites the lag of the R271 as 9ms, but doesn't give one for the R221. They are both part of the same lineup of monitors.
  6. I would be extremely surprised if Activision did not cave in to the horrid reception of both games and sell them separately some time around the release of Sledgehammer's next entry.
  7. DPersonalized

    It Has Arrived! My FIrst 4k Monitor!

    It's what you use to make the size of stuff on the screen bigger for higher resolutions. The higher the DPI, the bigger everything will be:
  8. DPersonalized

    It Has Arrived! My FIrst 4k Monitor!

    Will you be using it with or without DPI scaling?
  9. The reason for the [URGENT] is that I'm literally about to remove the Hyper T4 from my FM2 motherboard and use it with an 1151 mobo. I don't have the Hyper T4's mounting hardware because FM2 didn't require it. Would there be any problems with improper mounting pressure or anything? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. DPersonalized

    PewDiePie, is OUTED BY Youtube & Disny for IntI-Semitic Stunt

    Losing ties to Disney is a win in my book.
  11. I started panicking when I read the title as "lowest end, 8C/16T, for $389." Commas can change everything.
  12. Pretty much what the title says. Also, I'm looking for a modem router, not a standalone modem or router. Thanks in advance!