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  1. They are probably out of room and need the space. In high school they gave everyone 500mb and my last two years of HS they pushed everyone to use the space in their Google Drive. They even ran out of space on their shared server one time and I thank they had to delete stuff. With that said I knew people that had games installed and the teacher made them remove them. Even now at college they limit us to 4gb on our network drive and that is for everything (desktop, documents, and such) and you can't save locally because the PC wipes itself after you log off. Personally I don't use their computers that much and instead use my iPad and desktop in my dorm room (I have a laptop I use sometimes but it's a heavy gaming laptop). Also I have 1tb of space on my school's OneDrive account and I pay for that in tuition. With that said you don't own the servers and if you go read your handbook it probably says not to be gaming on it. You there to learn (even if it's blowoff thale last bit, it was for me and I only needed one class to graduate my last semester).
  2. I would like to see that, but there are some issues doing that. The biggest one is copyright. They filmed a volleyball video Top-Gun style? And it never got posted for that implied reason. Csf could easily make more content in the summer though.
  3. Also, what do you plan to use your system for?
  4. While it could work, just no. I say that because there is a reason why CM (and others) make more expensive coolers. I have a 212 evo on my Skylake Xeon System that's at my mom's house (my sister uses it) and it works but that is a 80w TDP chip (which is less than the 95w TDP 8700k processor). Now on my personal rig I run a 7700k (a 91w TDP chip) and I am using a Noctua NH-U12S in push/pull (a fan on the front pulls the air in and one in the back pushes out, overkill on fans but if a fan dies I am still fine). With that said my mobo died after a BIOS update (when I was upgrading from the Xeon to my i7) and while I waited for a month on the RMA I had to use my mATX board. The issue with that is that board was incompatible with my noctua cooler, so I used a Intel stock cooler and that cooler struggled so I put a fan on my side panel to direct more air. With that said the 212 doesn't do much better cooling than a stock cooler on a higher TDP chip. Why do you think Intel stopped including stock coolers with the K SKU chips 6th gen on? Anyway, even if you don't overclock Intel Turbo boast will not be able to boast as high as it could (Turbo boast makes some difference). Tldr: Just don't use a 212 evo
  5. Apparently, there is going to be a round 2 of the auction. What did they not sell? https://www.ableauctions.ca/auction?aAuctionId=d589b662-0d89-4dcd-a623-3eacf2f69874
  6. This_guy1998

    No wifi

    You can add WiFi. Using a usb or adding a internal card.
  7. Remember that is CAD. 1 US Dollar equals 1.27 Canadian Dollar
  8. I know but I found it funny for it to be still up when they are closed.
  9. Has anyone tried to go to ncix.com lately? I did today and it won't load for me. I was mainly curious if their website finally came down considering they aren't in business anymore and it was still up. Also here is a list of items that are being auctioned off from NCIX if anyone wants to look. http://bid.ableauctions.ca/NCIX-Richmond-Auction_as51658 Edit: Nevermind the site is back up.
  10. http://chronicle.augusta.com/stories/2001/08/27/tec_321753.shtml#.WoXjU6inGUl good read
  11. I know one thing is that according to exncix staffs on reddit, there wasn't enough inventory to build a complete PC. Keep in mind some pictures show CPUs most than likely those were for testing and such. NCIX in addition to selling parts, they ran a PC building business and had NCIX Tech Tips. The big concern for ex-employees (and maybe some customers?) is personal data getting leaked. Alot of times when bankrupt companies have their HQ liquidated the office PCs and Servers don't get wiped. Those PCs could contain anywhere from resumes to personal info like names, addresses, phone numbers, CC info, and Social Security #s (or whatever Canada equivalent is). The auction company just wants to make as much money as possible to pay off debt without regards to privacy.
  12. Honestly I wonder if they are going to have problems at the auction since people lost money to them. Also I heard on Reddit that some people's PC's are still there for warranty service.
  13. Bad decisions by the owner. Mainly investing in the stores instead of online. Also he made some other bad business decisions that affected ncix. Go check out reddit.com/user/exncix and Reddit.com/user/exncixstaff
  14. I just realized that. Mods can lock this thread.
  15. https://www.ableauctions.ca/auction?aAuctionId=c79c4fb2-4d48-4c5c-bcc3-c02e37f9bccf I guess NCIX is finally having their bankruptcy auction.
  16. I know about those videos, but I mean actual tech videos that don't involve breaking things.
  17. Yes. I personally don't watch anymore, but it popped up in my sub box and had to share.
  18. Linus should just make tech videos that make people mad more often. 2.3 Million views, 68K likes, 9K dislikes, and 17,234 comments are very good on the Amazon Go video.
  19. Welcome, that PC you are looking at, what Xeons are in it? How many cores and clock speeds are they.
  20. Your 14. You don't need a Tesla. Who is giving you the money for said Tesla? What program is it? Also you don't need a Titan Xp (unless you are gaming in 4k or need it for a specialized purpose). You don't need a Quadro or a Titian V either. Heck I'm 19 and my 1070 is good enough for me (and I am an IT Student that needs CPU power more than anything and what I have in my PCs is good enough).