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  1. Thank you for your help! After looking more closely at the DP to HDMI adapter that I bought compared to your recommendation I now realize that it obviously states a max resolution of 1080p if i had only read it a little more closely.
  2. Hi All! Thank you in advance for your help here. Here is my current system: 1440p display and GTX 1080 fe I have been using a HDMI cable to connect to my display for years without any issues. I just hooked up my HTC vive which uses HDMI so I had to switch to a displayport port to connect my monitor My monitor is mounted to the wall and has very little space behind it thus requiring a right angle cable adapter (Example: Here)to hook up the cable and allow for a low profile installation, Easy, plenty available for HDMI I cannot find a right angle Displayport adapter to be able to use a Displayport cable, so I bought a Displayport to HDMI adapter. The monitor's default resolution is now listed as 1080p by the nvidia control panel and thusly all is fuzzy, I created a custom 1440p resolution and made no difference. 1: I am very much guessing when I say the problem is likely to do with the HDMI to DP conversion unless someone else can inform me otherwise. 2: I would greatly appreciate anyone who can direct me to a right angle DP adapter for a reasonable price. HDMI example of the style needed: Here Thanks!
  3. Thank you for your thoughts thus far. You may have just misspoke but...One thing to take notice of is that it is actually that it is NOT a bill to become law, it is a constitutional amendment. If this thing passes it cannot be challenged in court and is extremely hard to get removed. It's an experiment that is looking like it's rather doomed that is being put in the constitution.
  4. Here is a link to the actual Amendment document: http://www.coloradocare.org/amendment-69/
  5. I'm interested to hear any thoughts on this constitutional amendment currently ready to go up for vote in Colorado. In short, it is an amendment to Colorado's constitution to create an organization that dictates all healthcare in the state and operates outside of state government and collects taxes at it's own discretion to fund itself. I must say up front, I am conservative(likely extremely so I most people's minds) in my moral's and values I am very against this entire amendment. I believe the government should as small as possible and restrict it's intrusion into lives and economy as much as possible. Some of the biggest problems in my eyes are as follows: Little to No accountability: The 21 member board that makes all the decisions has seemingly unrestricted freedom without any accountability to the public. They set their own pay, can assess unlimited income taxes... that is raise taxes without any approval(TABOR does not apply), decide who gets what healthcare, are not bound by HIPAA(doctor patient confidentiality). Taxes: 25,000,000,000(billion) dollar tax increase(1/3 to 1/2 of the current state budget?): By implementing 10% payroll taxes(3.33% employee paid, 6.66% employer paid) will increase the state income tax to 14.63 percent, the highest in the country. PLUS a 10% tax on all non-payroll income. All personal health care data will be stored in a database for publicly available research. Is estimated to have an 8,000,000,000(billion) dollar shortfall by it's 10th year.
  6. Umm, imo 140 is high, i would lean closer to 100 if you want to sell it quick at all. Evga new b stock gtx960 4gb are $160 gtx770s on ebay are around 100
  7. Before we go any further... I think some screenshots would be in order. Specifically showing msi afterburner, gpu z and cpu z to give us some reference points. We need to see what you're doing with this overclock before we condemn the card. We all make mistakes and do silly things without realizing it, peer review helps us catch things... seemingly obvious things that we all can miss.
  8. You should be able to get some ok overclocking with ok temps with the 212 evo. An AIO will help temps but likely not overclocking that much IMO. Most 4790k's will do 4.5 to 4.6 Ghz without pushing too much voltage/heat.
  9. Oh, and this may be an obvious question but... you took the plastic film that is visible in the photo off of the fans of that 1070 right?
  10. Do you have that 4790k Overclocked at all?
  11. He has an 850 Evo 500Gb, agree with the air comment
  12. Maxwell Titan X for $450 in November 2015, sold it last month for $700... That is I sold it after I bought a $1,000 system with: H170 Mobo, I5-6500, M.2 950 pro 256Gb, 1Tb WD Black, 120 gig pny SSD, 32 Gigs Corsair DDR4, Win 10 pro and GTX1080 Founders... Then took out the GTX1080 for me and put in a GTX760 and promptly sold it to a friend for $600. BTW, really liking the 1080FE, 2101Mhz steady clock speed at 65C with an EVGA Hybrid AIO
  13. I am Very intrigued by the new Corsair ML120 fans: Here They look very impressive IMO, the new Magnetic Levitation Bearings and a VERY wide range of RPM operation.
  14. As I have been show the light of Digital Foundry's in depth GPU, CPU and Ram speed performance tests... so I also bestow upon you(if you havent seen them already)! Youtube: Here
  15. Great to hear it was a relatively simple fix! If you don't have it already, getting CPU and GPU monitoring could be useful, such as MSI afterburner to monitor the GPU usage and well... I use the Intel Extreme Tuning utility to monitor my CPU and memory, sorry I do not know if AMD has an equivalent program but HWmonitor could be useful for you.
  16. Ok, that may be the case ALSO, but when you don't have the performance advantage it's all about the paper specs to help bolster sales... the automotive market has been this way for years. I guess it's another good way of doing it, if you don't have the compression algorithms to reduce memory bandwidth consumption then just get a bigger memory bus to up the throughput... Either make the peg smaller to fit through the available hole or make a bigger hole to fit the peg through.
  17. Thank you, first hand users/owners of 3Gb cards! This thread seems to be an argument for the sake of argument. There seems to be a few points that show what 3Gb of Vram means for performance. 1: 3Gb is enough Vram... adjust settings to match your hardware... Because you're on PC and you can! 2: 3Gb seems a good match for the performance of the card! Having more Vram on a card doesn't mean the card is powerful enough to use all of it in most cases. 3: AMD seems to add Vram to their cards as a sales point... 4: I agree and belive that this card should be called the GTX1050 or 1050Ti Because 8Gb would be better than 4gb on a card like a GTX960/GTX1060 just like 32Gb of system memory is better than 16Gb for your Pentium G3258... more does not mean faster or better or more usable. More is not always better and when you don't have enough on a few games... adjust settings, It's not a console.
  18. Cheap 1070! Definitely better performance even if you have to turn down the fans and let it underclock. The Founders Edition cards seem to do a very good job staying quiet though they do let the temps hit 84C.
  19. Well... Both are great options! However, the end goal is getting what best fits you RX470: the Good: 1. Lower price and better performance to $ ratio 2. Will Usually give a greater boost in MANY DX12(but not always) due to AMD's hardware implementation of A-Sync compute 3: You join the Red team the not as good?: 1: the RX470 has a greater potential to encounter VRam limitations even at 1080p due to a 4Gb Vram Size 2: Slower Vram (may potentially be as or almost as fast with overclocking) 3: the RX470 is a generally lower performance card GTX1060: the Good: 1: Pascal tends to have a greater overclocking potential 2: Generally better performance (especially in DX11) with roughly equivalent performance in many DX12 games 3: 6Gb of Vram at 8Gbps (more and at higher speed) 4: You join the Green team the not as good?: 1: the price to performance ratio is not as good 2: DX12 does not provide much of or any performance boost in most circumstances At the price points that you have listed the RX470 is definitely the performance per dollar winner BUT the GTX1060 generally the faster card with the more futureproof VRam amount. As LTT and Digital foundry have recommended: "buy the highest performance single GPU in your price range" so, is your price range $200? get the RX470 is your price range $270? get the GTX1060 I tend to feel that the price difference between the two places them into different brackets.
  20. Just throwing this option out there! B-Stock EVGA GTX950 for $129USD Here In that price range it may be a much better choice for you than the RX460.
  21. Really enjoyed shadow of mordor 20 - 30hrs of very enjoyable gameplay!
  22. Toms Hardware giant thermal paste review: here BTW i use noctua nt-h1, great performance and value imo
  23. As of late... Nvidia's "hype" on the 1080(980 sli performance levels) was pretty spot on, the 1070(Titan X performance levels) was pretty spot on and if that stays true then the 1060 could possibly be exactly what they're claiming... more powerful, more efficient and a better overclocker than the RX480.
  24. I can understand the idea of the amount of VRam being a concern. However games come with graphics settings for a reason, to tailor game to the performance ability of the card. With proper settings adjustment nearly any new game will run well on a 970 or 390, each card is different and both are very good... However I personally feel 200 USD is a bit much for both cards if they are used, but about right if they are new, especially when the current generation of cards and upcoming cards is considered.
  25. Just throwing this very unverified leak out there but... GTX1060 If True, bang for the buck might be something Nvidia offers to rival AMD in this case... Might be worth waiting 6 days for more info or 13 days for limited availability.