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  1. It's fine, it's just this happens all the time when I come on this site. Most of the responses end up being something like "No your build is garbage you're wasting your money move out of the way here's a better build. You also forgot this and that" and it gets all bogged down by pointless arguments over nitpicky small details. 2060 sounds like a great card, I'll stick with that and adjust my build from the suggestions here.
  2. and what would you pick that isn't going to substantially change the build? I don't want to get into an argument over just looking for a graphics card. They'll be using an LCD monitor, high refresh rate, 1080p. Can we stop being antagonistic? I'm just looking for a part. Please
  3. Why would I have these parts for them? We're in talks about getting them the parts, I'm just mulling over price ranges and a graphics card.
  4. 1080p then. I really don't think resolution is the problem here unless we were trying to hit 4k res.
  5. 1080p - 2k. I don't think anyone I know really cares about massive upgrades to 4k. It still seems a little needless right now.
  6. Probably not lol I have one because I wanted a radiator that would fill up my entire top-side case, but it's admittedly a little overkill. I'll adjust the build for them so they don't have to spend so much.
  7. Part List -- PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor $151.85 @ Amazon CPU Cooler Corsair H150i PRO 47.3 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $182.99 @ Best Buy Motherboard Asus Prime X470-Pro ATX AM4 Motherboard Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-2400 CL16 Memory $69.98 @ Amazo
  8. It's a modular 850w gold from corsair. Wow that ram isn't half bad, though likely I'll need something low profile unless my all in one cpu cooler doesn't interfere with the ram slots.
  9. Aaah, I see. I shall take that into consoderation. Okay, so considering I bought decent DDR4 8/16 GB cards then. I'm looking at the prices right now so I can adjust my tired thought process.
  10. Ah, no I have DDR3 16 GB. Would I have to upgrade those regardless which I get or is that only dependant on Ryzen 7?
  11. Basically the gist of my story is that my computer poofed and I replaced the c2032 battery and psu with no changes, but since it's either the cpu or motherboard at this point, I thought I might as well just upgrade to Ryzen. My current gpu is an MSI GTX 1070 8G. I was wondering if anyone could recommend which Ryzen I should shoot for, and what motherboards would go well with it. My budget is $500 max. I don't want to spend a penny more, barring sales tax. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I'd love to get my baby back up and running. ?
  12. Alright guys, thanks for all the help/info. I'll pull something together. My boss asked for about 3 ideas anyways, so I'll give him the pros and cons and my own input and see what he comes up with. Cheers!
  13. 30-60. I'd settle for 45. I mean, what? No, boss, I swear companies need 45 fps, otherwise the card reader won't work. What do you mean that doesn't make any sense? Just trust me, boss....
  14. I mean as in what I stated in the title. A PC for a hotel business. We check in guests and check them out, do a bunch of accounting, documenting, organizing, etc. Sometimes an employee may want to watch a yootoob video whilst the lobby is empty.