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  1. I'm really having a tough time resisting buying the 10.2" iPad. I'm thinking that for what I want to do with it, mostly read PDFs, watch YouTube in bed, and be a portable Netflix machine.....the 32GB Silver iPad should be fine? 


    I'd like the 128GB model, but I can't really even fill my 64GB 8 Plus with stuff I use on the daily. 


    Also I was just wondering why iPadOS does not have Preview like macOS. A powerful, free, PDF viewer would really set iPad apart (as if iPad is not the only tablet worth buying anyway).

    1. Den-Fi


      My iPad Pro is def now just a BedPad lol.

      I had to get another one because it's just too good at being a bed media device.

  2. Whohoo. Got another deposit from FAFSA. About 836 shekels.

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    2. DrMacintosh


      Grant. Also gf and I never ended up breaking up. 

    3. BuckGup


      Well that's good I suppose if it helped the relationship 

    4. greenmax


      Free money is the best kind of money!

  3. This means you should get the 8GB Radeon Pro 5500M. More VRAM = more better for these applications. The 16” MacBook Pro is an awesome machine. In your situation this is the config I would go for: 2.6GHz 6C/12T 9th Gen Core i7 AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB 32GB 2666 DDR4 memory 512GB SSD
  4. I watched Beetlejuice today with my gf. So naturally:


    1. TheGlenlivet


      He is the ghost with the most, Babe.


      I can't imagine Baldwin doing a movie like that these days...

  5. Music professionals don’t need a dGPU, Video processionals just need some H.264/5 hardware acceleration (which Iris Graphics provide for 13” MacBook Pro alongside the T2 chip) and good software (see FinalCut), and finally programmers generally don’t need dGPUs either. These are the target demographics for 13” MacBook Pro. On top of that, the upcoming Ice Lake parts will reduce heat output, increase CPU performance, and will offer Iris graphics that are almost 50% faster than the previous versions. So while yes, there aren’t any small laptops with a good dGPU, but there are also hardly any people that need a dGPU to do their work. A powerful iGPU is enough for most 13” users. The ones that need a dGPU buy the bigger 15” machines that can cool and provide the power needed to run them. If not they can always use a TB3 eGPU to have the portability of a 13” machine with the performance of a 15” machine. And thus, I have destroyed your absurd claim that if you need a “real computer”, you should only buy a 15” Machine.
  6. Well then you must just not be familiar with the reasons people choose Macs, because it's not just about the logo. macOS has a lot of advantages over Windows for certain work. Especially audio pros and programmers.
  7. Why wouldn't there be? They doubled the storage and improved performance of the 16" models while keeping the price the same. Same think should be happening with the new 13"
  8. Pros of me buying an iPad:

    • A second display when I'm on the go
    • A much more usable screen size for doing HW and looking up notes and videos for HW (without having my MacBook)
    • 1/3 the weight of my MacBook
    • much smaller footprint than my MacBook
    • Can multitask
    • Very long standby time
    • Would not have to pull out my phone at all when on Campus, since my iPhone can relay literally everything to the iPad. 

    Cons of me buying an iPad:

    • I already have a MacBook Pro, making the iPad Redundant and inferior
    • an expense is an expense. $329 is $329 that I could save
    • I cannot work on CS HW from my iPad since an iPad can't do C++
    • Would not be used often when at home or even school. 

    I sadly really can't justify an iPad, but that buy button is so tempting.



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    2. DrMacintosh


      Perhaps, but I've never been one to buy used Apple Products. Maybe refurbished, but never used. 

    3. RorzNZ


      I had an iPad Pro and still have a normal iPad, it’s just gathering dust because I just use my laptop so much more, and everything is already there and can be worked on. 


      I do break it out for flights and long road trips though. It’s just a casual device.

    4. RoseLuck462


      I get the most use out of tablets with them being used for PDF readers.


      I also have the iPad 7 along with the 12.9 Pro and it is quite capable for it's low price.

  9. Upgraded my Grandpas old Dell laptop to a 500GB 860 EVO and upgraded him from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. 


    A good dead was done today.


    Oh yeah, and I kinda want a 10.2" iPad? 

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    2. Twilight


      @captain_to_firemy mom has the 10.2" iPad, and i helped her set it up. despite the "dated" cpu it still feels very snappy... 

    3. captain_to_fire


      I currently own a 2018 9.7” iPad with the same A10 chip and it does still feel very fast. I wish it had more RAM like 4-6 GB though. 

    4. ARikozuM


      Misspelling or trying to cover up a murder? 



  10. That was the point. It’s less travel than the original scissor while being more stable. It’s what they should have went with instead of the butterfly keys.
  11. This was leaked in macOS Catalina code first. I think the plan is that Apple will announce new 13” MacBook Pros and Mac Mini with Ryzen APUs in March to show off to other OEMs how viable the new 4000 series parts are and other OEMs will follow Apple (like they always do).
  12. 160F is only like 71C which is chilly for any laptop under any load. (Being plugged causes a lot of heat production)
  13. Basically none. Because that’s no longer a concern. Most ultrabooks use 15W processors and integrated graphics. You don’t need significant amounts of cooling for those.
  14. Might want to log into the router and do a network map cleanup and reset the iPhone network settings.
  15. For anyone who has GeForce Now, is Star Trek Online available on it?
  16. Have you had any experience with the regular AirPods? They are relatively water resistant and won't have issues being used in the rain. You can use EarPods as an analog for how regular AirPods fit, but not for how they stay in your ear. That's one point where the AirPods Pro are very good at, they won't fall out.
  17. Oh! And another thing, we got the 92 Cadillac up and running again. Replaced the radiator hose and charged up its battery. We also found the hub cap locks so we should be able to put those back on and really improve the look. All that is left is to find a grille, replace all the Window motors, and fix the AC. 

  18. Also, forgot to mention, the gf and I are back together :3


    (that's why I changed the profile picture back)

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    2. DrMacintosh


      We’re going to dinner. She actually hates Valentine’s Day because it’s a Hallmark holiday fabricated by corporations :P

    3. ARikozuM


      Like every other food holiday. 


      Also, apples get 3 fucking months...

    4. Pascal...


      Oh ok then.

  19. I'm extremely hyped for potential Ryzen APU 13" MacBooks, but as I sit back and reflect on what I actually need out of my MacBook Pro....I realize that those needs are currently satisfied by my current 2C/4T model with b*tch tier Iris Pro graphics. 


    World of Warships and Star Trek Online are playable (but not pretty) with settings and resolution cranked down, Visual Studio has no problems compiling my code, I haven't run out of RAM yet even when using 6 virtual desktops and many chrome tabs, I like the way the keyboard feels even though it's not a reliable design, and I don't think I'll ever be hit with Flexgate. 


    I kinda just want to ride this thing out until it dies or it becomes limiting. 


    Also not having to worry about a T2 chip is nice. 

  20. You've completely missed the context in which the term "UI" was used.
  21. Microsoft has been basing their UI off of macOS and iOS for years now.
  22. It depends on the operating system you are using, but for iOS for example, 2GB is all you actually need. 3 or 4GB is really only useful for Camera features that require storing lots of pictures to be processed instantly. The OS is actually capped at using 3GB for iPhone despite some iPhone models actually having 4GB (iirc)
  23. Waiting to see what’s going on with the rumored chips coming with the 2020 refresh of Macs. Power efficient-high core count 4th gen Ryzen APUs. Might put these rinky-dink Nvidia GPUs out of a job.