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    AMD Phenom II X4 955
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    8Gb 1333mhz
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    GTX560Ti 448cores
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    Cooler Master Elite Nvidia Edition
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    1TB HDD
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    Cooler Master Extreme 2 525
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    ViewSonic 1080p LED
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    Cooler master 212 EVO
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    Ofice keyboard
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    ofece mouse
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    Windows 7

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  1. I just got a seagate Barracuda 3TB, and i'm looking on the internet, and it doesn't seem to have a good reputation at all. Starting with https://www.newegg.com/global/mx/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822178994 to even videos and coments everywhere (FB, youtube, etc) saying that seagate is shit. I really don't know if i should return the hardrive to the shop and get a refund, or just keep it and see what happends.
  2. I kinda fixed it. I switched logitech gaming software to internal memory. I have a Logitech g502 Thank you for helping.
  3. No. It's an old MOBO and nothing really fancy. So just uses keyboard inputs. If you want to know if the mause works at all, it does, i mean i can click on stuff at the start of the boot when the desktop just shows up, and then stops working.
  4. I was just playing Dota 2 then my computer freezed and i hard-reseted it. When i had my pc on again i realized that any button that i clicked on didn't worked at all, some of them didn't even light up when i tryed to select them. So. I can use the mausewheel, move the mause. I can't click or rightclick, press enter (i have to use the spacebar instead of the enter key on the keyboard) ----I have tried--- I checked event viewer but i just could find the log ''kernel power'' of my hard-reset i tried the command on cmd that scans for windows corrupted files and didn't find enything --Notes-- On the very beiginning of the boot i can click on stuff, i even draged and dropped icons in the desktop and open firefox unitl it stoped working. The only hardware and software changes were that i installed a new GPU (Zotac GTX 1050) and the firestorm program for it -I really don't want to reinstall the os, cuz i have lots of stuff on the drive installed ---Specs--- CPU:Phenom II x4 955 GPU:zotac gtx 1050 psu:EVGA 600B RAM:8GB DDR3 HD-Segate 1 TB HD OS:Windows 10 PRo ---Update-- I plugged my monitors (2) on my MOBO and it didn't worked.
  5. The cherry keyboard is not cheap at all. Dam. I know, is not a gaming keyboard, but i don't see anything usefull to justify the price (Maybe because i don't know alot about the keyboard because all i know from it is what i saw on the video) excepting the quality, because is a cherry. I don't see anybody that can find a use for that new real key stuff and 1 ms of response time. My k70 just arrived today and i'm really happy with mechanical keyboards. (Cherry mx brown btw)...
  6. I heard the cherry rgb blue had some issues and they stoped suporting (selling) it.
  7. i though the k70 came with a breathing and reactive mode. But nope. Mine just arrived today and i find that out the sad way... I still love the keyboard. and sadly i haven't seen any k70 with effects..
  8. I got a similar problem not long ago.My monitor just displayed the no signal ''sign'' and turned off. I realised that that was because my monitor does not suport that resolution, so i plugged a old monitor and changed the resolution manually to 1080p, and then it worked perfectly, sadly now i can't see the BIOS because the resolution is not compatible with the monitor so i need to put the old monitor back to acces the bios... So. My recomendations, Plug an old monitor Retire the GPU from your sistem until you get all the drivers and put the resolution to the naive of your monitor If that does not work... sorry i can't help you.
  9. I want a new mause because my actual mause is an office one, and my scroll wheel died. And it's just 800 DPI And i always fail my spells on Dota :c
  10. No. But now i know that is my monitor and not my PC, or at least i think so.
  11. Yep. But now i think is a problem with the monitor and the resolution.
  12. I did the PEG configuration but, the monitor just turns off (no signal) When the OS Starts. So i played a little bit with the configuration and i have the GPU installed and i set the bios to display the integrated ports, then i conected my 2 monitors but just one the old one turned on at 1024x 778 of resolution, then i changed the resolution to the maximum 1400 x 1050 and the other monitor turned on. (The old one still on, i have the 2 monitor on right now.)
  13. I'm on the same computer but with another monitor I don't see that option on my BIOS settings.