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  1. If you want to have your ram running at 3000mhz your going to have to get a z series chipset and not the lower priced b series. At that point its going to be expensive (dont know the cost of z series boards in india.) and I would just let it run at 2666mhz.
  2. ahh yes other than the radeon pro lineup it was the last one made by amd and not a aib
  3. Reading from what the Gigabyte website says: 1. Support for DDR4 2666/2400/2133 MHz memory modules https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/H310M-H-rev-10#sp
  4. I mean... If you want to go ahead. It is the last dual gpu AMD made as far as Im sure of. I bought a 7990 just because it was a cool gpu. Its pretty pointless to buy to other than to have it imo but if you got money laying around do what you want.
  5. Any recommendations on a monitor and should it be a 1440p or 1080p?
  6. Im looking to upgrade my monitor setup from two old horrible tn 1080p monitors. I primarily focus on content creation and coding/development and game on the side. Any recommendations on whether i should continue with two 1080p's or look at a 1440p ultrawide or 2 1440s? My budget is around 350$ Edit: My rig is a i7-5820k and a gtx 1080
  7. I was looking at it a bit, but do you think it can beat out a titan x (maxwell)?
  8. I’ll probably snag one used then if it comes down to that then. Thanks
  9. Sorry I didn’t specify it’s the titan maxwell stock cooler and yeah I’ll probally stick to the custom loop. So would the maxwell titan x still hold up today or is it better to go for the 10 series as I’m trying to step up to 1440p.
  10. The rx580 seems more compelling than the 980ti which from what I’m seeing is still around the low 300s
  11. Well I’m planning on building a custom loop along with the upgrade and have ordered some parts already. And I also ordered a reference stock cooler for the titan for 10$. Is it worth going for the titan x then?
  12. I’m trying to replace my aging 770 as it is barely holding on to medium settings with today’s titles at 1080p. I’m wondering what to move onto next and venture into 1440p with most titles. I also do a fair amount of rendering and unreal engine. I have a friend selling a maxwell titan x with a ek block for 300$ is that a good choice or am I up the wrong tree. Any suggestions? Edit: my budget is around the sub 300 to 350 dollar mark and don’t want to spend much more.
  13. SSD's would help overall speed of your system downloading games etc.