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  1. Its a LITEON IHES106-29 ^^
  2. Just finished migrating my hardware to a Corsair 780T, AND I LOVE IT! it has its flaws but im more than satisfied with it! ^^ Specs: INTEL I7 3770K with a Corsair H105 ASUS Maximus V Formula 2x MSI GTX 670 Power Edition Corsair Dominator 16GB 1600Mhz DDR3 Samsung 840 250GB 2x WD RED 2TB
  3. I thought about that but that would mean losing my warranty, so i would rather stay with the stock cooler and modify my case and airflow.
  4. Hello LTTF Im currently planning a rig upgrade of my chassis, PSU and CPU cooler. My current setup: Corsair 800D Intel I7 3770k Corsair H60 Asus Maximus V Formula 16GB Corsair Platinum 2x MSI GTX 670 PE Samsung 840 250GB 2x 2TB WD Red RAID1 Corsair TX750 (Old version) My planned upgrade: Corsair 780T (And replace all the fans with Noctua ones) Corsair AX860 (With red sleeved cables) Corsair H105 Fans: Noctua P14s (2 in front, 1 in the back) Noctua S12B (2 in buttom, 1 in the top (all for intake)) Noctua F12 (2 for the H105 in the top) My main concern is the cooling, will it suffice to keep the machine under 80c? Right now i got problems to keep my gfx's under 85-92c, and my CPU 76-80c (I know the Corsair 800D is terrible at air cooling, there for the new case)