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  1. This video, though not in English, is a good representation of how I use the mic. In this specific video I’ve turned up the gain to almost full. At this distance I’m not finding that there is any clipping, but the mic was picking up sounds from different rooms at times, like spoons hitting plates from the kitchen and such. as I said, I’m pretty new to this, and would love for some conservative feedback on how to fix some of those problems! Tnanks for the insight thus far
  2. So I recently bought a podmic that's plugged into a focusrite scarlett solo v3. I am using this setup to record audio for my youtube channel, and I am finding that I have to turn the gain to 3/4ths of the way to full, any more and I start getting noise or clipping. I was wondering If a cloudlifter would fix that for me. I'm pretty new to this. I am open to different suggestions as well, as long as the price is similar Thanks
  3. So for context i'll add what is important build-wise: for the new work pc: Ryzen 3 3200G, G.Skill Aegis 8GB DDR4-3000MHz, MSI B450 pro-m2 Max. My main has: i5 8600k, G. Skill Trident Z 16gb (2x8) - 3200MHz, Gigabyte z370 Aorous ultra gaming, rtx 2070 super. Situation is this: work pc doesn't FULLY boot with new stick of ram. It boots until the mobo shows a dram stopcode, so i use new stick on main pc to test if it is faulty, but main pc boots fine with new stick. I'm thinking faulty dimm slots on new work mobo, but I tried my trident Z (one of my 2 dimms) and new work pc boots fine. So the new stick is not faulty. The ram slots are fine cause I checked with my main's ram sticks. It's just that the new stick of ram does not work with the new pc. Pins are fine as well on CPU. What should I do?
  4. I am building a budget pc for work, for excel and stuff. It’s a ryzen 3 build, and I got a 3000mhz 8gb stick for it. I get a motherboard led on dram and it’s not booting. I tried my main pc trident z on it and it boots. I also tried the new stick on my main pc and it also boots. It’s just the new pc with new ram not working. What’s going on?
  5. So I have a rig with an I5 8600k and today I decided to tune my oc a bit. I was able to get 5Ghz at 1.3V. I would like to know if that is a usual OC, good / bad / mediocre.I tried going higher. I reached 5.2Ghz at 1.35V but it was unstable not rendering maps in games and getting (somehow) lower score in cinebench. Thanks!
  6. Just to conclude here, I was at work when I asked the question here, and I had left my FiiO connected to my pc when I left. When I came back It had installed drivers and it was recognized in playback devices without me having done anything. Its working perfectly ever since! Thanks for your input anyway guys. Cheers.
  7. will try this one once I’m home. Thanks. @Kibelok posted a link that seems to be specifically for my model. So I guess that might help. Ill try it and let you know!
  8. Since I’m not getting a popup to install this software when I plug the E10k is there a download link for me to do it manually?
  9. Firstly thanks for taking the time to help. Yes i did. Not on device manager either. I searched under audio devices. But there was no other devices section which makes me think it is not there. The light turns blue when I plug it so it’s probably not dead. Maybe an interference with some software on my machine? I don’t really know. I restarted several times just in case but no success there. Any ideas?
  10. I would say that if that’s the trend with other games too, then you can assume his system is superior in some way. Either specwise or due to the thermal limitations you face using a laptop.
  11. So I bought the DT990 headphones with the FiiO E10k Dac / Amp. I’m pretty new to this. I was using a gaming headset from Razer prior to this. So, when I connect my E10k through usb nothing happens. I’ve tried different ports, different cables even. Nothing. A driver installation wizard is supposed to show up and yet nothing happens. Going to my playback devices I see no new device or anything.
  12. I was using the Gaming APP from MSI do to its auto OC mode, that's why I didn't consider Afterburner, since I wasn't planning on OC'ing the card. Nice solution nontheless. I'll give it a shot mate!
  13. Cause I don't like my card at 80 deegres when I leave the game open in the background nor do I want my pc to sound like a speeding car *NOTE I WANNA CAP ONLY IN THE LOBBY*
  14. Thanks for the respone. I would tag the post as solved but ill hold myself.