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    ƃuoɹʍ ʎlqɐqoɹd
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670
  • Motherboard
    Asrock X79 Extreme4-M
  • RAM
    32GB (4x8GB) Corsair Dominator Platinum @1866Mhz
  • GPU
    Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN X Pascal
  • Case
    InWin 301 white
  • Storage
    128GB Sandisc Ultra Plus SSD + 750GB Crucial MX300 SSD + 512GB Plextor m6e PCIe SSD
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova 850 G2
  • Display(s)
    Samsung U28E590D 4K
  • Cooling
    Custom waterloop (CPU+GPU Parralel)
  • Keyboard
    Selfmade 60% mechanical keyboard
  • Mouse
    Zowie ZA12
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    random home cinema set + Teufel Game 1
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    Windows 10

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    Gaming, Gaming PC's, Mechanical engineering, Constructive work.
    also, welding!
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    hydraulic service mechanic

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  1. Folding Week

    Awesome! Definitely count me in for the week. I recently just passed 25M points, now waiting for my badge to update. I'll get my Titan ready
  2. New Processor, Same Problem

    might be malware? have you done a run with malwarebytes? some malware will use your pc to mine crypto-currencies. so that would explain the high usage.
  3. there's your answer. just because people have their PC freeze after a while doesn;t mean the board is bad. it just means their PC building skills are.
  4. How do i use 2 monitors on a msi geforce 1050ti

    i mean, gaming on two at once probably not, but just pushing pixels for media consumption a 1050Ti would handle easily!
  5. Random question from a noob!

    you can't really mess up with that cooler. the threads on the studs are just long enough that you can bottom each screw out, without actually overtightening it.
  6. i use the foreward/back buttons on my mouse constantly. it is faster then clicking refresh so often i pretty much just always use the back button. in games i usually map things like grenades to the buttons.
  7. Core p3, x99 budget Wall HTPC

    Hardline loop, X99 and budget all in the same build, now that's quite the achievement! it looks amazing tough! i love the implementation of that PSU. it looks so clean/compact now. also, those cables!
  8. Show off your setup!

    8/10 probably, tough a close up shot from the inside would help a lot
  9. Best Case Ever

    you definitely want something with a lot of glass and a lot of LEDs then. do you plan on watercooling? maybe Corsairs 570X for dat glass
  10. i like the super clickbait of the title tough. 11/10 top memes.
  11. Ever had a sooo close overclock!

    i can get my Xeon to 3.18 on all cores but 3.2 crashes
  12. Show off your setup!

    yeah custom work does take some time to pull off you can't deny it looks awesome tough, compared to EK's AIO offerings. how is the performance of that Titan V in games when compared to your XP SLI? is it worth the 3K pricetag?
  13. Show off your setup!

    @PCBetter 3 Titan Xp's and a Titan V. i think you might be responsible for the worlds GPU shortage. or you just hate money and want it gone asap amazing setup(s) tough! i love the open bench style of the gaming rig!
  14. How to cool motherboard VRMs?

    if you really are worried about VRM temps, which you generally shouldn't be unless you're going X299 and 7980XE , you could always watercool them. tough as stated above, usually the normal motherboard heatsink and case airflow are plenty.