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About RollinLower

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    ƃuoɹʍ ʎlqɐqoɹd
  • Birthday 1995-11-01

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    Gaming, Gaming PC's, Mechanical engineering, Constructive work.
    also, welding!
  • Occupation
    hydraulic service mechanic


  • CPU
    AMD RYZEN Threadripper 1920X @4.1Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock X399M Taichi
  • RAM
    16GB (2x8) Dominator platinum Special Edition Contrast White @4000Mhz
  • GPU
    Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN X Pascal
  • Case
    InWin 301 white
  • Storage
    128GB Sandisc Ultra Plus SSD + 750GB Crucial MX300 SSD + 512GB Plextor m6e PCIe SSD + 512GB Micron 1100 M.2 SSD
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova 850 G2
  • Display(s)
    Samsung U28E590D 4K
  • Cooling
    Custom waterloop (CPU+GPU)
  • Keyboard
    Selfmade 60% mechanical keyboard (Gateron Blue)
  • Mouse
    Logitech G305
  • Sound
    Razer Leviathan soundbar
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. RollinLower

    Folding Community Board

    Sadly my points arn't counted yet on the LTT leaderboard it seems. I've been doing roughly 1.1M points for the last few days but I'm not on there yet. Does this site have a different update cycle or something?
  2. RollinLower

    Motherboard coil whine possible?

    yeah the components on your motherboard that regulate the power going into your CPU possibly produce the whine. specifically the chockes.
  3. RollinLower

    Motherboard coil whine possible?

    the CPU VRM could be producing coil whine. i had a X79 board that had loads of it. you could try setting your CPU clockspeed just a little different, sometimes this helps a lot!
  4. RollinLower

    Forum Downtime?

    it's still kinda sketchy for me. guess there's some maintenance going on.
  5. RollinLower

    GPU wont work after new cpu install

    you could try reinstalling the drivers. first uninstall and drivers with DDU in safe mode, then reinstall straight from Nvidia's website. so avoid using GeForce experience! sometimes that program just shits the bed for some reason.
  6. RollinLower

    Folding Community Board

    soo, i've been folding for roughly 48 hours straight now, but my folding page isn't updating with the points i should have earned. anyone else having this problem? is the server stuff on the F@H side still happening?
  7. RollinLower

    Question about fan splitters and case fan connectors?

    since the splitter is also connected to your PSU i think what happens is they just lose their PWM signal and keep running at the speed they where running at since they are getting their power from the PSU.
  8. RollinLower

    No way is the matx

    so yeah, according to ASUS's site the new maximus Gene board (their high end mATX line-up) is only getting 1 PCIe X16 slot. that's what this topic is about. frankly i'm dissapointed, but not surprised. these days SLI is becoming less of a viable option, and the board real estate is valuable for things like M.2 slots and the likes.
  9. you're really spending 17K on a machine for video editing and a little gaming?
  10. RollinLower

    The service manual appears to be letting me down...

    it's kinda hard to make out from that drawing alone. best i can gather is that there are multiple belts in the assembley? do you maybe have a picture of the thing?
  11. RollinLower


    what are your pump/fan speeds? maybe when under load it just doesn't scale and react to temps?
  12. yeah sadly apart from those gene boards only asrock has done something for mATX with their X399 and X299 taichi boards. mATX really deserves more love than what it's getting.
  13. yep! running them like this 24/7 i could probably push them a little more if i tried, but on Threadripper there's really no reason to push further.
  14. it's the Corsair Dominator Platinum special edition in the contrast variety, which runs 3466 stock. timings are at 16-18-18, so not very great there, but i havn't touched those yet.
  15. right now running 4.1Ghz on my 1920X on 1.365V. also 4000Mhz on my RAM! for a small formfactor build i'm very happy with these results