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    AMD RYZEN Threadripper 1900X
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    Custom waterloop (CPU+GPU)
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    Selfmade 60% mechanical keyboard
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  1. Yes I did! And I have to say the service was awesome. New cover is on the way!
  2. Watzrcooling reservoir

    Also, when doing complex loops a res is pretty much required, as you need something to feed the pumps when you're filling the loop. Also, in complex loops completely bleeding the system for air might take weeks, and a res functions as a place for the excess air to collect.
  3. Suggestion for elegant non-gamer case, please

    Fractal Design makes beautifull cases, and their R5/R6 can be bought without a window! also, i know that the R5 can definitely house a DVD drive, tough i'm not sure about the R6.
  4. sadly no. your system will still produce the same amoun of heat. you will have a better performaning cooler tough, so you will have a cooler chip, but that comes at the expense of more surface area so basically the same energy gets transfered into the air in your room.
  5. Show off your setup!

    is that a Model M i see there? man i would love to get my hands on a classic IBM board like that!
  6. 570x rgb and water cooling

    well, you could always measure the fan in your 870-100nv to be sure? if you get a tape measure or something you can just know for sure.
  7. CPU Fans really loud

    that seems a bit excessive given the temperatures. have you tried setting a different fan profile in the BIOS? usually there is a 'silent' setting in there. otherwise, if you are feeling more adventurous you could try SpeedFan, tough that is pretty tough software to fully master.
  8. RGB Power and HDD indicator LEDs

    well, RGB leds and a way to control them. either through a controller board or by soldering them into something that can plug into your mobo header.
  9. Pump Station inside Computer

    this should work. in my profession, this is actually a very common setup to prevent downtime in factories where every hour down means 100K lost. it would be best to leave the unused pumps to remain off untill needed. if you use fluid without any particles that can settle this shouldn't be an issue. if you keep them running on low speeds it would be best for the fluid, but you would also introduce unneeded wear on the pumps. there will only be a little bit of fluid in the closed off system at a time anyway, and this is only relevant with thicker fluids like pastels or Primochill's VUE, where there's lots of particles suspended in the emulsion which can settle and form a thick mess on the bottom of the tubes. if you just use water and biocides/anti-corrosives this is a non-issue. i love the idea! would be awesome to see it in action when you get to building this thing!
  10. Buying graphics card used in mining

    it's a mining card, and they are selling it above the average of 350 for a secondhand 1070... i wouldn't go for this one.
  11. 1080ti FE vs Titan Xp board question?

    yeah, as long as the hybrid cooler is meant for reference 1080Ti's this should fit perfectly.
  12. Mini atx Mobo for it 4690

    don't buy a 1155! you need a 1150 socket for that chip, which are a lot easier to find in smaller formfactors.
  13. yep, it will work. you have PCIe X16 gen 2.0, and the GPU has gen 3.0 X16 which is backwards compatible (even my Titan X worked in 2.0 just fine!)
  14. if you're not overclocking it should be fine. that chip is not on the supported list because it is a K series processor. this means that they cannot guarantee that the cooler will work, since users can directly influence the chip's TDP.
  15. what size is this motherboard??

    seems like it could be a DTX board. cases that fit these boards are pretty hard to find. you could run a 750Ti in this sure, but the hard part is finding a case to house it all!