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  1. Hallo I got my pre build Asus ROG Strix GA35. First own I got had some whit corrosion on cooling rib. Sow I got a new asus rog strix GA35. I am not sure if something I wrong or what ever. But if the pc have been shutdown over some time it’s very slow on startup and bios beep a lot. 1 time that the VGA bios status light was on (indicate that VGA have issues) after a restart everything is fine and RGB light is totally black. When everything is normal during gameplay and using the pc the BIOS beep now and then. I have done benchmarks and looks normal
  2. Had some computers true my life, never seen this before. The computer seems to work normal. I didn’t see the “white” stuff before I open the case. It was some “corns/dust” from the GPU in the bottom of the case. But no since to dripping. Turned of the computer after the discovery. One Theory can be moist shipping, was long delivery time. Almost all of shipment is delayed. Are in dialog with the store.
  3. The CPU is AIO water cooled, can’t see any leaks or the AIO is empty can’t see the cpu temperature in the asus software.
  4. What I think as well or something dripped. Maybe when the installed water cooling for CPU. Can be a chemical reaction.
  5. 2 years. I will go back and complain. Just like to get more info about what it can be that I can make ha strong complain
  6. Have used it just for 1 hr. Looks like it benchmarking right. The pc come like new with plastic protection etc. it’s a ASUS ROG Strix GA35. But something else is that the pre installed software don’t show cpu temperature but everything else shows right system status
  7. It’s a bit stuck in the metal, but the top layer comes off like “corn/dust”
  8. I just got my new pc today, I observed some “white” spots in the cooling ribs on the Asus RTX3080 TUF. It’s look like some kind of corrosion on the ribs and screws. What do you think?