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    I'm pretty inexperienced with computers when it comes to things like hardware eg: building them but I'm quite enthusiastic about it my aim by the end of this year is to build my own gaming pc and have it over locked and everything my dream is to have a job building computers and doing youtube gaming in a house with my friends!
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    I'm at school
  1. First of all, HTC One master race, but the z2 is an amazing phone, I like the physical shape and the larger size, also I prefer the camera to the HTC one. Dbrands skins look sick and I wouldn't get this phone without one since I dislike the default colour options for the z2 personally.
  2. Tristanjh


    Warframe seems very boring at the start and you dont understand how people can play so much of it, but when you start getting good and getting good stuff its alot more fun, its so satisfying getting new frames, especially your first, because it takes alot of work for your first warframe, other than your starter, and you feel like a god sometimes with your soma when newbies are asking what your gun is because it is sooo OP. I reccomend it 100% for people who want a different style of MMO with lots of really cool game mechanics and features. BTW ill add you pixxie
  3. I own a quickfire tk with mx blues, ive used it for maybe 6-8 months and its been great! But im looking for another KB (mechanical of course) i've got my eyes on either the shine 2 black base white caps or spending more money and getting the shine 3 or even more money and getting the yots version of the shine 3, I havent decided yet. Also any suggestions of where to buy cherry mx keycaps preferably near New Zealand or with cheap shipping to New Zealand I want to customise my keyboard and soon to be keyboards rather than just keep them as stock.
  4. Whenever i try launching "Assassins creed 3" it says "perfroming first time setup" and "installing VC Redist" and when thats finsihed it just doenst launch. BitGuard is not installed on my pc and i use microsoft security essentials as my sucurity software, ive also had similar problems with "Chivalry:Medieval warfare" aswell as "Sanctum 2" where they just dont launch and dont perform a first time setup apart from the first time and if i keep trying to play them it says something along the lines of "cannot launch application is already running in the backround" I have contacted steam support twice their first suggestion did not work and they havent gotten back to me from the second time. Any help would be extremely helpful and i appreciate anyone that tries. Thanks System specs: AMD Phenom II X2 550 oc to 3.6 GHZ (Just incase that matters) ATI Radeon 6770 1gb 4GB 1366MHZ RAM ASUS M4A77TD motherboard Silverstone 500W psu 1tb HDD(AC3 installed on this one) 250GB HDD (Windows installed on this) Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
  5. just keep the 750W psu so u will be able to upgrade much more eg: more hdd's, more ssd's, maybe sli in the future. I personally would save a bit more and get a 780 so u can have that sick cooler and lightning fx and can say that u have a gk110 gpu.
  6. Pbaines jesus i know kiwi internet is bad but not that bad. Whats ur area? I live in henderson, auckland and i get about 15 down and 7 up.
  7. Boss build!, my favouite case ever for watercooling. As soon as i can afford it im buying this case and filling it up.
  8. Also im not sure if an 8ms response time will cause much input lag, 5ms or less prefferable.
  9. Thats an option but in newzealand its like $320NZD if i cant find any cheaper options ill just save a bit more.
  10. Im looking for a cheap ips monitor with a matte, thin bezel and matte screen. Ive seen a few monitors that fit that description but so far they all have a "digital bezel" that ruin the point. Im also looking for a 23-24" monitor. Price point: $218USD/$250NZD
  11. I dont think it should just be about the games but yeah i would have gone for a 7870 or a 7950. Especially the 7950, overclocks very well and could potentially outperform a 660ti PE had u overclocked it.
  12. Check out my mates channel his names curtis and hes a bit unenthusiastic right now cos hes still new, more subs=more confidence please check him out: www.youtube.com/vSpliffy