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    Ryzen 5 1500X
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    2x4GB HyperX @ 2133MHz
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    6GB GTX 970
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    Modded Define Mini
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    120GB Sandisk SSD, 2TB WD Green
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    Hanns G 1440p and an 1080p Acer, both IPS and 60Hz
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    CM Quickfire TK w/Browns
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    Razer Naga Kex v2
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    X-Moda Crossfire LP2s and a FiiO A3
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    Windows 10

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  1. I have recently moved into new rented housing and both me and my housemate want Ethernet connections to our bedrooms. The router is downstairs so we will be running a 20-30m cable upstairs to our rooms. What is the best way to do this without a significant loss in speed and without running 2 separate cables through the house?
  2. So I currently have 3 displays plugged into my PC - my main and secondary monitors and then an old TV I use for films etc. I recently installed an RX580 GPU and a clean install of Windows. Now whenever my TV is not in use, as in it's turned off but there's no windows on it or mouse movement, the screen goes black after about 5 seconds. The LED remains green and as soon as I mouse over it turns back on. Also if I sit a YouTube video or something on it it will remain on. I'm thinking this is some sort of power saving software, most likely in Radeon settings, having switched from Nvidea but I can
  3. I originally thought mobo too but with my mobo being less than 2 years old and my PSU being 6+ years, I decided to replace that first and it's solved my problem.
  4. My PSU is a good bit older than the rest of my PC, wouldn't be surprised if that was it. I'll hijack my friends PSU see if that works.
  5. After installing an RX580 and an extra 2 sticks of RAM my PC was turning off randomly, often as soon as I plugged in anything to the front USB. I even went back to my original config and the same was happening. I have a 750w PSU btw so it shouldn't be a power issue. Now suddenly my PC will run forever, as in the fan controller work, fans spin up and LEDS come on. But I can't get a display, either through GPU or mobo. This happened with both my old and new GOUsI've tried removing everything in my system one by one to the point that I currently just have my AIO CPU cooler and a cou
  6. Yeah, dropped £60 on an ASUS PCI card with an external antenna (overkill ik) and moved everything onto 2.4GHz apart from my PC. Getting 15 ping in game and 0 loss. Well worth imo.
  7. So I've just moved into a new house in which I can no longer have an Ethernet cable ran to my computer. However the router is only in the room directly below my PC so I didn't think there would be too much of an issue. A friend gave me what seems to be a decent quality USB adapter but my connection varies so much. Sometimes I'm getting 999+ ping in all games, sometimes it's fine (30-80). There's no pattern to it at all though it can be terrible or fine at peak times or at 4am, or when the house is full or when I'm in by myself. I thought my problem was initially solved
  8. Well, never mind I've fixed it about 0.5 seconds after posting. Win + spacebar to display the different language options, for anyone interested, gg
  9. So I've just bought a new ANSI keyboard, switching from my old ISO one. I've updated the keyboard layout to US QWERTY from UK but I'm still getting shift + 3 as £, rather than hash and my " and @ are the wrong way around etc. Any ideas on how to fix this, I'm thinking maybe delete and reinstall the keyboard drivers?
  10. In short, you get what you pay for. Depends how much you want to spend honestly.
  11. Corsair AF 120 and AF 140 Silent Editions sound perfect for you. I use the SP 120s and AF 120s in my current PC and the AFs are silent, however I do have them running slightly slower. 99% sure they do RGB versions, I only have the black ones though. Quite expensive but worth it IMO, very good performance as well as acoustics.
  12. I use the regular Qck and love it, so much so that I'm on to my 3rd or 4th now. Not poor quality or anything, I just always end up spilling food on them and can't live with marks
  13. I would just mount the 2.5" drives behind the motherboard tray, if you've got the space. If not just mount them to the side of the cage or something, with velcro of double sided tape I don't think it looks tacky, shows of the hardware more imo.
  14. Seconding the Define Mini C. I have the Define Mini and I love it, so much so that I've modded it to accept a 240mm rad in the front and have a glass side panel rather than just buying a new case.
  15. Is that better for the text?