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  1. I have this very basic motherboard MSI B450 Pro M2 V2. it dosent have any heatsink on VRMs. I bought it for Ryzen 1600 and it was budget oriented and was sufficient for this processor. but now when I upgraded to 2700x my VRM tempretures stered to rise above 100 c sometimes it cross 120 c with PBO on and everything on auto in Bios. I knew its not good for the long run since I do rendering on it it needed proper cooling on VRM I wanted temps below 80c for it on continues run. so I installed my old P4 chipset heatsink for it. I will go through the process in the video below.
  2. Video suggestion on building compact yet very powerful and 24/7 reliable 3D rendering/animation workstation with slim cabinet and looks like HP workstation with dedicated cooling and graphics card. it can be team blue or red but it needs to be powerful enough in terms of Cine bench scores.
  3. this is my first post to linus tech tips. I have been watching your videos and they are really helpful and help in decision making. Recently I was searching for the server motherboard for my freenas build as well as 3d rendering workstation build. I found that there is very small information you have regarding server parts. It will be great to see some reviews on new supermicro motherboards including dual socket and m-itx atom bords. I know these are not useful for gaming people but professional may like them. I also like you to review on the tiny psu called -Pico PSU, its a dc power and there is no reviews I found on it. I will keep posting thanks a lot!