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  1. Yes he did, and I am not sure why you replied the way you did. You didn't reply to the joke, you didn't try to entertain the idea, you simply insulted him on the spot with no "/s" implied prior or later during the show. That might be different off-camera, maybe you guys are Okay with it but objectively your reply at that moment can only be considered as rude or a complete lack of sense of humor. I really never saw that kind of real life "troll" environment in a work place except when people pretend that everything is fine to keep their job, I consider my coworkers to be very trolly but at no point would I insult or belittle them without a smile on my face.
  2. Really ? Why not ? Pretty sure the CPU graphics are far enough to browse the web/work and then plug the thunderbolt GPU when you want that power. Plus it would be far cheaper (GPU aside) I see, that would be cool if they would but I didn't read anything about that. Oh ! How ?
  3. Possibly but I am not interested in a desktop GPU inside a laptop (unless you meant CPU ?)
  4. I never liked laptop but was convinced by the thunderbolt GPU at CES. I was wondering fi there was a laptop with a desktop CPU only (no laptop GPU inside) so that I could fully make use of that technology later.
  5. Redguard tbh because I am black...
  6. You're using a 1080p monitor and 1080 is the recomended setting, what's the issue ?
  7. Oh shit, dont tell me you guys were serious ? It's like the worse free AV out there even in term of lightness http://www.trustedreviews.com/best-free-antivirus_round-up_Page-1
  8. I find it great, XP is the best OS I ever used and afaik it is the most popular in asia.
  9. I laughed so hard thank you !
  10. For what use and resolution ?
  11. I think the issue is how they somehow ''nerf'' previous generation cards. Honestly as of now the R9 390 is the best long term investment to make. The 970 is worth it if you want MGS V, that's about it.
  12. Logitech, their older model at least.
  13. Moreless for now but considering the reverse hyperthreading of skylake it is temporary.
  14. For gaming 6600K For anything else related to streaming or video editing 4790k