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  1. I will mostly add to what vetali answered as i agree with his points. 4. each manufacturer makes everything differently.... do they work together or copy each other once in a while? Yes.... do the general trends for engines and cars between regions differ? yes 5. this might be more of my opinion on this but i think people dont care about it when the engine is in front of the driver or just dont want to get confused with mid engined cars where engine is behind the driver. Some manufacturers do classify them the same as with behind the driver.... aka in front of the axle would be fr
  2. jfc that is bad .... dont get why people cant learn to race against players .... he literally did a typical shit player vs too fast of an ai overtake
  3. Most places are trying to ban diesles for years and now trying to also ban petrol cars. to me its surprising even though i have a diesel car of my own I still want a 940 but i want a turbo petrol they are good RWD cars. And yes both the 940 and 850 had diesels VW D24 6 cylinder and VW 2.5 TDI 5 cylinder respectively
  4. Yeah so the D2,D3,D4 and D5 denote the power output of the engine. Higher the number more power it has... so also the fuel consumption should be lower on a smaller number It used to be that the number is equal to the number of cylinders but that ended quite a while ago. I wouldnt do any EGR deletes as i know how strict car laws are in norway. By EGR issues i actually meant that at least the D4s had quite common issues with the EGR clogging up. i dont think the D3 had the issue as it was a lower power model but still might have something. i cant get worse fuel economy than
  5. My parents old car had like a 70 euro Sony head unit with an aux jack and a USB port... sounded better than the old thing that was in there and did the job just fine ... Im guessing its one of the new VEA engines then. hopefully yours doesnt develop any other issues (EGR valves are a common failure), but i have seen them(mostly the higher spec petrols and hybrids) need quite serious work quite early on. Personally i tried to avoid them when i got my 2015 V40 D2 with the Ford/PSA 1.6 diesel.
  6. might as well make a M50B30 and swap it over once its completed by that point @JoaoPRSousa
  7. thats not an issue with the units though .. and its only an issue in my country