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  1. Theminecraftaddict555

    Does UPS accept padded envelopes?

    I'm planning to return a book I rented and have a couple of padded envelopes lying around including ones by amazon. I'm wondering if UPS will accept those padded envelopes since I've always been used to sending items to them in boxes only.
  2. Theminecraftaddict555

    Does UPS accept padded envelopes?

    Yep the envelope still has the interior bubble-wrap protection for the items
  3. Theminecraftaddict555

    $1500 PC, random half second lag spikes/freezes

    or the player count + what they were doing could also affect fps. I have an idea, play at 100+ ping and going solo like you did here. Then compare that fps in that situation with when you actually had good ping and went solo.
  4. Theminecraftaddict555

    HELP: Black Ops 4 Keeps Crashing or Restarting my PC

    -Try re-installing your drivers once more if you haven't already -Does the game have a crash-log system in place? Try to find out where it stores that info....Once you do, I recommend you upload it to the cod community to see what is causing the crashes according tot he logs (considering that I don't play much bo4) -Check the temps when trying to reproduce the problems and compare the temps + gpu usage to other games -If all fails, try to reinstall the physical gpu or like what you said, put it in another slot to see if that works. -Did it cause a BSOD on your system btw? Note: it could be an issue with just the game itself to be honest and that it may have trouble being optimized for your gpu. Though this is one the few times where I've personally heard a specific game actually crashing an entire system
  5. Theminecraftaddict555

    US Senate Against Lootboxes and Pay2Win Micro-Transactions

    Somewhat OT, but I feel like this seems to go back to the "violent-video game controversy" eras where a-lot of good-minded people agreed that majority of gamers shouldn't suffer just because a few went PSYCHO after playing violent video games. They came to the conclusion similar to yours, that we should stop blaming the games for the problems and place it on the individuals.
  6. Theminecraftaddict555

    HELP: Black Ops 4 Keeps Crashing or Restarting my PC

    This seems like it as in issue specific to Black ops 4 esp considering that you have played much more intensive games and having those games not crash on you. Also by "crashing", do you mean crash-to-desktop or does it crash your entire system + force it to restart?
  7. Theminecraftaddict555

    Games that crashes after plauing around 20-30 minutes

    Are you sure about that? Check your temps using temp-monitoring software to double check. HWmonitor is a good one
  8. Theminecraftaddict555

    A question about demanding PC game copy sales?

    There is some interesting people stating on twitter + YT saying that demanding games for the pc sell worst than the console counterpart & that they get big game sale numbers only from crap or old games. Seems like everybody is agreeing with it I've been trying to debunk this by looking for sale numbers for many demanding pc games released over the 2-year period but all i get is general sales. Either I'm not a good researcher or just simply need to dig deeper. Can anybody verify if this is true?
  9. Theminecraftaddict555

    [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion

    I loved this film to be honest when watching it in the theaters..Definitely the part where Dr. strange sent everyone back into the fight. My issues so far that I can come up with the top of my head. is black widow + hiroyuki sanada's role, and the cheesy/terrible line I will mention later. Black widow wasn't really a character to care for much compared to other characters. Hiroyuki sanada (the japanese mob boss) should have played a larger role in the story since I loved the actor. However, his short scene with hawkeye was still pretty good esp. terms of the fight choreography + camerawork. For the cheesy/terrible line, I'm referring to the part where Iron Man snaps his fingers + says I am iron man. I felt like they could have put a much better and badass line to that scene.
  10. Theminecraftaddict555

    A question about demanding PC game copy sales?

    Tried to look up the console numbers of exodus and some other intensive games and only found general numbers of sales (not specifying how much sales per system) Which of course led me to ask them for actual numbers & link me to the data to it, to which again they hogged me for not learning to use google correctly and dodging my question. I think this is the point where it's best to just leave them alone knowing that they have no proof/numbers behind their claims, which of course is necessary if you are comparing or talking about sales #s of a system vs another one.
  11. Theminecraftaddict555

    A question about demanding PC game copy sales?

    I was talking about graphically demanding or very "computer-intensive" games like metro exodus. They have been using it as a way to prove that most pc gamers don't play at high/ultra settings, play with crap computers. I questioned them considering how much people agreed with them and felt that they were misleading people
  12. Theminecraftaddict555

    A question about demanding PC game copy sales?

    a little update, I asked them the proof behind their claims, they told me to look at sales numbers located on google....But I told them I still couldn't find demanding game sales for the pc and kindly asked if they could provide me a link/source that proves their claims. They proceed to hog me and not give me sources, great
  13. Theminecraftaddict555

    A question about demanding PC game copy sales?

    Wait didn't metro exodus & shadows die twice sell well on the PC or had huge sales too?
  14. Theminecraftaddict555

    What's more important, the Keyboard or the Mouse?

    In terms of mice? Logitech's wireless gaming mouses are improving to the point where there is minimal to no lag when gaming
  15. Theminecraftaddict555

    Difference between g304 and g305

    No difference at all. Like b emoji said, it is most likely named differently in different regions for some odd reason.
  16. Theminecraftaddict555

    Best gaming mouse for my needs?

    So my g403 is dying on me with the misclicks on the right and left mouse button, so I'm in need of a new mouse. I'm looking for one that is small, with 2+ side buttons, great sensor + build quality like roccat kpm or logitech g pro. So far I have found the logitech g305 meeting those needs esp. with the wireless function (though it is similar to the g pro). So far, I'm still looking for more suggestions other than that mouse. Budget is under 65 USD
  17. Theminecraftaddict555

    Best gaming mouse for my needs?

    I was hoping for a smaller mouse than my g403, sorry for not specifying that earlier
  18. Theminecraftaddict555

    Best gaming mouse for my needs?

    Budget is listed in my post. I want to get a smaller mouse than my g403, that mouse you linked right there is pretty much similar to the g403. I personally find the g403, while a good mouse, to be too big for my hands Nah I'm assuming those mices are also smaller than my g403?
  19. Take a shot every time FB takes an oofta...
  20. Did the creators of Borderlands 3 get bribed or did they do it on their own free will?
  21. I'm planning to play some on-rail shooters on the ps2 emulator that I have. But the experience doesn't feel the same with a mouse compared to a lightgun/wiimote. Is there any way for me to use my wiimote as a mouse on my windows 10 machine? I also have bluetooth a bluetooth adapter connected to my pc already too.
  22. Why not all platforms INCLUDING STEAM
  23. Theminecraftaddict555

    Games dont run well after upgrading PC

    So the only games that don't run well with your new gpu is fortnite?
  24. Theminecraftaddict555

    Games dont run well after upgrading PC

    So does the issue happen for certain games or does happen to all of them?
  25. Look at the date next time please, it is clearly 2 years old with no current replies past that. 

    1. CodeNova


      Noted, I'll start looking at dates.

    2. Theminecraftaddict555


      alright no problem