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  1. thanks a lot, I'll make sure of that line interactive features! I live in Indonesia and there's not a lot of option here sure if I live in the USA looking in the right places would be easy.
  2. just checked and it's way out of my budget, any cheaper alternative? CP850PFCLCD is about ~310 USD. Seems like the one that are most available here is APC. is there any recommended one from APC?
  3. my pc build is r7 2700 rx 580 4gb 16gb ram seasonic gx-550 24inch fhd monitor I plan to buy 2 ups, one for my pc and one for my modem+router set. my modem is a fiber modem from huawei,and an asus router RT AC66U. I only need maybe 3-5 min tops for my pc, and I wish I could get at least 1 hour on the router+modem combo, any suggestions? thanks in advance
  4. This is an old PSU that i've used in around 2012-2015 times, and I recently found it when I'm cleaning, the brand is called Amacrox, the series is AX650-S, it seems there no website available regarding the info, and this is the side of the PSU, does it look good, at least from the spec sheets?
  5. Okay thanks a lot @LukeSavenije, @Juular I've decided with focus GX
  6. that graph below says phanteks, is it correct?
  7. I'm concerned about noise, which one is better in term of noise level?
  8. just to clarify, fx belongs to tier A too, right? is newer (gx) better than older (fx)? sorry but since Corsair rm 2019 is arguably worse than rmx 2018, i cant be sure ?
  9. quick question, is focus gold the same as focus plus gold? I'm eyeing the focus plus gold after unsuccessful attempts of finding rmx series
  10. whatever you do, dont buy 'gaming' headset
  11. for most use case, mbr is fine. I'd love to be proven wrong though
  12. gonna run IDE, lots of browser tabs, and vm, so I'm better safe than sorry So I guess I'm gonna go with either Cryorig H7 or Cryorig R1, it's generally available and seems like the performance is good enough
  13. I'm not only gaming but I'm gonna code on this too, so that's why I went for the higher core, anyway is the mortar worth spending about $20 extra from steel legend? Yeah the cooler was a placeholder, arctic is not available in my country though, do you have other recommendations? I'm looking for the quietest possible air cooling
  14. it seems the only pros is that it meets atx 2.52, is this atx 2.52 the thing that enables you to have a faster power on from sleep? if that's the case I think I wont need it since boot time from cold is fast enough nowadays
  15. my bad, i didn't research it through, I thought there's matx version of tomahawk, so that's why I couldnt find it.. anyway i'm looking for mATX board