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  1. D-tier ? isn't AP-GM is an B-tier, i just check the bill and it said the model is GP-AP850GM
  2. I just bought an Aorus P850 around 20days (1/11), last night when i shut down the PC some loud buzzing noise came out of the psu, turn off psu switch and it still there only disappear when i pull the plug on the wall (i plug pc and monitor into an outlet and from that outlet go to the wall), at first i change the oulet but still on the same wall the noise still there, when i change to difference wall the noice stop (my room have 2 wall outlet on 2 walls), but when i go back to the old wall around 20-30 minutes later the noise came back (PC still off only psu switch turn on), so is it because t
  3. i think i'll go for 850W version of one of those since i plan to upgrade the whole rig by the end of 2021 too
  4. So a new psu is a MUST, after a few search i found that my local stores sell these brands: asus rof trig, corsair RMi/RMx/RM/HXi, FSP Aurum PT/Hydro G/G Pro, Aorus P, those are good brands because i found a lot of them in the top tier list in this forum too ?
  5. I plan to go for RTX 3070 and 1440p monitor an keep the rest of my PC (bought it around April 2016), base on review on the 3070 i feel like a good 600W psu should handle the card without problem, and Aurum S is not so bad psu, but i don't know is it good to trust a nearly 5 years old psu or i should buy a new psu for this ? ASUS H170 gaming I5-6600 GTX970 16Gb ram FSP Aurum S 600W
  6. So spend 6-700 for 3070 (i don't think third parties like Giga, Asus,... will sell 3070 the same price as FE version) now and upgrade the rest along the way, sound like a good idea since 500$ is what i want to spend right now not all i have right now
  7. If i don't need ray tracing then between 1660S or 1660ti, what should i get ?
  8. The rest is H170 mobo, i5-6600, 16Gb ram, fsp aurum s 600W psu
  9. I have 500$ budget and need a new GPU to replace my GTX970 but i don't have enough money to go for a new pc included new monitor or just GPU+monitor, so need something to keep my rig going at least a year, is there any good GPU with that price ?
  10. it hard to find seller for Red Pro here where i live, and it price the same as the Black
  11. I want a new HDD to store my data (about 4-6TB), which HDD should i get, 4TB: WD Blue-Red-Black or Seagate Barracuda; for the same price as WB Black 4TB i can get a 6TB version of either Blue or Barracuda just need it to last as long as possible don't really need high rpm ?
  12. thanks for all the advises, install windows 10 yesterday with ssd converted to GPT, then install normally no problem, no problem when using the windows too
  13. Do i need to convert my drive to GPT when install windows 10 because when i watch some videos about install windows 10, some of it said i need to and some just install without convert anything ?
  14. My current system has: I5-6600 non-K, 16Gb RAM 2400Mhz, GTX 970, 1080p 60Hz monitor I want to play 1440p with 60 fps or higher and aim to replace my GTX 970 and 1080p monitor with 2070 super and 1440p monitor but worried about bottleneck so i should upgrade CPU first (want to replace I5-6600 with 3800x, 9700k or 9900k) or just ignore the bottleneck and go straight for GPU and monitor, i only have enough money for GPU and monitor or CPU, mobo ?