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  1. I would like a FinalMouse as my current mouse is starting to fall apart and im looking for a good new mouse. Looks really nice and good to use not only for professional gaming but other work too.
  2. Good to see it working again. Also, I forgot to mention Welcome to the forum
  3. Hmm. Those temperatures seem fine. With out over clocking (running at stock) do they both go up to 100% or is one core still limited?
  4. During the stress test and the overclock, were you monitoring your temps (you said that you were before). Maybe its just limiting due to temperature issues. I have the 5000+ version of that CPU and had temperature issues with it.
  5. The components are not the best but are CPU - AMD Athlon 64 x2 5000+ CPU Cooler - Alaska X4 (AMD Clip) Motherboard - MSI K9N Ultra GPU - Nvidia GeForce 8500 (reference cooler version) (this was a temporary replacement I had when I broke my old one) PSU - CIT Pentium p4 500W Switching The case is a case I bought out of Maplin so if selling individually I possibly wont sell (It's just a standard black case) Thanks
  6. Not sure on all the exact components but I have the PC open infront of me atm so I'll try and find them out
  7. Hey There So I have my old PC that I used to use a few years ago and its been sitting around doing nothing. I've decided that I don't need it and I want to sell it. It is in full working condition and there is no issues with it. The specs are not the best (back when I was using it, it was quite decent) don't know weather to sell it as a "PC" (Case, PSU, Motherboard etc all as one) or if I should sell the individual parts. Any recommendations on the best way? Thanks ~Technological99