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  1. I'm not sure why i have to change the title because i said in my original post the two model i was referring too The 5200 and 9550 are both 95w chips so i take it they will have the some temps then?
  2. Thank you Opcode but i was referring to the original Athlon and Phenom's do you have any ideas regarding them?
  3. Hi all I'm looking into getting the Phenom x4 9550 quad core next month and i'm planning on bumping up the clock speed to 2.7Ghz from 2.2Ghz, from what i have read this is a easy overclock with with chip so you're asking yourself "where is the question about temperatures?" well here it is. I have a Athlon 64 x2 5200+ and i'm cooling it with a Coolermaster cnps10x cooler (with the stock single fan) and i wanted to know is the temps better on the phenoms then the Athlons? meaning do the phenoms run cooler then the Athlons by any chance? Thanks for reading.
  4. Haha i take it it's a yes from the crowd thanks for saying yes but can i ask how do you calculate the performance between quad core and dual core? I know that a quad core with lower clock speed is more powerful (depending on the speed) then a dual core but is there a way to say like yeah a 2.2Ghz quad core will perform like a 2.7Ghz...etc in terms of raw clock speed. So what i'm asking is, is there a way to calculate raw clock speed equivalent from a quad core to a dual core? And other thing is what type of performance improvement will i see in gaming, regardless of my GPU and so on jus
  5. Hi all I'm wanting to upgrade my old Athlon 64 x2 5200+ to a phenom x4 9550 but i'm not sure if it's worth it, i know that i need to get a new system or some of you would say save up and get something better but i can't at the moment. I have a MB that is AM2+ but can't support AM3 chips for that is out of the question unfortunately, but i know a guy that has a 9550 for sale (i think it's 20 dollars) and for those of you who don't know the speeds they are here is a short spec. The Athlon is dual core 2.7Ghz and the 9550 is a quid core 2.2Ghz. I have seen people pushing my CPU (the A
  6. Thank you it's great to be here, i have been watching Linus and his team for a while but only now thought of becoming active and asking for help this has been a great start to my experience.
  7. Okay i must say i'm feeling like the biggest dummy right now i have in OCCT number of threads to 1 where it must have been 2, so it only stressed one core. I quickly ran the test again with number of threads set to 2 and it's going all out now, sorry again for making the mistake and thank you for trying to help @Technological99 I will close this thread
  8. i don't believe it's temp problem because when i ran at stock my temps never went higher then 60
  9. Hi all this is my first post here I have a AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+ processor and yesterday i thought to myself ok i'm going to do a small overclock to get it from 2.7Ghz to 2.9, that's really not much and so i started up OCCT and CPU-Z and just to make sure my temps are still ok before starting. I ran the stress test and as the test was going full speed and i could see that 1 of my two cores is only runninh at 65% so i thought ok leave it be maybe it's just picking up for some reason that i can't think of but ok, so i gave it a min or to and saw that it stays at 65% +/- and still nothi