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  1. I used Windows media creation tool for both Windows 10 and Windows 8 to make the bootable USB drives.
  2. Roughly 45 minutes. I would have left it sit longer if the dotted circle loading sign came up under the Samsung logo like it normally does when I reinstall Windows on the old HDD.
  3. Hey everyone, I have a Samsung laptop (NP355v5c) that is 4 years old. It came with Windows 8 on an HDD. I upgraded to Windows 10 when it first came out as part of the free upgrade promotion. Now, it has become very slow, so I decided to upgrade the HDD to an SSD. I bought the Crucial MX 500 and my laptop detected it just fine in the BIOS. However, after doing a fresh reinstall of Windows 10 using a USB drive, my laptop is now stuck at the Samsung logo screen (the screen where you press F2 to get to bios). The hard drive LED indicator on my laptop is not blinking as it used to with the old HDD. If I restart the laptop and go back into BIOS, I can see the newly installed Windows Boot Manager under boot options. Clicking on that just gets me to a black screen. I replaced the SSD with a new one. Redid the installation but the same issue occurs. This time I even tried to install Windows 8 on it, but same problem. I just can't get past the Samsung logo screen after the installation is complete and the computer restarts. Now I am at a complete loss. I've tried googling for answers but could not find ANYTHING related to the issue I am having. Please help... But if nothing can be done, then I will simply refund the SSD and live with the old, sad, slow HDD. EDIT: The Windows 10 installation actually completed. I ran the installation again but this time I fell asleep. A couple of hours later I looked at the laptop and Cortana was on the screen. So I finally set up the PC and now can use Windows 10 just fine. However, when I restarted the laptop the Samsung logo screen stays on for about half an hour before loading Windows. Why is this? Shouldn't an SSD boot faster? The old HDD would boot Windows in less than 2 minutes. EDIT 2: I finally figured out the problem. The laptop uses SATA 2 but the SSD is SATA 3. That's why it takes forever to load into Windows. I'm going to return the SSD and get my money back and save up for a new laptop.
  4. I understand the dilemma I'm in. But unfortunately, I can't upgrade my internet package either. There is simply nothing out there that can beat my package in terms of value at the moment. Plus, we're poor and can't really justify paying more for internet even if it means more speed. Having said that, the issue was never with speed. Nor with multiple users using the internet at the same time. At most, I'll be streaming Netflix and my dad would do his email and online banking and such. Very rarely have we streamed at the same time. My problem is the WiFi strength (I think). In the furthest corner of my apartment (where my dad's work den is), I'll be connected but have almost abysmal speeds. This happens even when all the other devices are not actively using the WiFi. Only if I'm in the same room as the router (which is the living room where the TV is), the WiFi speed is adequate for comfortable browsing and that's about it. That's pretty sad imo. So what would you do if you were in my shoes? What router would you consider getting? I've listed all the devices that we own and their wireless standard compatibility. Would you choose a simple Access Point, like the one imreloadin suggested (the Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR) or a router? Or would you suggest giving up and just living with shitty WiFi?
  5. Not more than $250. LOL. I'm sorry, I honestly have no clue as to how much I should consider spending. This world of routers and APs and wireless stuff is really new to me. I never had to consider buying one ever before.
  6. Oh ok. Gotcha. Any suggestions as to what kind of router or AP I should consider?
  7. If I do get a new router, I will put it exactly where the current router is. The current router will then just be put on the lower shelf. I could wall mount an AP like the Ubiquiti, but that's really a last resort option. Regarding the firmware update, since it's a ISP provided device, Rogers controls the firmware updates. So it's up to date in that regard.
  8. My AP is the modem itself. It's an ISP provided modem/router. So I can't replace it with better hardware without paying outrageous prices to the ISP. Thus, I'm looking to buy an router which I will use for WiFi and make the ISP provided device work as a modem only.
  9. Yes, I did check the channels using WiFi Analyzer on my Android. Every single 2.4GHz is heavily crowded. I chose the least crowded channel and there hasn't been much difference. 5GHz is much emptier with only a handful of devices. But the ISP modem doesn't have 5GHz.
  10. I have attached a picture showing where my modem is (circled in red). I have thought about wall mounting it above the TV, but that would make it hard to access. Not to mention, it would look fairly ugly and mom won't allow that. Maybe if the thing didn't look so bad, maybe she would be cool with it. Other than that, no other place to raise it.
  11. Yes, I did. Came up with the most longest, complicated password I could and I know there are no "unwelcome" devices connected to my network. Only the devices in my apartment are the ones connected.
  12. Hello everyone, Recently, my family has been complaining about the slow WiFi. My own PC is connected by ethernet, so I never felt bothered. However, the WiFi is indeed slow and annoying. I thought the problem was with the ISP (Rogers in Canada) provided modem/router. After some research, I concluded that the router I have is crap because Rogers would much rather have me pay extra for the good stuff. Now, I'm in the market for a router. I'm not sure whether I should buy a wireless router (such as ASUS RT-AC68U) or an access point (such as Ubiquiti Unifi 802.11ac PRO). Even with all the research I'm doing, I'm still pretty confused as to the differences and which I should consider. So, I've come to the LTT community for help. Any product suggestions are welcome. Links to Canadian retailers of said product suggestion are even more welcome. Here are some details about me and my home: - Small 2 bedroom apartment in a very crowded building (lots of apartments around me and thus, lots of other wifi signals) - 3 smartphones, 2 laptops, 1 tablets, 1 Nintendo 3DS, 1 smart TV, and 1 desktop PC (note: TV and desktop are connected by ethernet) - All my devices are compatible with N wireless. Only 2 smartphones and one laptop are compatible with AC wireless. The 3DS is only compatible with B/G wireless. - The Rogers modem/router is located right in the middle of the apartment. It is placed right under the TV and cannot be relocated anywhere. This is due to the fact that Rogers uses cable for providing internet. - My internet package is 35Mbps down and 3Mbps down. - There are no WiFi deadzones in my apartment, but the signal is terrible in most rooms. The worst signal is in my dad's little work den, which is right behind the kitchen (there are 2 walls between the den and the router) - I have a very long and complicated password for my WiFi. Also, I can see that no other devices other than my own are connected. - I don't want to spend more than $250 dollars. The examples I mentioned above (the Asus and Ubiquiti) are just under my budget. - My preferred retailers are Amazon.ca and Bestbuy.ca. If you need any more information, please ask. I will try to reply back as soon as possible. Thank you all very much. I'm looking forward to the replies.
  13. I want that Kira mouse because not only is it ambidextrous, but it's also modular. I like the idea of being able to change the shape of the mouse to suit my needs. Sometime, you just want to try a different mouse without actually getting a different one, you know?
  14. Ok, so this short survey sees the Acer one as the winner. I guess I'll buy that one this weekend. Thanks for the support, guys.
  15. I'd suggest getting AT LEAST a GTX 970. If you could get a 980, then you'll be enjoying those 4 years like a boss. I got a GTX 780 2 years ago and it still plays games like GTA V and Fallout 4 like a dream. Try to get an i5-4xxxk and use the savings to upgrade on the gpu.