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  1. ShavedCloaca

    GPU Woes

    Hi All, I have been having a few issues recently with warranty, i sent off my card almost 2 months ago to the re seller, they then sent it off to Asus. Yesterday i get a call from the re seller about a partial refund, they offer me £224, i originally paid £450, unfortunately due to terms and conditions, i am unable to get a full refund, and no replacement as 9 series is now EOL. I am now needing to go on a GPU hunt, used or new, but at a reasonable price, i can probably go to £400 currently, have you got any suggestions on what i should do? Cheers, ShavedCloaca
  2. ShavedCloaca

    Magic FPS Drop

    nope didn't work, Fired up a fire strike benchmark and saw that my GPU is only using half of the memory it has available.
  3. ShavedCloaca

    Magic FPS Drop

    Hi, Recently i re-did my water-cooling for my pc, no changes in hardware or software, only change was the tubing and fittings so bares no relevance to this you might think. Before i did this, i was getting 144fps at 144hz on my 1440p ROG swift monitor, for most games, most played is overwatch, so i know my average fps. After doing this, i am now unable to get above 70fps on most games, temps are fine, GPU is running the same as it would normally. I am unbelievably confused at the moment, i have updated GPU drivers and fiddled with the clock speeds, but no change. any ideas here would be of much help. Many Thanks, ShavedCloaca
  4. Hi I just drained and and upgraded my loop then filled it up with de-ionized water, I remembered I had some part 2 of the blitz kit and I'm just wondering if I could just pour some into my res and run it for a few hours... Opinions?
  5. Hi, I have a custom water cooling loop in my system and when i first did it i think i was a bit too exited so i cut a few corners, like the Drive Bays. I have 3 HDD's and they are sitting in the removable cage kind of in the middle of my case/ basically i want to put my HDD's somewhere it 1. doesn't look awful and 2. doesn't interfere with my water cooling If anyone can help me find a solution to my cock up i would be eternally grateful. Thanks ShavedCloaca P.S. If you would like any photos I would be happy to post them.
  6. ShavedCloaca

    Please help a brother out (first PC build)

    Its nice i like it, i think you could slip in an i7, you will still have a nice budget for a monitor. good choices there, very nice build for a first time.
  7. ShavedCloaca

    RGB Build, Opinions on Parts list

    yeah i know, but i preferred to do it like this, sorry if this makes it harder.
  8. ShavedCloaca

    RGB Build, Opinions on Parts list

    there is a link in the top of each txt doc, i did it like this so i could have the watercooling in one doc as well
  9. ShavedCloaca

    Please help a brother out (first PC build)

    this is nice i like this one!
  10. ShavedCloaca

    Please help a brother out (first PC build)

    Hi dude, Personaly i think the ram is a bit overkill for your system there and i definitly think you could have a few pennies in this area if you are not wanting to spend as much. Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00TY6A1P0/?tag=pcp0f-21 If you are wanting to have a good gaming experience i think you will need a little more for a monitor, they are one of the key parts of any battle station.
  11. Hi everyone, I have made up two lists for two quite similar builds, only difference is the chips, and obviously the motherboards, i plan on making this build with hard-line water-cooling with Pastel White coolant. This is going to be my most expensive build yet, and the first time i am going to do a hard-line build, so the fittings and quantity of tubing is not correct in these documents (one of the things i wanted an opinion on. There are two txt docs linked into this thread and if anyone wouldn't mind giving them a look over and giving me some more ideas for this build. Thanks, ShavedCloaca Dreams AMD.txt Dreams Intel.txt
  12. ShavedCloaca

    Asus ROG Swift pg278q G-Sync Not working

    HI there so i recently purchased a PG278Q Monitor and the G-Sync isnt working i have a GTX 980 and there are no options coming up, i have contacted the ASUS support and apparently the GTX 980 isnt supported with G-Sync???? it is..... if anyone could lend a hand and try and help me get this fixed i would be a very happy Gamer. Thanks Shaved Cloaca
  13. ShavedCloaca

    Expanding an AIO

    okay so maybe it isnt a good idea, but i have an old AIO cooler for my old build, would you recommend using that and a GPU block adapter for my GPU, i have a Sapphire 280x toxic, do you think you could recommend an adapter for this GPU if so.
  14. ShavedCloaca

    CPU is clocked at 801 MHz?

    it seems to work fine even though it says its clocked at 800MHz but whenever i use applications it still says its clocked at 800, i think its okay i might leave it for now and if i have any other problems i will go hardcore and try and fix it but until then...
  15. ShavedCloaca

    CPU is clocked at 801 MHz?

    i tried setting it to its defaults but it hasnt changed...