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  1. My favorite is still the CM Cosmos II, got an boxed unused one which will ofcourse be used for a new system build. As for my current (6 yo old) rig, it's case is a CM Cosmos S.
  2. Here's my latest purchase, an old Commodore 64. And yes indeed, this little baby still works after basically being on the attic for years!! Ya just gotta love those classics.
  3. 99 = Super IO Initialization 9C = USB Detect Those aren't really error codes from what i recall, thus that's why they aren't mentioned in the manual.
  4. Trust me, stick with it. Even if it's only a 64G, it's a Commodore dude. There's never anything wrong with that.
  5. Ah the good old 64, happy memories! Now by seeing this, it really itches to get my hands on one of those again. Ya just gotta love a mean clean C64. B)
  6. Oh god!! I could kill for owning a Commodore 64 again, the system where all my computer insanity began.
  7. Hallo Martijn, If i'm not mistaken your motherboard is equipped with a dual BIOS, thus you can switch to the other BIOS (B.) when A goes bad. Within BIOS B you should be able to repair BIOS A, thus flashing a working version over the old corrupted one. For flashing you need to be using a flash drive with the latest version (H.9) on it, which can be downloaded from MSI. It's also mentioned in your manual (page 1-34) with the necessary steps i think.
  8. You could consider bottleneck as a speed limiter. In this case the CPU could act that way, thus throttling down the performance of the GPU. It's annoying, but it won't damage any components. So don't worry about it. But don't skimp on the PSU though. Buy a good one from a respectable brand, also a bit more wattage wouldn't hurt.
  9. All the power cables are always included with the PSU. Sata cables and such with the motherboard itself. Also each case has it's own set of cables ofcourse. But honestly, could this really be your first system build? From the looks of it, you seem to be like a person who's just starting in the world of system building. No offense mate.
  10. They are quite reliable to be honest, at least in my opinion. Never had any real issues with them. If you're keeping up the maintenance, they are just as reliable as any other car. I'm an Alfa driver since 2001 basically, never had any issues. Except for a 156 which i bought in the past, that thing was a complete disaster though. But that was because the previous owner didn't take good care of it. And thanks mate! A 33 is at it's best with those wheels, even if she still has to be lowered a bit.
  11. To hate or love mobile gaming isn't the issue imho. At least i don't hate it, but on the other hand i don't love it either. It's basically a different ballpark, more casual and easy at hand. Especially when you're completely bored and have nothing to do @ work. haha
  12. Since we're talking of cars, here are my humble little friends. B) First of all my hobby car: 1994 Alfa Romeo 33 1.7ie 16v QV. Currently rolling with some 15" Ronal A1 rims with some Toyo R1R tyres. My daily driver: 2004 Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 JTS Selespeed Distinctive. And yes, those wheels are 18" that were optional from the factory.
  13. I can't see the benefits of pre-ordering this game. Don't get me wrong, but to only get 1.350.000 ingame currency is ridiculous imho. It takes away the real fun when using the online features, i'd rather earn it myself. Also a pre-order means getting a vanilla game with flaws, at least mostly of the time. Can't remember seeing one vanilla game that runs competely flawless. As San Andreas goes, i even didn't have any issues with it. Was smooth when i played back in those days.
  14. Already defragged? Hmm.... then it looks like something has snuck into your system. Spyware, malware, adware and such can even extremely slow a system down. So my advice is to run a program that can remove these things, like spybot s&d as kilotek mentions.
  15. Thanks guys! As for R2E, i meant Rampage II Extreme. It's an oldie, but the thing still keeps going.