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  1. So from today i'm back on NVIDIA, i have a Gigabyte Aorus CV27F 165hz Freesync 2 HDR monitor. So far G-Sync seems to work fine, no issues so far. Is there a way to be certain that it works? Sometimes there is a very slight flicker with freesync on, but i had that with an AMD card as well.
  2. Only if the games you play can reach that high like CSGO, else it's not worth it imo.
  3. I might be able to tell you next week, i just got it 2 days ago but currently using an Vega 56 with it. I'm returning it for a NVIDIA card cause this card uses too much power and space in my little case. Apart from the Freesync stuff, HDR looks decent enough and the colors look amazing! the colors just pop really good. The coating is very light so the whites look really white too. I don't think you'll miss gsync/freesync that much, i came from an monitor that had none the VG248QE and before that a 1440p 144hz from Samsung but did not notice any tearing without freesync/vsync. I did think i saw a much smoother gameplay in Apex Legends though. EDIT: Oh and i did notice slight flickering with Freesync enabled, disabling it and the flickering stopped but it wasn't that noticeable or distracting to me. But that might be cause of the severe FPS drops i had in Elder Scrolls Online so LFC(Low Framerate Compensation) kicks in. EDIT2: Ok wait, i'm pretty sure i watched a video where Gigabyte talk about these new monitors the CV27F and their 25" 240hz monitor and heard the guy say both will be G-Sync Compatible.
  4. Sorry for reviving this post, i just had the same thing happening to me yesterday. I only OC'd by 70mhz on the core, and with a slight voltage bump. Mine also crashed a few times, and now it won't boot as well with the drivers installed. I hope RMA gets through, i'm not getting a AMD card again... i never had this issue before ever. A slight overclock shouldn't brick your card this easily, at least not in these modern times.
  5. I posted this also in the "Guide" of how to make the ROG logo on the 980 Matrix card always red. I did this on my 780 Ti Matrix card but i messed up bad, and now the connector is useless cause the pins are still in with no wires attached. Now i'm stuck with the ROG logo not lighting up at all, while i can't find a cable like this anywhere. So i thought i could make it myself with a new connector and plugs but i need the name of this connector. It looked alot like a floppy connector from an old PSU but with 5pins instead of 4, i looked for that first but they're only 4pin not 5. I'd love you forever if someone could point me into the right direction of wich connector i need that fits. I only have a picture from the guide of how the connector looks like, but it's very hard to see: http://prntscr.com/gevu0r
  6. Sorry for reviving this thread, i tried to do this with the 780 Ti, the cable is exactly the same so i tried it. I had so much trouble getting the pins out, i used a flat screwdriver to pull them out as intended. But it was super tight and pulled them out without the plug coming out. I don't know what to do to fix this, i can't find this connector anywhere online, so i'm stuck with no lights atm. I would love you forever if someone knows wich connector is used for the LED module so i can fix it.
  7. Just don't go to far, mine gave some tearing on desktop when i set it to high.
  8. Also you can always try and overclock that monitor and you can probably get to 75hz or 85hz, you can see the difference.
  9. That's gonna take a while. But 4K@60herz will be 2 years till we can run games decently on 4K, i'm sure that won't take lots of years.
  10. It will help stabilize your minimum FPS., it will not under any circumstances increase FPS in a game. I didn't say anything about increased FPS.
  11. Got my Alienware 1080p screen to 85hz, my previous model couldn't get higher then 74. First i thought could it be that they built in a 3d monitor but locked at 60hz, but 120hz didn't worked meh. Gonna try 90-100Hz now.
  12. Mostly the newest cod, and sometimes BF.
  13. I could never get used to it, i just copy/paste everything. I don't mod the game hardcore, just few textures and new weapons and stuff.
  14. Skyrim is such a pain when it becomes to installing mods sometimes.
  15. I've got between 40-60fps on my haswell rig, it runs so well on haswell. I don't think they are lying, the probably have a 4770K, as i run a 4670K.
  16. SSD also eliminates fps spikes, therefore it does improve FPS. Also this game is CPU heavy, GPU doesn't matter much in this game.
  17. I've ordered the M-Audio AV40 because of alot of great reviews. My new headphones will be Numark Electrowave.
  18. There is nothing wrong with Alienware, after i owned my first one i was very impressed. Build quality, and cooling system are great and it has dedicated soundcard and very high quality Klipsch speakers with a subwoofer built in. As much as i love Asus, HUGE fan, but Alienware is far more superior when it comes to good quality gaming laptop. I don't get all the hate, people never have valid point. Also, Alienware laptops are upgradable as Asus and MSI laptops can not, not without any modifications.
  19. Nice to see we have some game servers. Gonna get Minecraft again, haven't played it for a long while. Too bad their US servers, bad ping for me.
  20. For you're budget, stay away from laptops. Good gaming laptops are about 1300-1800. As for gaming on a laptop, it's not that bad, the portability is just awesome. Current laptops don't get that hot anymore, 7970m gets about 60-70c at 99% usage.
  21. Ugh, i'll miss PhysX so much now i've got a ATI card.
  22. I've had neither, but i think 690 has more power then a Titan.
  23. Never heard about this, is it like the ARES?