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  1. So sounds like you had the EXACT same idea i had. I have begun researching server rack mounted cases to house in a short 21U or so server case like what Linus has. Do you know what brand your case is? I plan on running this: http://www.techbuy.com.au/p/125571/CASINGS_SERVER_-_4U/Norco/RPC-470.asp
  2. Curious to know the approx cost for this service. I will be recommending this service to others just from this video. They need to sponsor LTT
  3. Update - So.... turns out.... im bad. I again removed the cooler, cleaned, tested.... issue remains. I pull the PC apart and run in on the desk, magic, maxes out at 80C with benchmarks running out of CPU-Z. Strange? So turns out if i put the pump in with the cooler master logo level it works fine.... but the tubes are all wonky and looks horrible, but if i run it so its neat, the pump is sideways and doesnt give good flow/heat dissipation.... Moral of the story, mount things so you can read it, not how it fits best...(box had not one setup tip on the pump mind you)
  4. FCK! You guys are legends. I will chat to my retailer about RMA but if all else fails the delid looks like a fairly simple process and would explain the issue instantly! I can put the best cooler i can find but if the CPU to built in heat spreader is not working then it does nothing. Thanks guys!
  5. Yeh tried re mounting to begin with, then changed to stock then new cooler, all 3 times confirmed it was mounted correctly. Even tried less or more paste to see if it made any dif. - none to be had I have tried it on power save normal and the top power settings on the asus bios front screen changes between 1-1.3v doesnt make a dif. I had used prime once, but upon reading about issues that others had i also removed, easiest one i tested was excel i was working on, vlookup ran, temp went sky high, then back to idle temp. Happened also in Furmark, and gaming. Note also, i have it in a Fractal Design Define R4 with 2 inlet fans and 1 exhaust fan at the back, along with the dual rad.
  6. So ive done a bit of reading on the forums and online, seems there are more than a few people with 4970K's that are over heating like an egg in the summer sun. No one as yet has had a solution other than potential RMA or thermal connections. My setup is the below: CORE I7-4790K Asus H97M-PLUS Kingston HX316C10FK2/16 1600MHz 16GB(2x8GB) HyperX FURY Blue memory Enermax ERV850EWT-G REVOLUTION87+ 850W 80 Plus Gold Gigabyte GV-N970WF3OC-4G GeForce GTX 970 Windforce OverClocked 4GB Coolermaster Nepton 240M Water Cooler I have tested the following: Stock cooler Coolermaster SEIDON 120V PLUS and now the Coolermaster Nepton 240M Between each test i cleaned the CPU and cooler of paste and re applied the cooler master paste that came with the water coolers. I found zero change in temps between the stock and dual rad setups.... Under idle it sits on 55C average between all cores. Under even 20% load it begins to thermal throttle back. At 100% load when doing a V-Lookup in excel or any other cpu stress test it maxes the 100C thermal limits and throttles back to 2Ghz. Any suggestions to try before i go back for an RMA on the board/CPU?
  7. My local had no stock of the R5 so i got an R4. Fckin love it.
  8. These are my most used links: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/ https://eve-central.com/ http://forums.ponywaffe.org/topic/1697-sarahs-overview-pack%E2%84%A2-rel-030/ http://raynor.cl/eve/index.php http://evepraisal.com/ http://www.eve-icsc.com/jumptools/jumpplanner.php and some shamless corp plugs: http://www.wcgw.net/forum/index.php
  9. I own 6. 1 is my garage door remote receiver. 1 is my KODI media enter on my TV. 1 is my NZB download host. the others not in use yet, but 1 will run my car computer and the rest will be doing various house security things.
  10. Keeping an eye on this thread, im building the same rig right now
  11. Whats the reason behind the change in CPU? http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i7-4790K-vs-Intel-Core-i5-4690K Will the drop be noticeable?
  12. Been playing for 10 years. Its great
  13. So much hate for Alienware. Sounds like some haven't tried them before passing judgement. I personally have had off shelf desktops and laptops as well as custom desktops. My M17x R4 shits on all of them. I boosted the hard disks size thats all. I run Eve online and all my other games at Max settings without ANY issues, high frame rates, fast response, never had one issue at all! Agreed on the heavy side how ever, but what do you expect from large chunks of copper....