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  1. Ive been trying to get ccminer set up to mine monero but i keep getting the error code "nonce unable to validate on cpu". Ive updated my gpu drivers and tried two different versions of ccminer and both dont work. Anny ideas would be helpful system specs cpu:ryzen 5 2600 gpu:gtx1070 ram:16gb gskill
  2. So ive been considering getting rid of the ghostery extension. Ive got adguard with easyprivacy and the anti spyware filter on top of Firefox's anti tracking settings. i was just wondering if there was any point to ghostery with those other options enabled
  3. I was just here wondering if i could get advice on this subject. I was looking into a couple services but couldnt pin one down 100%. the most attractive so far is this https://www.amazon.com/OBi200-1-Port-Adapter-Support-Service/dp/B00BUV7C9A/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1533911445&sr=8-18&keywords=ooma which you can use google voice. Whatever one i go with i want it to be free so my fiance doesnt have to complain about payinng for a phone service.
  4. if you mean cpu and mobo its beacause the cpu i have is pretty poor in most of my games and i need to upgrade but my cpu is already the best for its socket
  5. i was thinking of getting a new cpu and mobo soon but my windows is an oem version.(originaly 7 but upgraded to 10) i was wondering if i bought a new product key could i just change them so i can keep all my data or am i stuck with what i have
  6. cpu:amd athlon 760k @3.8ghz gpu:evga 4gb 960sc ram:pny 8gb 1333mhz (2x4) score:3.1
  7. im trying to choose new headphones between the Sennheiser 558 and 598. there are pros and cons pulling me towards each one but i cant decide. can anyone make an argument for one over the other?
  8. im having trouble with my computer not sending a signal to my monitor. For awhile i couldnt do anything with it not even install a os to it though ive got that fixed (faulty ram chip). So now ive got windows installed i cant get the monitor to consintently work so i can update drivers or bios. Please i could really use the help