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  1. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right forum but I want to clear out my SSDs because it's a mess and I recently added more storage (just wanna start off clean). If I just reformat the SSD with Windows would I lose the windows or can I reformat it whilst keeping windows? This is for a desktop that I built not a laptop.
  2. Confusizzled

    Music Source

    Where do you guys get your music from? Personally I use Spotify Premium anyone have any better suggestions?
  3. I don't hate Apple the company as much as I hate their fans. The ones who buys Apple because they are Apple and lately Apple themselves seems to have been really embracing this and just screwing the industry (ex. 1000 dollar iPhone). Most people I know / see with apple products like the Macbooks and iPhones don't need such a device. They don't use it any where close to it's full potential yet they spend ridiculous amounts of money on it and there seems to just be endless amounts of these people. So many college/university students have macbooks but their areas of study really only requires them to have a laptop to write essays. It's ridiculous that anyone would buy a thousand dollar essay writing machine even if it does look good. With iPhones it's more like most people would probably be more than fine getting something like a oneplus 5t or even just 1 gen older yet everyone can't wait for the newest Apple tech going as far as lining up for 1st release of a freaking 1000 dollar phone further encouraging Apple to just screw the industry and the rest of us. My point is it just seems like Apple can do the most outlandish anti-consumer practices and still be on top in terms of profit because of their fan.
  4. Lol clickbait forum title .. that's new
  5. Oh lol woops my bad I'm listening on spotify premium most of the time.
  6. Can't remember but it's either 250 or 80 ohms
  7. Just straight from the audio jack from my desktop (motherboard), or laptop, or even just straight out of my phone.
  8. Hi guys, I have a beyerdynamic DT 770 but haven't really been noticing too much of a difference compared to $20 headphones/earphones. It's able to output sound and is actually always loud enough at around 25% volume on my desktop, laptop, and even phone. Would an amp help the sound quality in this case?
  9. Awesome i'll prbly check out a best buy close by then. Yeah I heard the panel was TN panel so it makes sense why it would be hard to see at different angles.
  10. I'm searching for a programming laptop and I'm pretty interested in the New Dell Inspiron 15 5000 gaming laptop. Specifically this configuration http://www.dell.com/en-ca/shop/dell-laptops-netbooks-and-tablets/new-inspiron-15-5000-gaming-intel/spd/inspiron-15-5577-gaming-laptop/ni155577_btsb_s405e. It's got 512 GB PCIE SSD, 16 GB of RAM, and i7 7700 HQ and the price seems pretty darn good. Anyone have any info regarding the screen, cooling, and typing experience? The dell page gives you so little info. Or if anyone is from Canada specifically around the GTA does anyone know if there's a store that sells this so I can test it in person?
  11. Do you guys know how the 8th gen U-series processors compare to 7th gen HQ- series ? Debating whether I should get an 8th gen laptop or a 7th gen gaming laptop
  12. I'm going to go into programming in college next year and need to upgrade my laptop. My budget is around 1000 Canadian as the title says (I can go a bit over but not too much). I don't need to get it until December technically but probably aiming to get it around black Friday for better deals. I know the 8th gen intel processors are out but does anyone know how that compares to the HQ processors on gaming laptops? I don't mind if the laptop is a little heavy either but i'd like for it to have at least 256 SSD. Other than programming I would just do light gaming (overwatch probably the most intensive) and do some light room editing every now and then.
  13. I'm still super new with programming, Would the files get that big that I would need 1 TB of SSD? cause in laptops anything above 256 GB is pretty pricy at least here in Canada