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  1. thx for answering all my questions <3
  2. Is it gonna be a big deal?like out of 100 fps will i only get 50?
  3. No, im afraid of cpu or memory bottlenecks
  4. I like NVidia more sorry. but can I run at 100% gpu?
  5. I am currently buying new parts to swap out and eventually have a new PC, but so far I ordered a new case (NZXT Noctis 450 white) and a new 650w power supply. I currently have a very old Radeon HD 4200 (that doesnt even work with windows 8.1 64 bit which i have) and an Athlon II 635 CPU and 4GB of DDR2 ram. I wanted to buy a new EVGA SSC GTX 960 4GB card but don't know if it will work with such an old cpu, mothermoard, and ram. I want to play GTA 5, Fallout 4, GMod, CSGO, and other games at 1080p. Please help.
  6. A friend is offering to sell me a used Asus radeon HD 5450 for about $30 USD. Should i buy it, is it any good? I thought about buying it because my hd 4200 stopped working, is it worth it? If not then i will save up for a gtx 950 or something.
  7. But will it work on MSI's? and i know i need a liquid cooler
  8. I am planning to build a new pc and am trying to pick a Graphics card around my buget of $100-250 USD (for a gpu) and am thinking about buying the MSI gtx 960 but saw that the G10 is only $30 and can give me better performance. Will the G10 be compatible with MSI's 960, or do i have the get NVIDIA's normal design version?(can't remember the name sorry) Thanks
  9. I have the same problem with my amd stock cooler! i am curious as i don't have a hyper 212 Evo but am considering buying it myself.
  10. you should get an iPhone 3gs
  11. The Hatchet Backpack by Jansport is pretty good
  12. JK, just wait for next gen.. also dont get a blackwidow, it makes waaaaaay to much clicky noise unless u like that, but i would suggest any keyboard with brown swithes