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  1. http://www.cnet.com/news/intels-new-skylake-core-i-series-chips-tested/ First Skylake Benchmarks.
  2. we are definitely not talking about a Mercedes here. These are also graduation gifts so it's not about what I need it is about what I want. This thread is about what people think I should get not a thread discussing the morals of need vs want.
  3. this may sound crazy but my mother uses over 25 gigs a month for all of her Netflix and google maps nav its crazy. thankful to have sprint unlimited i use 9-15 GB a month depending on if I'm traveling or not.
  4. but wont buying a 4k monitor cost almost as much as just buying an imac
  5. 1. Yes apple products are very nice looking to the eye 2. Yes I do want it because most people have them in college. Who would want a super ugly laptop to tote around all over campus (nobody except people that own gaming laptops which are too bulky for college but thats beside the point) If you own a laptop that most people have it's easier for other people to work with you and not have to fumble around trying to find out where the control panel is and other little stuff like that. I don't understand why anyone would want a laptop that would be in the minority in a university. and I'm speaking for a lot of people here when I say apple makes good laptops. that are also pleasing to look at. The thread wasn't if I should buy an apple or windows laptop or pc it was what do you think the better of the options I presented are. please let's try to keep this on topic.
  6. Im not solely buying it for it's computing power I'm buying so that all my devices will work together. I had an iPad and a galaxy for awhile and that was a b****
  7. I was planning on waiting for broadwell. And I want apple not due to all their marketing or because it looks cool. I looked it up once and something like 70% of college students own a mac. I thought about building a hackintosh but I want the sleek design of the imac. plus the main reason is I want all my devices to work together. I WILL NOT BUY AN APPLE WATCH!!!!!!! those are apple marketing at it's finest.
  8. If you want to go really crazy you could buy a normal Iphone and their is a company called fluid (I think it's called fluid) the case they have is a physical keyboard there is fluid in the back of the phone and when you flick a switch the fluid makes little nubs on the screen that turns into a physical keyboard. its kinda crazy
  9. So For College I am thinking about 2 different options. 1. I really would like to have a Retina 5k I Mac for my dorm and then the new macbook for light classwork and notes. I want a Hefty iMac to do all of my multi-tasking computer workload. I would buy aftermarket Ram and probably put 32 Gigs in the iMac. 2. Option 2 Just buy an overkill macbook pro. I would prefer option 1 but what do you guys think. Both of these options wouldn't cost me anything as they would be graduation presents. Also i know that building my own pc would be a lot cheaper and better but I like the compactness of the inter-connectedness of owning all apple products. I already have an Iphone and a Ipad. 3. I was even considering buying a mac pro for serious power. I was planning on lofting my bed and putting my desk under my bed and behind the desk lighting it with led strips and also have a Racing office chair. What do you guys think is the best office chair????? I plan on majoring in computer science or Buisness marketing.
  10. Well thanks for all of the comments and yes I did know that apple did not come up with USB 3.1 This is a really great discussion but I also believe we will begin to see this coming to android phones too. I think that with the next next gen of phones I.E. galaxy S7 and galaxy note 6 is where we will begin to see an adoption of usb C into smartphones. I'm also going to guess that we will see more Type C devices later this year and that the next greatest thing at CES 2016 will be USB C. That was a lot of guessing but hey why not make an educated guess?
  11. with the release of the new macbook and the launch of USB type C it just had me wondering. When bulding my next PC I want to build one that will have type C ports. I couldn't find any cases or boards that had type C so when will it come out?