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  1. And after a 2 week vacation, the GPU idles at 66 degrees celcius. I think the closed loop as leaked too much liquid. Better buy a new GPU then
  2. Username: Nesflaten Liked videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/CBR6_NDEI https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1
  3. Comes to show how complicated things are. I took the radiator off the case and lowered it below the pump, rised it above the pump and repeated this a few times. Now it idles at 25C
  4. @Enderman, that sems quite reasonable. I will troubleshoot some more to be a bit more surebefore I change out the watercooling loop:S Might just change the GPU at the same time:P @MblaZe7run: Good uck, you will hopefully not need this info;)
  5. I think it might also be really slow flow speeds, but no way to check it i think
  6. Hi all. I have searched for 5-10 minutes on this topic, and have not found the answer. My system: 680 stock AOI watercooling: Arctic Cooling Accellero Hybrid Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V deluxe Ambient temp: 22C CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K CPU cooler: Corsair H110 It is a few years old, and my GPU sometimes peaks at 100C. When I touch the tubes going to the radiator, they are very hot. The tube from the radiator is as cold as when off. the GPU idles at 36C, but a few months ago it idled at 28C. Even at idle, I can fell that there is a temp difference of the tubes. I do not feel a difference on the AIO on the CPU, What is the usual difference between the tubes? And if you have a solution for my problem, that would be awesome!
  7. It is better than my own laptop in every way
  8. I read Norwegian news that the EU was not content with accepting apple using a separate transition cable from lightning to microUSB, but will try to ban the lightning connector completely. It will probably not effect anything though http://www.tu.no/it/2014/03/12/eu-vil-tvinge-apple-over-pa-usb
  9. #175 Slick is the best looking LTT employee
  10. no problem. gets banned from LTT forum forever for using #yolo
  11. #insertrandomnumber Never EVER run your servers off of a low end machine in a dark room in your former employers office
  12. yeah, but your post is not a rule, and this post is not a rule, and there are reposts, and it starts off with 6 rules in the OP, so the counter does not count # of rules. Which I think was his twitter challenge
  13. #IFellSorryForTheLTTEmployeeWhoHasToCountAllTheseRuleseToGetToOver100 Complain about people complaining about being a sellout.
  14. #134 Never sign any sidepanels.