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    i5 4670K OC to 4.4ghz
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    Asus Z87-A
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    16GB corsair
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    1060 GTX
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    SSD + HDD

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  1. JakubOCD

    Will I have issues?

    Giving an update in case someone else has this type of question. When I first booted with the 16GB RAM the bios only detected 8GB in dual channel and then all 16GB in single channel. I updated my BIOS and the 16GB was showing up in dual channel and I was able to set the memory speed to 3200mhz without any issue. In short, my RAM wasn't listed in the QVL but it still works with a BIOS update.
  2. I’m planning a build and I bought an ASUS B450-F Gaming board and I’m checking to see if my RAM (2x8gb) is compatible. In the Qualified Vendor List, it lists my RAM to be qualified to work with 1 DIMM, meaning it will work in single channel, do you think I’ll have much trouble running in dual channel? Will it even post with both sitcks in? Or will I have to have the sticks in single channel? Or worse I can only use the one 8gb stick. I think I got a good deal on the RAM, 16GB 3200mhz for under $200 Canadian rupees.
  3. JakubOCD

    Mix and match refresh rates?

    I have a quick question about multi-monitor setups. Can you configure different monitors to run at different refresh rates? i.e. one monitor is 144hz while another is 60hz assuming one monitor is a 144hz and the other is a 60hz.
  4. Here are some suggestions you can try: booting without the R9 390, using DVI cable only and not HDMI (my UEFI only works with DVI because my monitor defaults the resolution 480p with HDMI) , make sure the monitor is set to the correct input.
  5. JakubOCD

    Freezing and stuttering

    So my PC has been having some issues lately, when I play Hearthstone and only Hearthstone my disk usage hits 100% (happening to C:/ drive) and my game freezes up and takes several seconds to resume. I don't even know where to begin with troubleshooting to fix the problem. My PC specs, 4670K running at stock 3.4ghz. Asus Z87-A mobo, Kingston 8gb ram, ASUS strix 660, and my boot drive kingston v200 128gb followed by a steam drive and another drive for media.
  6. JakubOCD

    AAA to AA? is it possible?

    I think I'm going to take out the AAA battery mounts and put in AA mount. There are two covers on the headset, the other cup and the battery cover. I think the outer cup will have enough room to hold the batteries.
  7. I've been using the razer chimera 5.1 headset for about two years, while I like them a lot I have one issue; the battery life. The AAA batteries just don't have enough power. I'm looking to mod my Razer Chimera 5.1 headsets to accept AA batteries instead of the default AAA. What would be the best way to go about attempting this mod?
  8. JakubOCD

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    vessel username: JakubOCD my favourite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  9. JakubOCD

    Seagate SSHD 2TB or WD black 1TB?

    I was looking at the specs of the 4TB SSHD and it has only 8GB of ssd, so my question is how is that 8gb going to help with games loading and running when there are games that are over 50gb?
  10. Let me win so I can upgrade my GTX660, the extreme looks better!
  11. JakubOCD

    What do you think off wireless headphones

    My experience with wireless headphones is a mixed one, I enjoy not having cables everywhere and I love that I can just get up out of my chair with my headphones still on. One of the downsides is sound quality and if you're going from decent wired to a wireless you'll be able to notice the difference. I've only used 2 different wireless headphones and the first one being was the corsair vengeance 2000. I loved these headphones, they sounded pretty good, the wireless was good and they were very light and my ears would never hurt from wearing them. I used them for about a year until they stopped charging because the micro-USB connector was shorting out. I would have preferred a proprietary connector that would have lasted longer that micro USB. My second wireless headphones I bought was razer chimera 5.1. I purchased these because they didn't charge over USB which is the best features because the connector is just 4 gold connectors that connect when the headphones are put onto the charger. I had these headphones for over 2 years which is my longest lasting pair of headphones I ever owned. The issue is that they use AAA batteries which don't store as much charge as AA would but I guess that keep the weight of the headphones down. As for all those comments about headphones dying mid game, on my chimeras there is a warning for when they batteries are low so you can change them when it suits you and for the corsair vengeance 2000/2100 you can just quickly connect the USB cable and you can use them as they charge.
  12. JakubOCD

    Battery draining too soon

    Couple years ago I bought razer chimaera 5.1 and they've been great headphones but my only complaint would be is that they use rechargable AAA batteries. Recently I've been encountering a problem which has become very annoying. The problem is that the AAA batteries can't keep the headphones on for more than 1 or 2 hours when previously they lasted me 8-9 hours no problem. I'm using high capacity eneloops rated at minimun of 900 mAh, the batteries aren't that old, only 3 months and I tried buying new batteries and different brands too to see if I can improve on battery life but I still only get 1-2 hours. Can anyone help me and figure out how I can solve the horrible battery life issue? I'm not sure if this is important but the base station is only 4 feet away from where the headphone are normally used.
  13. JakubOCD

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    My favourite part about this gaming notebook is that there isn't a giant block of whatever sticking out the back of the notebook.
  14. JakubOCD

    Game Storage

    Currently I'm using 1 SSD for my OS which is a 124 GB kingston V200 and 2 HDD for game and video storage. One HDD is a 500gb drive which is used for steam and origin and the other is 1TB drive used for all my media. I'm looking to update my steam HDD with either WD Black 2TB or 2TB seagate SSHD. My question is which would be the better choice? and are there any better choices besides using a large SSD. My motive for upgrading the drive is what its running out of space and I can't pick which games to remove to make more room.
  15. JakubOCD


    I would die of happiness if I got a new phone!