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  1. Most systems will automatically shut down to prevent any damage. The bad ones will stay on, overheat, things will explode, etc.
  2. nightlitezzz

    Can my PSU run 2 EVGA GTX 780 Ti in SLI?

    You can OC the CPU, leave teh GPU at stock and run it perfectly fine off of 750w. You can even OC a little bit.If you are going for high OC or even OV then you will need 850-1000w.
  3. nightlitezzz

    Best PSU

    No the 82 is complete trash. The 90 is good. http://www.overclock.net/t/1392001/nzxt-power-supplies-information-thread The V2 seems okay.
  4. nightlitezzz

    Good 450Watt PSU?

    It will be fine.
  5. nightlitezzz

    Modular psu? wut?

    550w for single 290x and OC. 750w for 290x crossfire @stock, 850-1000w for crossfire OC. If you OV you will need about 1500w, this is heavy OV such as using a custom BIOS.
  6. nightlitezzz

    Good 450Watt PSU?

    Your system will run fine off of the Seasonic G 360w.
  7. nightlitezzz

    Best PSU

    That's a pretty good PSU. Where can you buy from so that we can have a look at the prices to better help you.
  8. nightlitezzz

    PSU and Graphics Card Question?

    Not at all.
  9. nightlitezzz

    is the Corsair RM1000 a good power supply?

  10. nightlitezzz

    Good Cheap PSU

    No I was not talking in relevance to the thread, I was just telling that guy there's another option with even higher wattage.
  11. nightlitezzz

    ASUS PB287Q vs ASUS RoG Swift PG278Q

    I would go with the 278Q if you are planning on doing colour work. http://wecravegamestoo.com/forums/monitor-reviews-discussion/15027-best-27-monitors-2014-2560x1440-ahva-ips-pls.html
  12. nightlitezzz

    Good Cheap PSU

    The EVGA 1600 has more power and is cheaper. Quality wise it will be around the same.
  13. nightlitezzz

    Good Cheap PSU

    you will only need 850w if you are planning to overclock the 290s, if you leave them at stock then a 750w will do. You will only need 1000w-1300w if you are overvolting the 290s a lot.
  14. nightlitezzz

    What's the best 1440p IPS Monitor?

  15. nightlitezzz

    PSU and Graphics Card Question?

    That's not a very good way to decide whether a PSU is good or not.