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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
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  • RAM
  • GPU
    MSi GTX 1080Ti Armor(Cooled With NZXT G12+ KRAKEN X52)
  • Case
    Phanteks P400S TG
  • Storage
    Corsair Force GS 128GB SSD + Sandisk SSD PLUS 480GB
  • PSU
    Corsair RM 750
  • Display(s)
    AOC AGON AG241QX 1ms 144HZ 2K
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-U14S
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    Logitech G513
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    Logitech G305
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    Razer Kraken
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    Windows 10
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    Macbook Pro 13" 2017 TouchBar

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  1. Yeah of course they are closed, they are on DOCP, as it was normally before, everything looks fine. I think so too but I need to be 100% sure
  2. I am using it now, it really looks fine but what if it damages the DIMM slot or something else?
  3. So I just mounted a 240mm AIO on top of my Phanteks P400A which is not compatible with top mounted radiators, but I really want to exhaust the hot air in my case with it. It is so tight that the fan on top of the memory, is actually pressing against it. I am concerned about this, it is not very hard but I tucked it in there. The fan is also not screwed since it is blocked by the memory(closer to the CPU cooler), however the other memory kit is fine since it is in the inner side of the fan. Imagine pressing a key on your remote, that how hard the pressure is. Should I be worried and remove the AIO and place it on the front again? Here are some pics.(The memory on the left is pressed down)
  4. Of course they will provide airflow, just not the best solution. The 270R has a restrictive front intake, which can choke fans made for just airflow but using your SP fans will help. It won't be the best solution to go SP fans as intake, but it will work. A balanced and great fan like Noctua A12x25 will work very well with great airflow&static pressure. Those are the best fans on the market imo.
  5. The IHS on 7700k is crap, thats why people delid it to get the most cooling possible. Either that or you lost the silicon lottery very badly, but delidding will probably solve your issues. However, thats very complicated to use with AIO because when you remove the IHS, you may have contact issues if the mounting mechanism of your AIO, If the cooler does not screw in the whole way, it will never make contact with the CPU die. One solution is to get a custom, thicker IHS which has great heat dissipation. Or you want to delid and just apply liquid metal on it, that will help too, but having a direct contact with CPU die is always better. If you really need to reach those clocks best soluton is custom watercooling and a CPU block to fit delidded CPUs.
  6. 10th gen is really final breath of the 14nm, not that those CPUs are bad, but the next generation will perform a LOT better, they will probably offer 10 or 7nm. We will see a huge increase in peformance, not like the increase between 9th and 10th gen, if intel is smart enough to move on 10 or 7nm. If intel is your comfort zone, maybe hold on to your 6600k for a year and get the 11th gen. If you want the nVidia 3000 series when it comes out, I can't say anything because your 6600k will bottleneck the it. If I am forced to buy parts this day, instead of 10600k, I would have gone with a 3700x, use the same Hyper 212 or maybe get rid of it and purchase a NH-U12S. If you can wait couple months, wait for the release of Ryzen4000, that will be the best purchase of this year. Pair it with nVidia 3000 series GPU and you are set!
  7. Mistakes happen, I edited my previous and recent response. No need to be cocky.
  8. I am not talking about the cpu "dude", I am comparing the cooling performance between these coolers. As long as it is the same CPU, we can compare the differences between coolers. He needs at least 165-170mm CPU cooler clearance, the heatsink is 160mm but with fans it is 165mm, if he runs into RAM clearance issues/which he will with those tall memory modules) he has to pull the fan closer to the side panel, so 170mm for NH-D15 is considered as safe clearance. EDIT: I just assumed the case has not enough depth, I think i did not see the link to his case. In most cases the NH-D15 does not fit, but it fits in this one.
  9. No, NH-U12S is a pretty good cooler, and I don't think that your case has enough clearance for the NH-D15 and you have enough clearance for NH-D15. Linus just uploaded a video cooling a 10900k with NH-D15 and NH-U12S, and they both looked similar to each other. Get a NH-U12S(make sure your case has 160mm of cpu cooler clearance), put 2 intake fans that has great airflow&static pressure at the front(because you have restrictive front intake, it is hard for your fans to pull air from the sides), and 3 exhaust fans 1 rear and 2 top will do you fine. The Noctua A12X25 is one of the best fans out there, I would grab 2 of them and place at front, and place the existing red front fan on the top. If you have the budget to grab a new case, that will be better too. Here is the video:
  10. Fuzzyy

    Noctua u12s

    I use the NH-U12S(non chromax) with Ryzen 5 3600, and i am very happy with it. I have undervolted it and set a custom fan curve for silent&cool operation. 1.1V at 4Ghz is pretty great, it never goes above 75C on Cinebench r20, considering that the NF-F12 fan on it spins at max 80% and I live in a very hot area(30-33C). You can't hear the NF-F12 fan under 70%(1030RPM), above that has a very low-pitched noise that is not even annoying. Black one looks sexy af and i think it is what you are looking for.
  11. If the front intake of the case is restrictive, that may be causing the high temps, also, please don't run a 3800x with a stock cooler, not that the wraith cooler is that bad but not enough for that CPU. Don't buy case fans before you buy a CPU cooler. Buying a CPU cooler will reduce your thermals at the same noise level, which is more efficient. If you don't want to buy a CPU cooler, just undervolt your CPU, maybe your GPU too.
  12. Seems like all of your fans are pushing air inside of the case leading to overheating since your PC can't move the hot air outside generated by the CPU and GPU. Just flip the fan on the rear and make sure it pushes air OUTSIDE the case, not INSIDE. Also you can remove the third fan on the front bottom and mount it on to top as exhaust. That will solve your overheating. And that glass on the front panel is very restrictive, but not that bad. Try my solution, you will see that it will at least drop your temps.
  13. So I bought 0.5mm thermal pad from a local store and I can't find anywhere that it is a thermal pad. Guy claimed it has 3.6W/m.k of thermal conductivity. Pad is made by 3M, and sold online as double coated tissue tape. Can I use it as thermal pad? I am planning to cool my vram with this.Thanks.
  14. Oh okay then. I was getting 42C in a 20C ambient, so the difference is 22C, In a 28C ambient I am getting 60C , and the difference is 22C again. Can I calculate it like this?
  15. Actually I think you are right. From 20C ambient to 28C ambient there is 40% difference, so does 42C to 60C(42% but close enough). Percentage wise everything looks fine. But I will try to flip the tubes up and make pumps life easier, thanks for the suggestion.