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  1. So iv just downloaded RE8 and my MSI afterburner stats are not showing at the top left in game, any solutions? Only happens with this game
  2. Yep had to reinstall windows, annoying
  3. So I just did a windows update and I believe it was something to do with AMD, my PC rebooted and then crashed saying no bootable device. Now my Pc isn’t displaying any image at all. I don’t think it’s a GPU issue because my keyboard and mouse don’t light up either. All fans etc are spinning just no display and it appears my keyboard and mouse aren’t working. I have a error code debug on my X570 Master which says code 44 and this code appears to not mean anything really. My specs are 850w EVGA PSU, R9 5900x, X570 Master, RTX 3070 and a sabrient rocket PCI4 1TB.
  4. Literally no idea what happened, but I left it for a few hours and it just worked, didn’t change a single thing. Very weird
  5. No but iv tried another GPU and that worked fine, so I don’t think it’s the PSU
  6. No it’s just the GPU that seems to die and iv tried another GPU in the system and it boots fine. I know there is an issue with the GPU but I don’t know what the issue is, if I can fix it or if the GPU has gone faulty.
  7. GPU fans and RGB, the rest of the system looks normal.
  8. The fan spins for about 2/3 seconds and stops and the RGB is on the Gigabyte logo and it normally turns on when the GPU boots
  9. So my GPU is a gigabyte RTX 3070 Gaming OC and it use to work and now suddenly it’s stopped. When I boot the system the fans spin for about 2 seconds and then stop, the RGB doesn’t turn on at all. My PSU is a 1000w and iv tried different motherboard slots, different PCIE cables, switching the GPU bio from OC to Silent and back and another GPU in that slot and the other GPU worked fine. Any idea of what the issue is?
  10. Yeah I was thinking the same but iv been in the position for 3 months now, it’s super annoying. I might wait till April and see if they get a 5950x and get that if my one doesn’t come and that’s in stock because the line is much shorter for that
  11. So i’m from the UK and can only talk about the Uk supply but on release date for the 5900x, I ordered it from Scan UK and very crafty of Scan they massively oversold the CPU by about 2,000 units and just moved all the over sells to back log a few days after leaving customers to believe it was coming on release date. So due to this I missed the opportunity of getting it from another retailer because I thought I had one. To this day i’m still waiting for the pre ordered unit. I have moved from around 750th in line to roughly 70th now and in the last 3 months or so I believe they hav
  12. So I have tried mining on Phoenix and T. rex but they don’t seem to want to start. I do have my anti virus turned completely off. Not sure what the problem is, so please see the picture below. Both miners get stuck at the same point
  13. Thank you very much. I didn’t see those ebay listing whilst looking
  14. Thanks so much for the links, I forgot to say i’m from the Uk and the shipping is $75 and 1 month wait time to get those. Here they are all OOS
  15. thanks, i’m in a bit of a situation now. I can’t get an official corsair 8 pin. Are there any 3rd party support cables I could use?