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  1. Yeah i’m thinking I might just selling the card and try or a 3080ti when that’s released. Should be able to recover what I paid for it back. I don’t really like Palit as a company, when I tried to reach out to them with the issue they just told me they don’t deal with customers directly and only deal with distributors/resellers of the card and asking anyone at Amazon won’t give me a clear answer
  2. I believe my 3070 just have 2 fan curves too, it does in Thunder Master. But the MSI software wouldn’t let me change the fan curve before I ever installed Thunder Master. I might have to just leave it, it’s not performing bad by any means, just feel like I might see a nice GPU boost out of it. Probably just have to manually OC it
  3. Hi so I have a Palit Gaming OC RTX 3070 and when I use MSI after burner to adjust the fan curve it’s locked. It’s only available to be adjusted in Palit Thunder Master and there software is a bit crap and when you make an adjustment it works for about 5 seconds before reverting to its default of running the fan at 30% speed regarding of heat or load on the GPU. Anyone know a what I can set a custom fan curve that doesn’t use Palit thunder master?
  4. Hi so I have x3 QL 120s, x2 LL 120s and corsair RGB strips and a commander pro. It worked absolutely fine before, then I upgraded my PSU to a RM1000 and everything’s just gone to crap. Sometimes my fans just run at full speed, sometimes in quite mode, the LL120s RGB has completely stopped working, the QL120 just do a rainbow effect sometimes change if I change it in the software, sometimes not. The RGB strips just display a rainbow effect and can’t be changed. Sometimes Icue detects my commander pro or lightning node sometimes not. Basically the whole things just gone to crap, ever
  5. Your better off buying a 3080 on Ebay, some of the good bots can cost up to £5k
  6. Yeah not much else I can do, been waiting in the pre order line since launch for my stupid Ryzen 5900x to arrive. Thanks for looking to it
  7. I have an i7 3770k and an Asus P8Z77-V LX. So my PC was working fine and I turned it off and it was powering on but I had no display output. The fans etc were spinning and my Kraken Z73 has a display on the pump and gives me temps from my GPU and CPU and it was displaying my GPU as 0c and from that I knew the GPU was having an issue. Tried everything PSU different cable, nothing worked until I changed the PCI slot and it gave me a video output. So I assumed there must be an issue with the PCI 3.0 slot as it’s a fairly old mobo at this point
  8. Hi so my PCI 3.0 slot stopped working today and my other slot is a PCI 2.0. Will this bottleneck my RTX 3070?
  9. Hi guys so I was having issues trying to get some of my corsair devices to work by changing the internal USB plugs and when I went to turn my PC back on it won’t boot. It gets to the bios stage fine, but just seems to send no signal to my monitor after that. I tried clearing the cmos etc and it did sort of boot to windows once to the Continue, troubleshoot blue screen and I just clicked continue and haven’t been able to get to that point again. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
  10. From how he’s describing it, it sounds like loud coil whine. I never had this issue with the video card, i’m just offering him £20 back as a refund, so hopefully I don’t have to deal with any ebay issues
  11. I managed to troubleshoot the crashing issue, it was a bug with total war and 10 series Gpu’s, the rest of the games work fine. It’s just the noise if you know anything on how to fix that. He said he completely stopped the fans and the sound still happens?
  12. He also sent this video clip of the crashing IMG_8224.MOV
  13. Hi guys so I sold my old GTX 1070ti on ebay today and it worked perfectly fine for me and the guy I sold it to is reporting issues with it. He’s saying the GPU is making a weird sound which i’ll attach the video for and it’s crashing as soon as he try’s to load a game. Any advice on the fix please? IMG_8222.MOV
  14. Iv just had another big issue, after uninstalling Icue for the 100th time, the fans have just started to work at full speed and the sound it super high pitch and unbearable. please can someone help me
  15. Hi so my Icue was working perfectly fine until I changed my PSU and GPU and now it’s just messed up somehow. I have a commander pro, and the lightning module for my Ql120s fans. It’s very hit or miss if Icue will detect my commander pro and when I try to change the lights on Icue they just won’t change. I can adjust my fan speed but it will apply after like 2/3 mins of the change where it was instant before and shows the incorrect RPM. I’m not really sure what’s wrong with it or how to fix it, btw it’s nothing to do with the hardware it’s something to do with the softw