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  1. Hey! We just integrated the satellite two days ago, we should be on one of the next electron launches this year. Here are a couple pics of the last months which has ben full of testing at vibration, thermovac, emc facilites etc. lots of work but its all done! our twitter @fossasys has everything updated
  2. Launch window now August 1st to 31st from RocketLabs Electron rocket! GoFundme campaign is up here: https://www.gofundme.com/manage/fossasat1-la-democratizacion-del-espacio/ And here is the explanation video:
  3. Great Stuff! We are number 8 for launch in q3 of 2019. Thanks! Pretty easy to do! Final satellite does not use it but it's a cool concept.
  4. Have not updated anything on here for a while! Orbital launch has been signed with Rocket Labs, we are set to launch in Q3 of 2019 into a 385km SSO orbit. We will most likely create a kickstarter in the coming months in order to fund the remaining launch costs, keep an eye out Monthly Blogs on https://fossa.systems/blog/
  5. Gave the talk along with a workshop on open source aerospace missions at the European Space Agency, We are having future meetings with them and a couple universities so it seems there is general interest! The engineering model is finished with deployable solar panels and will be launching this week on a weather balloon to test the telecommunications. Right center in the middle row (holding the satellite) Funny to think this time last year we where joking around on launching and now We are a couple weeks away from launching a launch contract with a major launch provider
  6. To any newcomers here, this was a leaked sex tape between Luke and Linus. (Linus has a secondary channel on P***hub for this sort of stuff. ) Don't get too excited though because all they do is eat c**ks.
  7. Thanks Nicholas! European Space agency talk is on Monday and we are close to signing a launch for summer of 2019. Seems amazing how we went from a little PCB designed on Sunday evening to a working prototype possibly going to space, I would have never imagined that this would have ever grown to where it is now We are still looking for help by the way! I'll keep you guys informed. Thanks, Julian
  8. Ah nice, seems like the exams are pretty easy to pass with common electronics knowledge. Finally got my Callsign: EA4HCD, don't plan on doing much HAM stuff but at least now I can start coordinating our satellite with the IARU!
  9. Ah great, You can build cheap tape measure antennas with around 13dbi of gain.
  10. Wow, I'll be honest I have never heard of mapping the hydrogen gas in our galaxy but it sounds interesting. I can probably guess that a 10$ has nowhere near the sensibility needed to do that. You'd probably need something more precise like a LimeSDR or an XTRX. I can also imagine you need to be quite far from civilization to pick up those radio waves.
  11. Ah nice, do you ever transmit?
  12. Just passed the exam, pretty damn weird questions but since its multiple choice and you only need to get 50% right then it was an easy pass. Waiting for my callsign rn and I have been told I need to set up an amateur radio association..... More paperwork!
  13. Thankfully nowadays you can pick stuff up with a 10$ USB SDR and a diy tape yagi, these sdr websites are great though and I have used them too besides my home setup. I didn't actually have the intention of doing anything related to amateurs communication since the only reason I am getting the exam is to request a license from the IARU to launch a picosatellite project in orbit, it seems really interesting and fascination though and I'm sure I could get some stuff to work with my current setup. Ah, we only have the HAREC option, its a universal pass to all the bands at every level. Interesting haha!
  14. Thanks mate! Here in Spain its the HAREC exam, not sure if Australia has adopted the CEPT 61-02 recommendation but if so I think its the same exam, I'm no RF expert and just did the online test questions today, seems to be common sense electronics to be honest. Hopefully its as easy as they say it is! Thanks mate
  15. Was Just wondering if there where any HAM radio Operators out there on the LTT forum, Seems like the mean age is slightly higher than that of the forum but who knows! At least in europe it looks like it is slowly fading away. My Exam is in 7 hours, hopefully a pass.... Thanks!
  16. I can personally say this is not the case, I can't post ebay links on here but this 100$ 3D printer I bought performs better than 300$+ 3d printers I have used with proper calibration and tuning. Prints look great and it is well worth it just for parts tbh, In Spain these cost 92~$ shipped with UPS to your house free.
  17. I just bought a CTC anet a8 styel printer for 100€ works like a charm with heated bed, dont get me wrong it takes 2 years to calibrate properly but the prints are well worth the cost.
  18. I Agree, simplest would have been direct 12v into the switch or a sensor such as an Arduino connected to the pc or a relay.
  19. Just use a sensor to turn on the network switch after a certain voltage is reached......
  20. 30A on the 5V bus, seems like an old crappy chinesium unit.
  21. So I am an avid aeroplane spotter and have always used my default 18-105mm lens with my Nikon D3200, For long range pics at the airport though with distances in excess of 3km the digital cropping is not enough. I am trying to buy a lens but I am not really sure what to expect or how they perform, I normally shoot in broad daylight and don't care much about "bokeh". I also use autofocus for fast moving situations and the default Nikon 18-55 lenses seem really slow. I have a very very tight budget of 150-200€ MAX and I am looking for used 300mm lenses. Here are a couple I have found on a Spanish used item website that I can probably reduce the price on. https://es.wallapop.com/item/objetivo-tamrom-70-300mm-183509660 https://es.wallapop.com/item/objetivo-fotografia-180553245 https://es.wallapop.com/item/tamron-28-300mm-255346867 https://es.wallapop.com/item/objetivo-sigma-dg-70-300-146239408 https://es.wallapop.com/item/objetivo-sigma-70-300-apo-dg-macro-f4-5-6-nikon-255516685 https://es.wallapop.com/item/nikon-dx-vr-af-p-nikkor-70-300mm-1-4-5-6-3g-ed-236117166 Thanks!
  22. Love the colours of the grass and the contrast with the road, clouds looks nice too. Maybe Monochrome would have given a nice effect too. Little off topic but still photography.