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  1. Current job: Unemployed. Dream job: Some sort of product tester and advisor. I feel like I might have good insights into what would make products better.
  2. Imager. It just makes too much sense. Considering what the site is for and all.
  3. They were already doing that by putting ads on their videos. It's not as explicit as just outright asking for money, but it serves the same purpose. It all really comes down to if you believe their time, effort, opinions and personality compensate for talking over content that isn't owned by them. And if you decide what they are doing is wrong you also have to keep in mind that that same criteria will include many more people than just them. Like every partnered game, movie and tv show reviewer and let's player. If so, that's your prerogative. But not everyone agrees. Or cares.
  4. You are overreacting quite a bit. There are many worse things in the world than Patreon. I don't intend on giving them any money, but I don't care if they ask for it in the first place. Because it is always your choice to contribute or not.
  5. I check the new topics page throughout the day. Adding up to approximately an hour.
  6. Deus Ragno

    Drive or Fly

    It's more of a general aversion to people. But that too.
  7. Deus Ragno

    Drive or Fly

    Drive. I'm in control. I can go at whatever pace I want, take any route I want, eat what I want, listen to music as loudly as I want and stop whenever I feel like it. Also I'm not good with people in cramped places. So it's a no brainer really.
  8. I don't have to wish. I didn't buy it in the first place.
  9. If I go by game time it's pretty much neck and neck between Skyrim and Team Fortress 2. It's almost correct, but I do have a great love for the Mass Effect series and Deus Ex: Human Revolution too.
  10. I plug it right in the wall. I would prefer to have a surge protector though. So it's definitely on my list of things to get.
  11. It was a game I can't remember the name of when I was 5, so I'll just go with the one I do remember. Age of Empires when I was 8. Love that shit. Take your Starcrafts and Civilizations and shove 'em. Age of Empires 4 lyfe.
  12. That is not YouTube specific. It goes for all sites and about anything even remotely contentious in any way. Well almost. On Imgur half of the actual fun is reading the comments. But that's the exception rather than the rule.
  13. Well yes. I would obviously not be spending multiple thousands on past, current and future builds if I did not think so.