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  1. There are tons of options. The grey market. This would be whats being sold on ebay and Kinguin and such. These keys could be bought with stolen credit cards and then sold, they could be keys from areas of the world that Windows is much cheaper or they could be someone had a lot of keys and decided to dump them. Keep in mind that sometimes these keys get black listed by Microsoft, so you might have to buy keys multiple times over the course of the PC's life. There are OEM keys. OEM keys are technically suppose to be sold to a builder. So like Dell, HP, Lenovo, ect. Like @Tristerin pointed out it could a computer shop might have some extra ones. OEM keys specfically do not get Microsoft Technical support. Meaning companies like DELL, HP, etc, provide the support needed, or the computer shop you bought it from if they were the builder. OEM keys range in price, Newegg and Amazon have them for about $80-100 from what I have seen a while ago. BUT you might very well find them cheaper. They technically are tied to the motherboard for life, BUT many have pointed out that in recent years, Microsoft has gotten a bit more OK with allowing OEM keys to be moved to diffrent machines. Then there are the retail keys. These as you seen are expensive. These keys are transferable between machines and they do get MS technical support. Other than that not much to say. Keep in mind you can run Windows unactivated for as long as you want.
  2. I guess more devices need to start supporting WPA3 then. I know my router does, but I dont think I have any devices that do.
  3. So you have probably DSL. aDSL is slower than shit, vDSL is less shitty but still bad. DSL is distance limited, the closer to the local CO or if your connected to a remote box the better. Generally your not going to speed up DSL. I think aDSL can top out at 24 Mbps and vDSL can top out at about 100 Mbps. But to be clear there are multiple standards for aDSL and vDSL and on top of that your limited on distance. You want coax or Fiber for a better expirence. Hell in some cases LTE is better than DSL.
  4. Seeing how that’s not possible. Use it as an AP, deal with double NAT or don’t use it at all. Those seem to be your options.
  5. Run the second router as an AP. Or see if the Bridge mode is available on the ONT, you might need to call the ISP for that.
  6. I have a pair of H4.40's and they sound great. Mind you thats the bluetooth model. But id say Senheiser is a good choice.
  7. You won’t need a lot of horsepower then.
  8. They are pushed out by the ISP. You won’t be prompted or anything.
  9. Probably not. Most providers use modems that are designed for them or for ISP use. Such as the XB6 Comcast and a few other providers use, you cant buy one. All you need to do is make sure your providers supports the modem your looking at buying. Some providers have a list of modems they support. For Cable Internet you need to be use that you get a modem that supports the service level you have or better. Again if the government does this its techincally socialism. Also like I said, Wireless spectrum has been sold off, and the Government has the chunck that it uses. Again the specturm is gone. You do relise the same bands they used for 3G are being used for 4 and 5G services. Not much of the wireless spectrum can be used for cellular, which is why providers try to buy as much spectrum they can, which is also why the FCC took a portion of spectrum from broadcast TV, which T Mobile bought a great deal of. The fact is the wirelss spectrum is owned by companies. There is not much left for public use, unless you want to kill broadcast TV. Which many of us still use, like me. Even then, the government would have to build out infustructure for 3G service, as many of the service providers are getting rid of 3G to repupurpose those bands for 4G and 5G. In order the build out a network they would have to rent tower space, figure out what they need for backhual for each tower and then they would need to build out an actual network to hook all those towers together and connect that to the internet. All of that costs millions upon millions of dollars. No way they could offer that for free. Plus they need to find wireless spectrum to use. OR they could lease network space from a current cellular provider but that will also cost a chunk of change. The fact is that the internet is a collection of privatley owned networks, the government doesnt have the authority to make providers open up their network. Under the current law. They kinda half to. If I recall its government mandated. Now they might not provide firmware updates for customer owned modems, which could be a bit of an issue as you as the cusotmer cant update the modems firmware. But some providers are better than others.
  10. The issue is we dont have the wireless spectrum to make that happen. They sold it all to corporations. Plus now your talking about the government offering internet service, and there are too many in our country that hate socialism. So it would never happen. Also, that would also mean the government would have to build out infustructure, that costs money, that we dont have because we put it all in to our military. Of course in some states, cities have decided to become an ISP. Look up municipal broadband. The best part about it, under US Federal Tax law a city can NOT make a profit. So that means they can only charge what is needed to pay for the network, its maintance and the personal needed to make it happen. Another thing to consider. The reason why cable companies charge a high price. Its due to cord trimmers/cutters like myself. We dont give them money for TV because they can eat a bag of dicks. So you are now subsidising all the people who want the sports channels and movie channels and such. Becuase there are not enough people subbed to TV to cover the costs so they started hitting up internet customers to make back that profit. ON another note, you can buy your own modem and save $10 a month. My modem was purcahsed like over 5 years ago. Comcast went from $7 a month to $15 a month for modem rental just in over 5 years. It will save you a bit of money.
  11. Also keep in mind that when many cable co's wired up a city, they had the city sign an exclusive rights agreement so that they would only be one of the few companies in the city. In the case of my home town it was 25 years, but some cities its like 100 years. So many areas in the US only have 1 or 2 wired line broadband providers. Thats why many are hoping that 5G is successful because that might really be competion for ISP's.
  12. For the record WPS should be disabled, its a known security hole. You should also use WPA2 with AES encryption.
  13. I live in a pretty decent Metro area. So Id figure we are a bit higher on the list.
  14. Wrong ish. 5G is promissing to replace home internet. For some of us thats kinda a blessing as some people have eaither shitty choices or only have one choice for ISP's. For example in my area we only have Comcast. If I could get a decent 5G internet plan I would at least have another choice. As 4G in my area is about 25 Mbps which is not enough for my household.
  15. No, because the LAN ports on the Gateway are gigabit. LAN = your internal network. WAN = your internet connection.
  16. Out of the budget brands TP Link is probably on top. Though I have setup an Archer C7 before the firmware was kinda meh. Though the router did work fairly OK. Generally when you buy cheap you get cheap, Im not sure on prices in India, to know if what your spending is cheap or not. Though many people around here suggest ASUS, so if you can Id check out what they offer as well. 40 Mbps is kinda a slow connection by 2020 standards. Though there are people here in the US that have 3 Mbps DSL, so 40 Mbps is better than nothing. As far as ping goes, Fiber tends to have lower pings, BUT thats also up to your ISP and the rest of the internet infustructure in your country on how well it will work, plus on where the servers are located in relation to you. I just looked up the stats. A standard HD stream from Netflix requires around 5Mbps. Not sure how Netflix is sold there but here in the states the best Netflix package is 4 streams that includes 4K. 4 streams times 5 Mbps is 20 Mbps, which means you will still have around half your bandwidth left. More than enough for gaming. If you take your 40 Mbps and divide by 8 bits (8 bits equals 1 Megabyte) you get 5 Megabytes. Thats basicaly means at full tilt of your connection you will download at around 5 Megabytes of data a second. So dont expect to be downloading games fast, even less if someone is using the connection as well.
  17. By this logic we should ban all radio communication. You do know there are "Tin Foil Hat" people who claim they are senstive to radio waves. On top of those who feel WiFi isnt safe and that pretty much all radio waves are bad. The fact is you will never stop disccusion on it. I have one of those people in my home town, seen her posts on our city's facebook page number of times. Talking about why Smart Electric meters are bad and why WiFi and 5G is bad. I just shake my head at those posts.
  18. 12 upload is right. Xfinity can do a max of 45 Mbps upload and that’s only on the Gigabit tier. Some of Xfinity’s areas only get 5Mbps upload so feel lucky you get 12.
  19. Any smart user would have downloaded the media creation tool and reinstalled windows. I never leave the crapware installed. Plus Windows has tons of issues on custom build machines as well. Hell I had better support with Windows 98 than Windows 10. That’s saying something. Considering I’ve had issues survive after multiple reinstalls on multiple machines that enough for me to consider Windows 10 the issue and Microsoft a bunch of lazy bastards.
  20. Yes because they forced Windows 10 on to that laptop. There were reports of people having Windows 10 install without concent. It was such an issue MS got sued if I remember correctly. If MS claims WIndows 10 works on those machines then they should ensure they support them. If they dont work then you need to notify users to that fact. They dont any of those things. Also the fact is PC's last at least a decade if not longer for most people. MS knows this to be a fact. My mom only upgraded to a new machine a year ago because the old one had a hardware failure.
  21. Just remember all of those in the state of California causes cancer. Because according to California everyting causes cancer.
  22. So to be clear your just going to use this as storage for plex and not the acutal Plex server?
  23. iFixit has a new screen for $229 so.... under $200 is not going to happen if you want "New". You might have to settle for a used screen. Also that costs does not take labor in to account. iFixit has it haking 1 to 2 hours to complete the repair as you have to remove the back cover to even get to the point of removing the screen. They consider the repair moderate difficult.