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  1. Max Ive seen you can do on VDSL is like 100 Mbps. Coax can do Gigabit and Fiber can do much faster than that, if you have the coin to pay for it. Also consider the fact that our phone lines were put on the poles over 100 years ago, many are in need of replacement and the teleco's dont want to replace it. Either area get updated to Fiber, or they do like Verizon has done and sold unwanted areas to companies like Frontier who are on the edge of going out of business. DSL pretty much died when Docsis was able to push Gigabit over Coax because DSL will NEVER be able to do that at the distance that Coax and Fiber can. The Teleco' are upgrading areas where they can get a good ROI. AT&T does offer Fiber in quite a few areas, Verizon also offers Fiber in like 13 states. The fact of the matter is they are getting ready to throw their copper away. Verizon found that they get a better ROI on LTE vs Fiber and Copper. So Verizon started focusing more on LTE and other wireless services and less on their wired broadband. Competition wasnt blocked, more like the major providers got together, carved out territories and agreed to no compete in most areas and set aside a few areas where they act like they are competeing.
  2. Well here in the US generally its the slowest connection out there, shit in many areas , LTE is faster. AT&T does a max of 18 Mbps in my area. Comcast (coax) 1Gbps down, 45 Mbps up. Also DSL has too much distance limitations compared to cable co's. Yeah there are standards for fast DSL if your fucking right next to the god damn co, but if your a bit of a ways away it cant do shit. Im probably 2 or 3 miles from the co, AT&T when they offered service to my address back in the day, they could only do 6 Mbps. Im not in the country, Im in the middle of the Detroit Metro area. DSL in the US is really reserved for rural areas where they provide 3 Mbps DSL to people who have litterally no option for anything else besides LTE and Satelite.
  3. The town I live in has 24000 people. Might not sound small but it pretty much is. I live near the down town stretch, the drug store closes as 8pm on most days. We dont have a grocery store, the brewery Im not sure what time that closes, but if you are looking for entertainment at night we have strip club downtown called the Landing Strip . Then a little ways away we have a bowling alley. We generally just go to a diffrent city if we want to have fun. My town is like a one horse town, We do have horses and farms, but we also have an international airport in the center of the city.
  4. Yeah I’d say your drive is on its way out.
  5. I have loads of fun, but the local one has games I like and my nieces and nephews benefit from tickets.
  6. Never seen one at my Dave and Busters. Plus Dave and Busters is expensive. Fun but Expensive. Chuck E Cheese however is not expensive. LOL.
  7. You beleive the OS works fine, that doent mean it does. A Live CD cuts out the fact that Windows could be borked. You have indicated that Windows has an issue reading the drive as well. Linux might be able to read it no issues. Id try it at least and see the results. If you dont what to try it you might not be able to recover your data. Eaither way you probably caused pysical damage to the drive, Hard drives dont like being dropped and thats essentialy what you did.
  8. This is not healthy for the machine. Just saying. HDD are mechanical in nature and can take pysical damage. Id try a Linux Live CD distro like Ubuntu. You can generally make a bootable USB drive with Ubuntu on it. See if it can mount the drive, if it can then pull the data off. After that, you might want to use some like Crystal Disk Info I think, and it should be able to pull smart data to see the drives health. Id advise you do that, that drive could be on its way out.
  9. WiFi is effected by many things. First of all distnace from the router matters. The further away the slower it can get. Secondly is interfrence. Unlike Ethernet WiFi is suseptable to interfrence. Such as other devices using the band(s), walls (building matterials matter), weather (moisture in the air) and the limitations placed on WiFi by the government. To go deeper, the range you will get will vary. Based on WiFi standard, and band that is being used. 2.4 Ghz generally has great range, as the lowest of the bands that WiFi uses. Lower the band the better the range and penitration power, but the slower it is. The Higher the band such as 5Ghz the faster it is but it wont pentrate as well or have as good of range. WiFi standards also matter, as Wireless G topped out at 54 Mbps occording to the standard, N topped out at 150 to 450 Mbps depends on the equipment used, most people bought the shitty 150 Mbps stuff and AC, AX, and AD can go a hell of a lot faster. Next is interfrence. Bluetooth, Baby monitors, cordless phones, wireless keyboards/Mice/Headsets, Microwaves, ect all use 2.4 Ghz. Microwaves for instace can knock out a WiFi network pretty easily, and they are suppose to be sheilded. So keep your router away from your Microwave. 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz dont require a license to use, but are heavily regualted by the government for how much transmit power they can use. Part of the 5Ghz spectrum is used by radar, those would be the DFS channels. While I think its mainly a 2.4 Ghz thing, moisture in the air can effect WiFi signal. Ive seen storms roll thru and my WiFi signal would become weaker while the storm was happening. Building materials of your home will make a diffrence. Some places in the world they build houses out of concrete, guess what? WiFi doesnt like concreate bunker construction much, 2.4 Ghz might make it thru, but 5Ghz is highly doubtful. Wood and Drywall is the best bet, Plaster while thicker is also not too bad.
  10. IPv6 is a shit show. Its only been out for 20 years but yeah, most ISP's dont have it yet.
  11. You still need fans, plus the pump will surely make some noise. Also how loud you talking? Newer systems tend to be quieter than they were back in the day. Hell I remember my Athlon XP 3200+ machine sounded like a 747 taking off.
  12. Not all fans under volt well. Nocuta is known to under volt good.
  13. Noctua is your friend. They make some of the quiestest fans in the business.
  14. So how do we pay for roads, bridges, dams, Levies, and other infrastructure? How about education? Defense? Etc? Any way you look at it you will have to pay.
  15. US Federal Law dictates we can buy our own. Also, DSL is a dead techniology, only the unlucky of us have to use it. I for one have cable internet (coax), much better than DSL.
  16. That depends. Internet speeds over 100 Mbps I heard they run Ethernet. If you have TV service then they will have to use Coax. That being said, FIOS doesnt really have a modem per say. They have the ONT which is the box that converts the Fiber to Ethernet and Coax and then you have a special Moca router. If you using Coax, the Moca router can only be purchased from Verizon, because no other provider uses this. So you cant buy a compatible router on the open market. I have heard of people using Moca adapters and a standard router, but this is not really a supported thing, so it may or may not work.
  17. You dont require a modem router, You can buy a seperate modem and a seperate router. Many peoples opinions tend to say Modem/Routers or Gateways are shit in many cases. Seperate is always better in terms of being able to troubleshoot and upgrades are easier. Because most of the time the modem generally doesnt need to be upgraded, Ive had my SB6141 for over 5 years, its been paid off and saving me money. Ive replace the router at least once during this modems life and could very well do it a second time.
  18. My uncle died due to diabetes. First he got part of his foot amputated. Then the rest of the foot. Then part of his leg. That’s the thing if you choose to ignore this condition, you will die but slowly and it will slowly take parts of you as you go. He ended up having a heart attack and that’s what took him. Trust me considering that pricking your fingers is small compared to what diabetes can do to you.
  19. The M.2 Slots are M keyed meaning they are for storage only. You need an E keyed slot of wireless cards. Your going to need to go PCIx or USB.
  20. Microsoft, Blackberry, and Palm all tried to compete here. They all failed. Microsoft killed WIndows Mobile, Blackberry hasnt been relavent in years and Palm went under if I recall correctly. Google and Apple own the market, I dont think you really understand how difficult it would be for another company to enter.
  21. Well its the peoples fault as well. Because no one wants to pay taxes. The even mention of tax increases enrage the people. Hell our governor wanted to raise the gas tax to help pay for the road work that needed to be done. Nope, every one told her to fuck off. Now she's taking out bonds and we are going to pay twice the price of what it would cost to fix the roads due to the interest on the bonds.
  22. Places like the EU pay higher taxes. But higher taxes means universal healthcare, free college, and just generally better services from the government. Here in the US we pay minimal taxes and it shows. Our roads and other infustructor is falling apart, our healhcare system is shit and we have so much student loan debt its coming out of our eyeballs. Yeah we get cheap goods, but thats because the US has no manufacutring any longer and we basically sold our soul to China. I wouldnt call us privleged over here. Our priorities are not straight and many people in the US are suffering due to that.
  23. No. Because you would have to prove all of those deductions. The more deducations you have the higher chance of an audit. Aduits are pretty painful from what I have read. They will litterially go over your entire financial history. But be sure you wrote the stuff off correctly. The IRS is probably one of the most feared parts of the US government. They DO NOT require court authrotization to take your assets. If they feel you owe money, they can just take it.
  24. USB networking products are Meh at best. The issue possibly here is this is a single band device only. 2.4 Ghz, and that band has a lot of shit that can cause issues with it. Cordless phones, Baby monitors, Microwaves, blue tooth, and any other devices that use 2.4 Ghz. While distance could be an issue, 2.4 Ghz does have pretty decent range and it does go thru walls pretty well. First thing I would do if you have an Android device, download WiFi analyzer. This will show you all the networks in your area and what wireless channel they are on. Pick the channel with the least amount of wireless networks on it. If thats not the issue, try updating the drivers for the device. Third I would also try changing USB ports. For example if this is in the back ports move it to the Front USB ports, computer cases are made of metal generally and can and will block WiFi signals. 4th buy a better adatper.
  25. Some of us just dont like WIndows 10. And Linux is not as main stream as Windows and MacOS.