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  1. In C, you should always declare the array size. If you don't, you could run into some nasty seg faults errors that are not easy to debug. Another note for OP would be to always declare your char array to be a size of one larger than what you need because C always ends it's strings with a null terminator ('/0'). For Example if I declare a string as: char string[] = {'t','e','s','t'} when you try to print it, it will look something like this: testjhfdkhafhagfdhjkasd. It will print out garbage until it finds a null terminator. And this could also result in another seg fault error.
  2. I learned from thenewboston. Great tutorial but it is a little long. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2F07DBCDCC01493A Coursera.com also offers free Android classes, but it is only offered at certain times so it is something you have to look out for and then delicate a lot of time for instead of going at your own pace. Finally, there is always a good book. If, you know Java fairly well, then all that you need to really know is how to get things setup. http://www.amazon.com/Professional-Android-4-Application-Development/dp/1118102274/ref=sr_1_11?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1409526699&sr=1-11&keywords=android I would recommend this book. It is not too expensive and it is very detailed in setting up and using advanced Android libraries.
  3. If you can produce an .apk file. You can simply transfer that to your phone and you can install and run your application. (Note that with this method make sure the option to install unknown applications is checked) If this is not possible, I would suggest switching IDE's. Eclipse with Android plugin and Android Studio are very user friendly when developing for android. Also, both are free but Android Studio is still in beta (I think) so there may still be some small bugs in it.
  4. If you encrypting numbers using only and, or and xor operators, you can just break the number down. For example, if you want to and two 128 bit numbers, just and two sets of 64 bit numbers. A simple math function can display the 128 bit result as a decimal for the user to see. I hope this doesn't sound confusing, but it's easier than what you might think.
  5. Here is a link from htc: http://www.htc.com/us/go/htc-software-updates/ A link near the top shows a diagram of the whole process which is a generalization of all manufacturers and providers. But yea, as everyone else has stated it is a slow process that depends on the actual phone, the manufacturer and the provider.
  6. Check your programs in the control panel if you haven't already. Sometimes you may need to uninstall it from there. Also, if it is malware that pops up when you open Chrome, check to make sure the link to the home page was not changed in the Chrome settings.
  7. I'm looking for recommendations for software for a media player that supports playing blu-ray. I've tried Powerdvd and Corel WinDvd, but everything that I've tried just feels incomplete when comparing features of different software. Lately, I've been thinking of purchasing Plex due to it's multi-platform support and Chromecast support. But, I would rather here other options and opinions before committing to a purchase. Thanks in advanced for the advise.