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  1. Because it looks alright and I would like to try it out.
  2. I plug it in with a sata to usb3 adapter. I believe that I am formatting the drives using ext4. I didn't follow that particular guide, but I followed one that is very similar to it.
  3. I am trying to create a NAS drive using a raspberry pi and samba. I am also trying to setup a software RAID 1. The problem I am having is that whenever my pi loses power, it will no longer recognize the drives. Nor will it even recognize the drives period. I even tried plugging the drives into my windows machine and it does not recognize the drivers as being partition. Anyone know of a solution or have any other recommendations of getting this setup and stable? Thanks.
  4. Hashing would be a good solution. Like some others have said, hashing is not a hash table. This wiki will help explain it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptographic_hash_function However a better and more conventional way of storing passwords is to use a nested hash function.
  5. double test = 10-(10/4) * 4; cout << test; Not sure why it wouldn't output anything. But, I'm not sure if C++ acts this way but there are some languages that do. That is (10/4) would equal 2, not 2.5. The correct way would be to write (10.0/4.0), at least one must be written with a decimal point or you can cast a number so it looks like ((float) 10/4).
  6. Depends on the language that you are using. If you are working on modifying the OS, I personally recommend nano. But, I hope you know how to use the command line.
  7. If you just need to find the next ], then can't you use a loop. For Example: while(i != ']') {increment to next char} Not sure how you are reading the file, and if you need to know the value in between the [ and ], I would somehow save the index values of the brackets or even save the value in a string in the while loop.
  8. Do you know that line of code is causing the exception or event the array that is causing the out of bounds error? It looks like there is a lot of stuff going on and just a quick read, I can't really tell what is going on. Little tip if you don't know where the exception is going on, a decent debug method is called probing. All it is, is putting println statements in your code to see how far the code makes it before breaking or even printing out array values to make sure that they are correct.
  9. Maybe try to take out the escape \ from the input. I know that you need a \\ to get a \ in C. However, looking at the output, it looks like it is not working at expected due to the string prints out like "home\\Documents\\...". My guess is that get_s may remove the need to use the escape \ due to the fact normal users would have no clue that they need to type \\.
  10. That is definitely a good question and the best answer is that it depends. Before optimizing, it sounds like it would not really matter. However optimizing a program to use all 6 or 8 cores, or to maximize RAM throughput would make X99 perform better. The answer that is hard to answer however, is how much better. There are so many variables that include, instructions per sec, cpu scheduling, cache size, etc, that the best way of testing a program on multiple systems.
  11. From the developer side, languages don't really change. When a language does change it is mostly under the hood compiler optimizations and less actual changes to the language. Therefore it is more accurate to say that the language did not change, but the compiler has changed. Most of the time you can compile old code on a new compiler and it will build just fine unless you have really compiler optimized code. Here is a example of a change in the c language. Before, it was a compiler error if you tried to declare a variable in the for loop declaration, but in a newer compiler, it says that this
  12. I hope that your not making everything from scratch. Unless you have a lot of time and patience to spare. But, a good place to start is creating a costume linux kernel. You should know C and helpful to know assembly but it's not necessary. Also, test your kernel in a VM, because if you screw up and cause a kernel panic, then you're going to be in trouble. There is some setup and you are going to need to learn how to create a patch. It can be challenging, but if you have the imagination and skill, you can practically do anything by using kernel programming.
  13. I just go the Moto 360 and I love it. But, every now and then it just leaves me disappointed. The only complaint I have with the hardware is the battery life which does not bother me too much because I can't wear it to work anyway. My major complaint however is the software. I feel as though there is so many missed opportunities, Like I want to say "play [insert song or artist here]" and for it to play music but it only opens a page on the play store. Also I would be the happiest nerd in the world if tasker would update to support Android Wear. But, anyway my point is that I want to make an a
  14. I started out using C. It is really not that much harder. It might take a little to get use to the some differences like C has no booleans, no classes and less pre defined functions. The hardest part is going to be able to understand pointers and understand how to make your own data structures. As far as being smart to learn, it's not a bad language to learn especially if you want to work with programs that require low level access like graphic design or kernel programming.
  15. Just google sql keywords. It's been a while since I worked with SQL but you should be able to set the columns when you create a table.
  16. Just don't use itunes. There is a wide selection of other media players that you can use which are free.
  17. I like to use Linux. Especially when you learn how to use command line controls. You can do almost any language, you might just have to do some searching for a compiler if you want to use a unpopular language.
  18. Eclipse with android plug in and Android Studios are both good IDEs for Android developing. IOS you need xcode and a Mac desktop or laptop to develop on. I personally don't develop for IOS because I refuse to buy an over price Mac.
  19. The most popular computer science answer: it depends
  20. Besides iphones being more expensive and I don't make to get trapped in the apple ecosystem. I could never go IOS because of the apps. Android has a more robust selection of Apps. If you want a app that does something special, it is probably on the play store. As for Apple it feels that there are less apps and the ones you want cost money. Lastly as a developer, it is just easier and cheaper to develop Android apps. I haven't even attempted developing an app for the iphone because it would require me to buy an Apple laptop or desktop. Whereas Android I can make an app on my nexus 7 or even on
  21. Sei.nextLine(); Put this after number1 = Sei.nextInt();, number2 = Sei.nextInt();, etc. The reason why item2 and the rest are not displaying is that they contain the new line value ('/n') instead of the intended string. So just put a nextLine() method to get read the new line char.
  22. I have been rocking a pebble for a long time now and I'm thinking about getting a Moto 360 watch. For anyone who has had time to play around with it, I was wondering what your experiences and impressions have been like. Honestly, I was planning to wait til HTC released a smart watch just because I was hoping for exceptional build quality like what they have done for the One. But, rumor has it that their smart watch was concealed.
  23. I don't remember if it is free to transfer or not. But, we will still be able to chat and be on the same map even when on different servers. The only problem is that we won't be able to play WvW with each other if we are on different servers. And if you transfer, you still keep the same characters.
  24. I'll join. I just started playing again after a long break. I main Mesmer but have been leveling a ranger.