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  • Birthday 1997-02-26

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    Durham, United Kingdom
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    General Hobbies:
    Reading, Cycling, Rock Climbing, Music.

    Computer-related Hobbies:
    Computer Hardware Engineering, Computer Technician, Building and Modifications.
  • Biography
    Hello there, my name is Michael Harley.

    I will never claim to be the best person in the world when it comes to assembling, or modifying, computers, but I will say I know my way around a Motherboard and have never accidentally bent an IO Shield.

    In my spare time I like to browse the web to check out some of the latest technological advances, and while I myself might not have a pretty impressive set up, I am always more than happy to assist others with theirs.
  • Occupation
    Currently Unemployed


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    Intel Core i5-3210m CPU (2.50GHz, 2 Cores, 4 Logic Processors)
  • RAM
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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Integrated)
  • Case
    Samsung 300E4C
  • Storage
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    N/A, Laptop
  • Display(s)
    Laptop, Matte, 1366x768 (60 hertz)
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    N/A, Laptop Fans
  • Keyboard
    N/A, Laptop Keyboard
  • Mouse
    N/A, Laptop Mouse
  • Sound
    N/A, Integrated Sound Card
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Home Premium
  1. I'll be active again soon, busy at the moment! =)

  2. Hello Mjolkspam, unfortunately I can not listen to the video at this time so I'm going to ask if you know whether the sound you're hearing is from the generic Windows Sounds or a random noise not attributed to Windows as an OS?
  3. Guess who's back, back again~

  4. I was hoping you'd say that, but perhaps it does require some sort of name, after all people name their Cars, Computers, Architecture, like any other this is a work of art. You have worked relentlessly for some time on designing and creating this desk, a name would serve it will. =)
  5. Haven't posted on this thread in a little while but holy damn it's looking awesome, dat art work. Praise be to your artist, and good on you for sticking with it through all this time for some quality work. Looking forward to seeing it all finished.
  6. Well then, despite the name, looking forward to see how the progress with the Desk gets on. =p
  7. I'll be away a short while. Keep well everyone. =)

  8. I meant to, but apparently my Phone was not liking that idea at the time. Thanks for keeping an eye out on everyone though. I'll be fixing it as soon as I get to my Laptop. It is fixed.
  9. He's currently waiting for the airbrushed panels and once everything is all neatened up and finalised he is going to be posting the end result here, possibly with a video. That comment is above my own last one. =)
  10. I honestly never liked The Riddler's colour scheme as a villain, seemed too close to the original Joker for my liking... But I am certainly loving the way it is being used in this build! Keep up the awesome work TechPuppet!
  11. Feel free to add me on the social media profiles I have in my Contact Information. Be aware that idiotic behaviour will have you removed.

  12. Ha! Like I said, the smallest things can cause so many big issues. Glad you found a fix. Maybe give that Keyboard a little clean while you're celebrating. :')
  13. Apparently HTML/CSS isn't real code. Oh I'm sorry, what two languages are primary for front-end Web Development again...?