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  1. i was planning on doing a retro build with the following stuff: AMD Athlon 64 4600+, Asus A8N-SLI Premium, 2x7900GTX, 2x1Gb DDR333 Kingston value ram, WD80 120GB 7200rpm IDE HDD,..but as it turns out..both gpu's show artifacts..yeah..
  2. i stated that it was fake and old in the topic itself, so before getting all aggro some of you guys should read the whole thing. 'a friend on facebook' was not my source, he just gave a link to the source..djeezes guys chill out :)
  3. So I have a G19 (my previous keyboard, have it for some years now) and for a couple days now my test-bench has been acting up strange at booting with Windows (Win7 x64 Pro). Since the OS is installed on a SSD (Corsair Force 3 120GB) I tought there was something wrong with that but after hooking it up somewhere else it was working just fine. Then I tought it had something to do with the OC I did on the cpu, wich would have been strange since it's clocked that way for a couple months without any issues and has always been cooled down properly (I7 2600K@4.5Ghz/1.28V ~ av temp: 38-45°c idle, 65-68C° at max load ) with a H100i and has recently got a costum loop (switched that for the H100i) with a 3x120 rad. And yes it's a stable clock, had it tested with prime95 AND intelburn (altough that one is not recommended, does more stress on the cpu than prime95). Now I'm getting to the G19 part. When I bought a used HD5970, the previous owner saw the G19 at my bench and stated that the thing has caused several ppl some problems in the past, but since I never had any problems with it what so ever, I never took it seriously... until now.. The thing is, I was thinking about what he said and after trying everything else but removing the Logitech keyboard drivers, I just had no other option left but to try it..and for some reason it worked. So now my system is running fine with the keyboard still hooked up but working with no drivers. The problems I encoutered were as following: - Slow Windows 7 boot after log-in - taskbars were taking forever to open (more than usual, made it look like a old hdd was running it while it was infact an SSD) - ctrl+alt+del did not work, infact it resulted in a error message saying that it was not possible - black screen with nothing else besided the mousecursor I've tried system restore and everything else but nothing seemed to work, even resseting my cpu to it's factory settings (had it saved just in case, hurray for OC-profiles!) did not resolve the issue. So I removed all drivers and programs that had something to do with the keyboard and it's running fine since then. If any of you ever encountered something simillar then please let me know and if you think or know it's something else causing this and the G19-thing is juist coincidence then please let me know aswell. Cheers.
  4. that's indeed very nice to hear (the topic) but I'm wondering when they will lower the bills for f*ck sake..Belgieuuuuh OOh Belgieuuuh
  5. that's actualy some good food for tought
  6. no clue since this is the first time i encountered this but yeah, some sources are not always spot on or even correct.
  7. since i can't remove it i just made a tiny adjustement, still funny thou since i never knew this :p
  8. no idea, came across this just now so i guess i missed the date:p report the shitnizt then :p
  9. So Samsung paid the 1Bil. fine to Apple..in 30 trucks filled with 5 cents :D Samung stated that if those shiny geeks from Apple want to play it dirty, they had another thing comming, lol! Here is the full report: http://news-hound.net/samsung-pays-apple-1-billion-sending-30-trucks-full-of-5-cent-coins/?fb_action_ids=538775112846377&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map={%22538775112846377%22%3A203813906435770}&action_type_map={%22538775112846377%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[] source: friend posted this on FB, report found on news-hound.net I did not came across a similar topic so if there was one already with the same information - feel free to report :) SEEMED TO BE OLD AND/OR FAKE NEWS..my bad (on not noticing the date if there is one, but I could not know if it was/is fake or not)..carry on :)
  10. I know that feel bro but we can't do anything about those thing (maybe not buying the stuff), BF3 wasn't that bad but the 'to-soon' release with major bugs caused it to be a let down..and the single player missions could be much better..I love SP and that could make or break a game for me imho. I enjoy playing it online but it does indeed miss certain things...I hate dlc's as well but EA is not the only one doing this, 2K games; Ubisoft, ..all have 'season passes' and tryarch/infinity Ward have 'map packs'. The problem here is that when one company starts with it and is makes a huge profit with it, all the other company's are going to do the same..I hate this but it's just the awfull truth.
  11. DICE is the developer, EA is the publisher, sure i don't like them for what they've done with C&C but this is a huge deal. Besides, EA is under new management so we'll see what gives..if they rush DICE to lauch Battlefront to soon and give us a unfinished broken game..then it's war. But you have to admit that they actually listened to the crowd; there was a HUGE demand for a new battlefront and DICE is delivering, as well as mirror edge 2 and Battlefield 4 with naval warfare (i've not seen any destroyers but i f*cking hope there are some) and they added a new destruction model 'levelution' (leveling skyscrapers in MP I mean common', that's ballin') as well as Commandermode (first appearance was in BF2). If you are a BF-fan&veteran, then yes this is HUGE. otherwise..idk lol
  12. exactly my toughts, hybrid cooling is comming up into the mainstream of videocard cooling, accelero-cooling already had hybrid cooling but since Asus has 2 new cards running on hybrid cooling (Ares 2 and Poseidon) I think we could see a lot more of those cooling options comming as stock
  13. technicly yes but 2 seperate gpu's on seperate cards are still not 2 gpu's on one pcb
  14. hybrid cooling is comming up, just look at the Ares II. Heck, we'll have to wait what they pull out their sleeve