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    Australian Rules Football - Essendon Bombers
    Custom Builds | Watercooling | Heavy Modding
    World War 2


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    2600k @ 5.2Ghz 1.55v
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    ASUS Maximus IV Extreme Z
  • RAM
    Corsair Dominator GT 2133Mhz
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    Gigabyte GTX Titan OC
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    Fractal Design R4 Titanium
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    OCZ Vertex 4 256GB & 2TB WD Black
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    Silverstone Strider 1200W
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    Dell 29" 21:9
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    Custom Water Cooling
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    Corsair K70
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    Corsair Raptor M40

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  1. Project ARMADA http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/73352-project-armada-watercooled-define-r4-titanium-ek-waterblocks/
  2. Sponsor, Sponsor, Sponsor, NVIDIA BIAS, Sponsor, Something Minor AMD, Sponsor. I'm done, garbage channel/forum. Go back to grass roots where you at least attempt to hide your utter bias to a company that has clearly paid you off.
  3. 11 Minutes, 1 Hour, 1 Month. I don't care. The effort was not made for what should have been an amazing video and and amazing machine. Cash grab.
  4. Yes salty. Of course LTT has improved the quality of their content, staple of their modern day success, it does not change the fact that it's obnoxiously obvious that the better part of their content now is a mere cash-grab, the sheer number of commercials per video/stream is a prime example. (And i don't blame them, it works) Hell any trained monkey can throw together an identical machine in 11:00minutes. That machine deserve no recognition aside from the money put into it. A prime example of planning, the whole room water cooling prodject, months went into the planning & building. Something that should be been undertaken with this. end rant.
  5. You don't think they already had the components to make it? Any true enthusiasts would relish the opportunity to make such a build, they wouldn't half-hazardously slap it together in 11:00 minutes i assure you.
  6. Linus + Luke. You built a $10,000 Machine in 11:00minutes. Pathetic. A typical Linus slap-together machine to drive Youtube Views & Likes through the roof. No thought was even present during this video, the lack of style, color choices, cooling all went out the window. Combined you are supposed to represent a passion for technology, and yet we are inundated with countless garbage machines to spike your Youtube revenue. It's becoming more apparent by each video, each WAN Stream and each obnoxious $10,000 machine that you have lost touch with your original viewer base and now solely driven by cash. Go back to your roots Linus & Luke, take the time to build something with passion & purpose. Done.
  7. INTO THE SHADOWS Akula Project Introduction Welcome to another buildlog. I intend to ensure this build is a sleek as possible, Black is the theme, without an ounce of color intended. I'll be re-using older parts from my existing builds to keep the cost down and choosing parts from an older generation for ease of use and aesthetic reasons. I intend to paint a large number of components, including the motherboard heatsinks, nothing that hasn't already been done, although a nice touch on a build focused around the single color. Stay tuned as i work with flexible tubing, something that is almost a lost art in the wake of hard tubing, black coolant and sleek lines. Main Components Corsair 760T Black Edition MSI z87 Mpower Intel 1150 4770k Corsair Dominator GT 2133 (4x4GB) Silverstone Strider 1200w Gold Samsung 840 Pro (256GB) Gigabyte GTX Titan OC Watercooling Components EKWB Supremacy EVO Acetal & Nickel Clean CSQ Waterblock EKWB Monarch Acetal Waterblock EBWB Titan SE Acetal & Nickel Clean CSQ Waterblock EBWB 2 x 240mm PE Radiator Laing D5 Vario Pump Bitspower 150ml Z-Reservoir & Upgrade Kit Fittings & Tubing EK-CSQ Black Compression Fitting PrimoChill Advanced LRT 3/8 x 1/2 Clear Extras 16AWG 2.3mm Custom Cables LC Teleios Sleeving (Black)
  8. Well these 980 scores are quite underwhelming, even with their stupid high clocks.
  9. Thanks for keeping this updated since i've been away Good to see I'm still king on Single
  10. As you have noticed, this has not been updated in months. I'm no longer active on these forums. If someone wants to populate a new spreadsheet and take ownership of this thread, be my guest.
  11. Only speaking for myself here, but builds of the week was what separated the other forums from this one. The chance for thousands of people to see your build was a great reason to post my own build logs here.
  12. Haven't seen a build of the week in the WAN show for over a month, safe to say this segment is dead, despite the "revamp" that was proposed. That segment was the driving factor for myself to post builds, along with others. Perhaps Linus or Slick could fill us in?
  13. I've been lazy in regards to updating the list, mainly due to work/social life. I'll get it done today, i'll be looking for someone to help update the list throughout the week. If you're keen shoot me a pm and when i get back on i'll go through them